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Events in the life of Edmund Blampied R.E., R.B.A. (1866-1966), his relations and friends

This web page provides a diary of events or a time-line of the life of Edmund Blampied (EB), his relatives and a few important friends. It is based on the few remaining pocket diaries that he kept, which recorded basic events; on the dates on which books and magazines were published; on the dates on which exhibitions occurred; on the dates of events and holidays recorded in letters written to Harold James Baily (HJB), an American collector of his work and correspondent, now in the collection of Hofstra University in the USA; on dates given in Marguerite Syvret's biography (1986)*; and the dates recorded on drawings and pictures of places the artist had visited. It has taken many years to produce and is a work in progress: I will add more details of events as I find them.

I would like to thank the Blampied family for allowing me to read Blampied's pocket diaries for 1905, 1927, 1932, 1948, 1949 and 1963. EB was not consistent in writing in them, but did jot down brief notes of events and important sales. It's not clear why there aren't more diaries, especially as the earliest is from 1905 when he was 19 years old and had started to record events in his life. But the diary for 1905 stopped on 1st October, so events overtook his Diary notes. It is possible that he also lost some diaries. Those that remain also record details of addresses, money, prints, and people he met.

L to R: Edmund, Alfred, Elizabeth, John and Wilford Blampied in about 1895 (Blampied family)

Photograph of Blampied in 1934

(Click to enlarge)

I would like to thank Marie Trippet, one of EB's great nieces, for sharing her research on her family tree. She recently determined that two children of Elizabeth and John Blampied, Edmund's parents, had died early in childhood of measles, two days apart, before Edmund was born. One child was a sister, named Rosa Mary, and the other was a boy called Wilford Charles, a name that was given again to the next born son, who survived.

There are links to other pages on this site to show what Blampied was doing, or to details of exhibitions of his work. There are also external links to show on Google Maps the places where Blampied lived and to Wikipedia entries on notable people. There is even a link to a video on YouTube. [Notes in square braces are my comments.] Some photographs are shown courtesy of the Blampied family, whom I thank.

Blampied's prints are identified by the number in the catalogues of Campbell Dodgson, 1926 (CD); Arnold & Appleby, 1996 (AA), and Hall, in preparation (AH).

If there are any mistakes or you can add information, please contact me.


Syvret, M. (1986). Edmund Blampied. Robin Garton Ltd for the Société Jersiaise.

(Page last updated on 27/3/2024)

1876  Marriage of John Blampied (b 1849, Trinity, Jersey) to Elizabeth Blampied (b 1852, St Martin, Jersey), not an immediate relation.

1877  28th June: birth of first child to Elizabeth and John, also named John (known as 'Jack'), at Vigntaine des Augerez, St Peter, Jersey. Jack worked as EB's agent in London after WWI, and for other artists. He never married and died in London in 1950, aged 73 y.

1879  14th October: birth of second child to Elizabeth and John, named Alfred, at Vigntaine du Sud, St Mary, Jersey. Alfred was the only brother to remain in Jersey, where he became a baker in St. Martin. He married a woman named Amy Pallot and had a daughter, Adele (1918-1992), and a son, Alfred (1920-1992). Alfred senior died of diphtheria in 1926 aged 47 y.

1881  The census records the Blampied family living at La Tombette, Vigntaine du Sud, St Mary. Father, John, born 1849 in Trinity, was listed as 'Farmer of 8 acres'. Elizabeth, his wife, neé Blampied, aged 29 y, was born in St. Martin's in 1852.

23rd June: Moses van Abbe (1859-1919) married Rachel Rose (1859-1952), daughter of Samuel Salomon Rose and Catherine Aaron of Paris. Their children changed their surname to van Abbé. They also used the name 'Abbey'.

1882  4th January 1882: birth of third child to Elizabeth and John, a daughter, named Rosa Mary Blampied, at St. Mary, Jersey.

1883  31st July: birth of Saloman van Abbe in Amsterdam, EB's future brother-in-law.

25th November: birth of fourth child to Elizabeth and John, named Wilford Charles, at St Mary, Jersey.

1884  17th November: Rosa Mary Blampied died, aged 2 years 4 months, of Rougeole et bronchite (measles and bronchitis).

19th November: two days after the death of his sister, Wilford Charles Blampied died, aged 11 months 3 weeks, also of Rougeole et bronchite.

1885  23rd April: birth of a fifth child to Elizabeth and John, who was also given the names Wilford Charles Blampied. He survived and as an adult moved to London where he worked as a hosier and then had a clothing shop in Putney. He married an Irish woman named Olive Carroll and they had a son, named Wilford Edmund Anthony Blampied. Wilford senior died in Middlesex in January 1963, aged 77 y, three years after the death of his son, who was 47 y.

1886  25th March: John Blampied, Edmund’s father, died of pneumonia aged 36 y 6 months (reported in Nouvelle Chroniques de Jersey, 31st March).

30th March: five days after the death of her husband, Elizabeth gave birth to a sixth child, named Edmund (EB), at La Ville Brée, Vigntaine de Rozel, St Martin, Jersey.

25th April: baptism of EB at St. Martin’s Church. Godparents: Mary Ann Le Sueur née Blampied (Elizabeth’s sister) and Clement Le Sueur (Uncle, husband of Mary Ann).

1887  EB and family living at La Ville Brée, St Martin, Jersey.

27th August: birth of Marianne van Abbe, Edmund Blampied's future wife, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, daughter of Rachel and Moses van Abbe, a diamond polisher. Marianne, also known as Marion, died in 1986, aged 98 y.

 ◀   Earliest photograph of Edmund Blampied, in 1887 with his grandmother on hs mother's side, Jane (Jeanne) Blampied née Rondel (b 1819, d 1906). (Blampied family)

1888  EB and family living at La Ville Brée, St Martin, Jersey.

8th December: birth of Joseph van Abbe in Amsterdam, EB's future brother-in-law.

Photograph of Blampied in 1899

(Click to enlarge)

1889  EB and family living at La Ville Brée, St Martin, Jersey.

1890  EB and family living at La Ville Brée, St Martin, Jersey.

1891  Blampied family recorded at 52 Le Rues, La Ville Brée in census, Elizabeth working as a dressmaker is listed with her four sons, all occupied as 'Scholars'. EB a pupil at Rosel Manor School (Syvret, 1986).

The van Abbe family was recorded in the census living at St Peter Street, Mile End, London, so had emigrated to the U.K.

1892  EB and family living at La Ville Brée, St Martin. EB a pupil at Rosel Manor School (Syvret, 1986).

1893  EB and family living at La Ville Brée, St Martin. EB a pupil at Rosel Manor School (Syvret, 1986).

1894  Family moved (poss 1893?) to Les Augrès in Trinity, where Elizabeth took over a general shop (Syvret, 1986).

EB and family living at Les Augrès, EB and Wilford pupils at Trinity Parochial School, 2 km from their home.

22nd November: EB aged 8 y awarded Sunday school prize at the Wesleyan Chapel at Augrés for obtaining 430 points out of the maximum of 439. Given book entitled Le Ministère de L'Enfance by Maria-Louisa Charlesworth (book owned by Blampied family).

1895  EB and family living at Les Augrès. EB a pupil at Trinity Parochial School.

1896  EB and family living at Les Augrès. EB a pupill at Trinity Parochial School.

1897  EB and family living at Les Augrès. EB a pupil at Trinity Parochial School.

1898  EB and family living at Les Augrès. EB a pupil at Trinity Parochial School.

1899  EB and family living at Les Augrès. EB a pupil at Trinity Parochial School.

18th February: while attending Trinity Parochial School, EB aged 12 y, was awarded a States of Jersey 3rd prize for French for students in the 4th class. Reported in Jersey Independent and Daily Telegraph (page 6).

 ◀   Edmund Blampied, seated, photographed with his third prize for French in the fourth class with other pupils awarded States' prizes in 1889. His brother, Wilford, stands behind him with his second prize for French in the 5th Class. French was the Blampieds second language after Jèrriais. (Blampied family)

Photograph of Blampied in 1899

(Click to enlarge)

1900  EB and family living at Les Augrès. EB a pupil at Trinity Parochial School. Left school aged 14 y.

EB did a drawing of the 'Battle of Waterloo', dated February 6th 1900, probably copied from an illustrated newspaper, and a drawing entitled To relieve Natal’s beleaguered city, dated July 24th 1900, both given to his Headmaster. Drawings now in a private collection, Jersey.

1901  1st April: EB listed in the 1901 census aged 14 y, living at 3 Augrès Villas, Trinity (two doors down from Herald House). EB's occupation given as Worker, Apprentice to draper. His brother John was listed as working In drapery shop, Alfred was listed as a Shoemaker, Boot, while Wilford was also listed as an Apprentice to draper. Elizabeth, their mother, was listed, aged 49 y, as Needlewoman.

1st April: EB's future wife, Marianne van Abbe (named as Marion, aged 13 years) and her brother Joseph (aged 12 years) were listed in the 1901 census as resident pupils at the Jews’ Hospital and Orphan Asylum in Norwood in south London. Their mother, Rachel van Abbe née Rose (b 1859, d 1952), had been committed to Colney Hatch Asylum in Friern Barnet in May 1897, where she remained for the rest of her life. Saloman van Abbe (b 1883) was 18 y old, so presumably was able to care for himself. Their father, Moses Moritz van Abbe (b 1859, d 1919), also known Morris or Maurice, could not be found in the census. They later changed their name to van Abbé, and also called themselves 'Abbey'.

Aged 15 y EB went to work as a clerk in the office of the town architect, Mr Harry Le Masurier. EB stayed in St Helier with his Aunt Mary Le Sueur (his mother's sister and his godmother).

11th April: Short article in the Jersey Evening Post.

Mr E. Blampied of 4, Cheapside, has just completed a most artistic piece of work in the form of a hall table, the surface of which is composed of small pieces of porcelain embedded into putty. The effect of the porcelain is most effective and artistic, and reflects the highest credit on Mr Blampied.

[4 Cheapside was actually the house of Jane Blampied, aged 65 y, probably EB's grandmother (see photo, above). She was living there with three sons, one of whom was married to a woman named Lydia Louise, and four grandchildren. Curiously, one of the children, aged 4 years, was called Clifford George Blampied, concidentally the same name as the watercolour artist who signed his work C.G. Blampied (10th March 1878 - 31st December 1962). CGB was not directly related to EB.]

EB's sketches made at the agricultural show at Springfield in Jersey (see Syvret, 1986, p 21) attracted the attention of Ms Marie Joséphine Klintz from Alsace, then in Germany, who had an art school, called the College of Bon Secours, at Waverly Terrace on St. Saviours Road, with Miss Mathilde Adelus (see Nouvelle Chroniques de Jersey of 25th March 1911). Ms Klintz offered EB lessons in art and introduced him to watercolours. EB is reported to have said: I learnt more from her than from anyone else (Allhusen, 1926, p 69).

23rd November: The Jersey Weekly Press and Independent reported on page 7 an exhibition of pictures by pupils at the 'Jersey School of Art', which was run by Misses Klintz and Adelus.

Among the boys some striking copies of pictures from illustrated papers done by E. Blampied show remarkable abilities seeing that the pupil had never had a drawing lesson till two months ago.

1902  EB drew a caricature of Constable Philippe Baudains of St Helier (owned by Société Jersiaise).

EB met John Helier Lander (letter to HJB). Lander (b 19 October 1869 – d 12th February 1944) became a good friend of EB in London in the 1930s and painted his portrait. Lander added the 'St' to his name to acknowledge his birthplace. (Letter to HJB)

1903  Wilford gives EB a bible to take with him to London (Blampied family).

6th January: EB sails from Jersey to start at art school in London.

7th January: EB enrolled at the Lambeth School of Art aged 16 y, sponsored by Saumarez James Nicolle (b 1834, d 20 Sep 1919) of Head-wood Place, The Parade, Jersey, and by the Blampied family.

10th January: Article in The Jersey Weekly Press and Independent. page 1.

A YOUNG ARTIST. Visitors to the Town Hall may perhaps have been shown sketches and paintings executed by Master Edmund Blampied, of Trinity, clerk to Mr Le Masurier, Town Engineer. These paintings, considering that the artist is only 16 years of age, and has had few lessons, are acknowledged to be meritorious, and Master Blampied’s friends will doubtless be pleased to learn that he has decided to pursue art, and for that purpose is leaving in a day or two for the Lambeth School of Art, London.

 ◀   April: 'The Traveller’, a drawing perhaps for the school Sketch Club.

Photograph of Blampied drawing

(Click to enlarge)

1904  EB continued at Lambeth Art School from January.

February: EB submitted drawings and took an examination for a London County Council Scholarship.

22nd February: EB left art school to wait in Jersey for about 9 weeks for the result (Diary note).

May: EB awarded a London County Council scholarship of 20 guineas a year for two years, a total of £42, plus free tuition. [This award was about 30% of his total income of £145 between January 1903, when he arrived in London, and June 1905, when EB recorded this in his diary, so it was not enough to live on. Mr Nicole had given him £72 and he had earned or won £11. Family and friends had given him the rest.]

15th May 15 to 30th July: EB continued studying at Lambeth.

31st July to 30th September: EB on holiday in Jersey.

1st October: EB presumably started studying for a second year at Lambeth Art School at the start of the academic year, and the first year of his scholarship.

November: EB awarded 3rd prize in the Gilbert Garrett Competition for college sketch clubs while at Lambeth.

3rd December, in the Jersey Weekly Press and Independent, page 4.

SUCCESS. We are pleased to learn that in the competition between all the London schools for sketchings, Mr E. Blampied, a native of Trinity, carried off the 3rd prize. The judges were Messrs Seymour Lucas R.A. and H.A Pegram, R.A. A dozen schools were represented. Mr Blampied was for some time in Mr. Le Masurier’s office in the Town Hall.

11th December: EB joined the artist's staff of the Daily Chronicle at a wage of 35 shillings a week. [He needed to earn money to help pay for his lodgings and living expenses.]

EB spent Christmas in London with a family named Gilbert, with whom he was lodging.

1905  EB living at 85 Sisters’ Avenue, Clapham Common.

6th January: EB sketched a fire at docks with [H.H.D.] Simmons, another artist (Diary note)

13th January: EB's first signed illustration published in the Daily Chronicle in an article entitled 'Ski-running and its possibilities'. EB sent copies to Mr Nicolle (his sponsor), his mother, Miss Lempriere, Mlle Klintz (his art teacher) and to Minnie Ingan (his girl friend) in Jersey. (Diary entry) [Poss: Ann Mary Ingan, born c 1886 to Peter and Ann Elizabeth Ingan.]

14th January: EB resigned from the Daily Chronicle (according to diary), but signed illustrations appear on 18th January and 22nd February.

4th February: 'downhearted' (Diary note).

11th February: went to Gatti's Music Hall [A popular variety theatre near Waterloo Station, damaged during WW2 and demolished to make way for a new road] (Diary note).

14th February: received a postcard of the opening of Parliament from Minnie Ingan on Valentine's Day (Diary note).

11th March: EB wrote to Mr Nicole explaining why he had left the Chronicle (Diary note).

30th March: '19 today' (Diary note).

1st April: saw the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race with brother Jack and then watched England play Scotland at football. England won 1-0 (Diary note).

15th April: EB arrived back in Jersey (Diary note).

22nd May: EB sailed back to England on the SS Alberta and returned to London; new lodgings at 116 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 (Diary note).

11th July: EB started to work for Lloyds Weekly News (but only one illustration found, published on 5/11/05); introduced to Cosmo Mendeleff, Art Editor (Diary note, so spelling may be wrong).

20th July: Stephen Reid (Art Editor of newpapers) goes on holiday; Blampied in charge of art department (Diary note).

21st July: EB received letter from magazines The Studio and The Art Workers Quarterly asking if they could reproduce work sent to the art schools competition (Diary note).

21st July: paid two weeks wages of £4.4s.0d (Diary note) [Started again to work for the Daily Chronicle at a higher wage of 2 guineas (£2 2 shillings) a week, a 20% increase, so perhaps the wage was the reason he left the paper.]

29th July: EB ordered a suit costing 3 guineas from Alexander the Great in Cheapside (Diary note). [In terms of purchasing power this is equivalent to £340 in 2020.]

1st August: visited Windsor Castle with Jack and Wilford and they row in a boat on the Thames.

11th August: saw the crew of the French ship 'Messena' (Diary note) [Possibly the battleship Masséna.]

17th August: drew an advertisement for Sharman [probably an agent] for which he was paid 5 shillings (Diary note) [Making money elsewhere].

18th August: drew another advertisement for Sharman; not paid (Diary note).

29th August: EB recorded his height as exactly 5 foot 5 inches [165 cm] (Diary note).

September: the book illustration submitted by EB for the Gilbert Garrett competition published in The Studio (Vol 35, No 150, p 331).

5th September: EB noted in diary going to the theatre with 'Mr Abbey' [probably Salomon van Abbé, who was a student at Bolt Court].

13th September: EB did small water colour for Sharman, paid 8 shillings (Diary note).

18th September: [Start of first term of 1905-06 session at Bolt Court. EB probably begins studying at London County Council School of Photo-engraving and Lithography at Bolt Court, perhaps because it was close to the Daily Chronicle, on Fleet Street. His presence there is confirmed in the Annual Report for Bolt Court for the academic year 1905-06 (see below). This must have been the second and last year of his scholarship.]

22th September: first illustration signed by EB in the Daily Chronicle after his break in employment, concerning 'The Late Dr. Barnardo and his work' (No 13595, p 8) and banner heading for story by Headon Hill (p 9).

22nd September: EB has 'a few words' with Jack (Diary note) [It seems they split up and left their lodgings. EB went to live with Stephen Reid a few days later and Jack returned to Jersey].

25th September: EB went to live with Mr Stephen Reid at 127 Wymering Mansions, Maida Vale, London W9 (Diary note).

1st October: last diary entry until 1927: EB went with W(ilford) to see Miss Carroll [presumably Olive Anne, whom Wilford married in 1909].

October: book illustration submitted by EB to the National Competition of Art Schools is reproduced in The Art Workers Quarterly Vol 4, No 16, p 151, and is mentioned in the text.

18th October: illustrations by EB in the Daily Chronicle to item 'The Men who made Kingsway' (No 13618, p 5).

5th November: only illustration by EB in Lloyds Weekly Newspaper signed Blampied (No 3285, p 10).

23rd November: pen and ink title and borders by EB in the Daily Chronicle to photos entitled 'Graceful Lady Golfers at Play' (No 13649, p 8).

25th November: pen and ink title and borders by EB in the Daily Chronicle to 'Christmas Books for the Children' (No 13651, p 3).

21st December: end of first term of 1905-06 session at Bolt Court.

1906  January: start of second term of 1905-06 session at Bolt Court. Drawings in the Daily Chronicle on 2 Jan, 5 Jan, 7 Jan, 8 Jan, 10 Jan, 17 Jan, 19 Jan, and 25 Jan. [He was a busy man.]

February: drawings in the Daily Chronicle on 2 Feb, 6 Feb, 8 Feb, 9 Feb, and 27 Feb.

30th March: EB 20 years old.

12th April: end of second term of 1905-06 session at Bolt Court.

23rd April: start of third term of 1905-06 session at Bolt Court.

29th June: end of third term of 1905-06 session at Bolt Court, so Blampied's scholarship ends.

  ◀  Edmund Blampied (standing, right), with other students at Bolt Court. The seated man is Saloman van Abbé; the man on the left may be Robert Charles Peter. (Blampied family).

Photograph of Blampied and Marianne c 1914

(Click to enlarge)

July: first illustrations by EB in Daily Chronicle since the end of February: 18 July, 23 July, 30 July and 31 July.

2nd August: pen and ink drawings signed Blampied in the Daily Chronicle under the banner heading 'Beautiful Jersey' (No 13865, p 8).

10th August: pen and ink drawings signed Blampied in the Daily Chronicle under banner heading 'Isle of Wight' (DC No 13872, p 8).

September: drawings in the Daily Chronicle on 15 Sep, 20 Sep and 27 Sep.

October: drawing in the Daily Chronicle on 12 October.

November: last drawings in the Daily Chronicle, dated 1906.

November: The Principal's Report for the Eleventh session 1905-6 presented to the London County Council of the 13th day of November and 'ordered to be printed', contains four drawings by E. Blampied for Sketch Club Competitions: Design for a Supper Ticket; Untitled illustration to a poem by Tennyson; 'Old Man and Death' from Aesop’s Fables [echoes of Alphonse Legros]; 'The Market Place'.

1907  No information about what EB was doing. He was not working any more for the Daily Chronicle as no drawings have been found except for one drawing in a paper in 1908, but it was dated 1906, so had been re-used.

EB met Marianne van Abbe, according to an interview with them on their 50th wedding anniversary, reported in the Jersey Evening Post (5/8/1964).

1908  No information about what EB was doing. He could have been working for another newspaper in London, but unless signed drawings are found, it cannot be confirmed.

[An article in Le Chronique de Jersey in 1911 stated that Blampied had studied in Paris. If he did, it would probably have been at around this time, though it has not been confirmed.]

8th January: death of Captain Clement Le Sueur (EB's godfather) on the 267 ton barque, the 'Fanny Breslauer', which was bound from Santos, Brazil to Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. Newspapers reported that the ship had been unable to enter the harbour in Canada and, after 20 days trying, had decided to head for Jersey. The Captain died after sustaining injuries from the ship's wheel during a storm. Another crew member also died. After 105 days at sea the remaining crew were rescued by a fishing trawler south-west of the Lizard and they abandoned the ship. The crew reported that they had run out of food and were spending much time pumping water from the damaged ship. The empty ship was recovered a week later by the same fishing trawler, relatively undamaged and seaworthy, with ample stocks of food meat, fish and biscuits. A third crew member died a few days after they had been rescued. The 'Fanny Breslauer was salvaged, fitted with new masts, and taken to Jersey for a full refit.

1908  February: Article entitled 'Art School Notes' in The Studio mentions 'Mr Blampied's drawings of children' in relation to an exhibition of drawings by students at Bolt Court. [This indicates that EB was enrolled, probably in evening classes, for the academic year 1908 – 09 at Bolt Court. During this period he started to learn the art of etching, taught by Walter Seymour].

17th July, 'The Queen, The Lady’s Newspaper', page 111.

ROUND THE GALLERIES. . . In the lower galleries are the school sections exhibiting the studies made from nature by the students of the Craft and L.C.C. schools . . . while among others whose work calls for notice are E. Blampied and Otto Jacobs.

16 December: first recorded etching, a horse and cart on a beach at low tide, annotated verso: 'Printed at L.C.C.S. PE&L, Bolt Court Fleet Street December 16th 1909. Designed and etched by E. Blampied.' (Private collection)

1909  No information about what EB was doing.

First quarter: EB's brother, Wilford Charles Blampied married Olive Anne Carroll, from County Wexlow, Ireland, in Wandsworth, London.

19th April: EB's brother Alfred Blampied married Amy Pallot in St Helier, Jersey.

December: Elizabeth Blampied, EB’s mother died in Jersey aged 57y. Edmund was then aged 23.

1910  EB recorded in the Electoral Register living at 65 Barcombe Avenue, Streatham, as a lodger in the house of Frederick Esnouf.

November?: London County Council School of Photo-engraving and Lithography Reports 1908-9 & 1909-10. Plate XIX reproduces 'The Gossips', a tinted drawing by E. Blampied, printed in half tone with colour.

1911  2nd April: census records EB, aged 25 y, living in a 7-room house at 13 Airedale Road, Balham, with brother Wilford, aged 25 y (actually 27 y), and his wife Olive Anne Blampied (née Carroll), aged 29 y. EB's occupation is listed as 'Artist (painter) on his own account' working 'at home', so self-employed. Wilford is listed as a Hosier.

Census recorded Marianne van Abbe as 'Marion Abbey', age 23 y, living at 18 Marjorie Grove, Clapham Common, London with father Morris and brothers Solomon (sic) and Joseph Abbey, both of whom listed their profession as 'Advertising'. The profession of Morris (Moses Mauritz) is given as 'Cigar maker' and indicates that he had 6 children, 3 of whom had died. [They may have Anglicised their names because of anti-German sentiment].

Date unknown: illustrated sheet music The Glamour Valse (Ascherberg, Hopwood and Crew, London). [This is the first signed drawing by Blampied that has been found since the end of 1906, a period of 5 years.]

December: first known magazine illustrations, in Christmas issues of Woman at Home and The Strand Magazine.

1912  January: illustrations published in World Wide Magazine, so probably commissioned in 1911.

1st quarter: Wilford Edmund Anthony Blampied born in London, son of Wilford and Olive Blampied (Register of births).

February: first (of only two) illustrations by EB to appear in Nash’s Magazine.

April: first of many illustrations by EB to appear in Pearson’s Magazine and in The Tatler.

May: first of many illustration by EB to appear in The Sketch.

First known book illustration: the frontispiece and dust jacket of The Web of the Golden Spider by Joseph Orin Bartlett for Frank Palmer.

November: first illustrations by EB to appear in The Ladies Field.

December: first of many illustrations to appear in The Bystander, and in the Christmas Issue of The Sketch.

1913  'Started to really earn - but chiefly doing periodical work for (magazines) having been very poor for 10 years' (EB in St Martin's Parish Church flier, 1977).

3rd May: eight full page colour drawings of women's fashion by EB appeared in the 'London Season Number' of The Ladies Field.

June: first illustration by EB to appear in The Graphic.

July: first illustrations by EB to appear in The Royal Magazine.

November: first illustration by EB to appear in The Illustrated London News.

1914  17th March: an exhibition of etchings by London County Council students at Bolt Court reviewed in The Times, page 5, which noted 'The ox-cart' by E Blampied. Twenty-six etchings and drypoints by Blampied were listed in the catalogue (Arnold & Appleby, 1996).

18th April: first two signed illustrations by EB to appear The Sphere.

Etched 'Driving home in the rain' (designed in 1913; drawing (not illustrated) in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) although the plate was not officially published until 1919 (see Malcolm Salaman, 'Blampied's paintings in oil and watercolour', Apollo May 1929, Vol 9, Issue 53, pp 281 - 284).

3rd August: Salomon van Abbé, an Artist (painter) aged 28 y of 7 Airedale Road, Balham, married Hannah Wolff, aged 23 y of 20 Brownswood Road, Stoke Newington, at Mozart House, Albion Road, Stoke Newington, London in the presence of Joseph van Abbe and Joseph Hyams (Marriage certificate).

4th August: the start of World War I.

5th August: Edmund Blampied, an Artist (painter) aged 28 y of 64 Freegrove Road, Holloway, married Marianne van Abbé, aged 26 y (no profession stated) of 64 Freegrove Road, Holloway in London, at Islington Register Office in the presence of M. van Abbé (Marianne's father, named as 'Maurice') and J. Wolff (perhaps father of Hannah, the wife of Salomon) (Details from marriage certificate). The address may have been the residence of Moses van Abbé.

  ◀  Edmund and Marianne Blampied, perhaps on their wedding day. The woman on the right is Hannah van Abbé, the wife of Marianne's brother, Saloman, who were married two days earlier. (Blampied family)

Photograph of Blampied and Marianne c 1914

(Click to enlarge)

First books fully illustrated by EB: Me as a Model by W.R. Titterton for Frank & Cecil Palmer and The Money Moon by Jeffrey Farnol for Sampson, Low & Marston.

September: first illustrations by EB to appear in The Queen.

November?: The Principal's Report for the Session 1913-14 of the LCC School of Photoengraving and Lithography at Bolt Court contained a proof of EB's drypoint, 'At the Wings'. [CD:23; AA:14; AH:E13.7] [This indicates that EB was still attending evening classes].

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issues of The Graphic, The Sketch and The Tatler.

1915  EB listed in the London telephone directory as an Artist, living at 173 Nimrod Road, Streatham (tel 2166). EB designed dust jackets for 18 novels published by Hodder & Stoughton during the year.

February: First 'Modern Masters of Etching' exhibition at the Leicester Galleries. EB reported that it showed 7 or 8 of his prints but only four are listed in the catalogue: 'Restless horse' [possibly 'Stable language' CD:11; AA:25; AH:E13.2], 'Backing the hay cart' [CD:39.ii; AA:33; AH:E14.3.i], 'In the fields' [poss. 'Work in the fields' CD:21; AA:31; AH:E13.6] and 'Summer' [CD:35; AA:46; AH:E14.5]. The print 'Restless horse' was noted by The Times (March 20 1915, page 13). Fell (1931) reported that 'Driving home in the rain' [CD:32; AA:34; AH:E14.1] was shown at the first 'Modern Masters of Etching' exhibition at the Leicester Galleries in 1914 (sic). It was not listed in the catalogue. No earlier 'Modern Masters' exhibition has been found.

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issues of The Graphic, The Sketch and The Sphere

1916  Fine edition (34th) illustrated by EB of The Way of an Eagle by Ethel M Dell for the publisher T. Fisher Unwin.

19th January: first dated use of the diminuitive signature 'Blam' in a published illustration in The Tatler.

2nd February: two illustrations in colours in the The Tatler.

30th March: EB 30 years old.

15th July: first illustration by EB to appear in Fantasio, published in Paris. More illustrations in September and October.

October? EB returned to Jersey from London to enlist in the armed services.

October – November: 'Modern Masters of Etching' 2nd year, Leicester Galleries, exhibition 233. EB showed: cat.170 'Work in the fields' [CD:21; AA:31; AH:E13.6]and cat. 181 'The knacker' [CD:31; AA:41; AH:E14.12].

1st November: first letter from Edwin Chater Jack of Thomas Nelson and Sons of Edinburgh enquiring about his interest in designing some book wrappers, forwarded by Clifford George Blampied, to whom it was mistakenly addressed at 7 Elizabeth Place, St. Heliers (Nelson archive).

  ◀  Edmund and Marianne Blampied on the right, with Salomon and Hannah van Abbé, probably before the Blampieds travelled to Jersey so that Edmund could enlist. Saloman is holding one of the story magazines that both artists were illustrating. (Blampied family)

Photograph of Blampieds and van Abbes c 1916

(Click to enlarge)

8th November: first letter to Blampied from Edwin Jack directly addressed to EB at 2 Winchester Villas, Winchester St., St. Helier, possibly the home of Mary Ann Le Sueur, his aunt (Nelson archive).

15th November: article in Nouvelle Chronique de Jersey.

Un croquis par l’artiste Jersiase, Edmund Blampied, initulé «Surprise par une averse» et exposé aux Leicester Galleries, Londres, est en train d’attirer une grande mesure d’attention et d’admiration. Le sujet est une charrette conduite furieusement pendant un orage.

15th November: EB given his first commission for Thomas Nelson and Sons, to design a jacket for a novel, The Three Miss Graemes (Nelson archive).

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issues of The Graphic and The Tatler.

1917  11th April: 7 drawings by EB shown at an exhibition in Paris called La Guerre et les Humoristes.

EB designed a cover for new impressions of The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley and Alice in Wonderland for Thomas Nelson, his first children's books (Nelson archive).

June: EB tells Edwin Jack that he is to join the army; last dust jacket commissions (for Clementina and The Inviolable Sanctuary, neither seen) acknowledged by Jack on 29th June (Nelson archive).

6th June: EB is initiated into the Freemasons, Prince of Wales Lodge No 1003. He passed on 4th July and was raised on 1st August. His membership ceased in June 1923.

10th July: At the age of 31 years 2 months, EB enlisted in the Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion, which had replaced the Militia during WWI. His height was given as 5 foot 4½ inches. He was classified as C1 [fit for garrison duty] and his regimental number was 774 (Army records).

  ◀   Edmund (right), Alfred and John (Jack) Blampied (left), with their Aunt Mary Ann Le Sueur (seated), who was also Edmund's godmother, and an unknown woman, at Alfred's house and bakery in St Martin, Jersey, in about 1917 (Blampied family)

Photograph of Edmund with brothers and aunt

(Click to enlarge)

17th July: illustration by Blampied on the cover of Le Rire Rouge a drawing that had been shown at the exhibition in Paris.

August: the first cartoon by EB appeared in London Opinion.

October – November: Modern Masters of Etching, 3rd year, Leicester Galleries, exhibition 247. EB showed: cat.11 'Homewards, evening' [CD:15.ii; AA:20; AH:13.5.ii].

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issue of The Sphere.

1918  No letters to Blampied in Nelson archive between 3rd August 1917 and 31st January 1918. The file of letters from 1st February to 7th April 1918 is missing but Edwin Jack probably commissioned The Waters of Jordan, so Blampied probably started working again for Thomas Nelson and Sons in February or March (Nelson archive).

June: EB commissioned to illustrate Terry and Starshine by Amy Whipple for £15 (Nelson archive).

26th June: Adele Blampied, EB's niece, born to Amy and Alfred Blampied in St. Martin, Jersey.

30th June: EB injured his finger when a deckchair he was sitting on collapsed, see Chroniques de Jersey.

  ◀  Lance Corporal 244 E. Blampied of the Royal Jersey Garrison Batallion, then living at 2 Winchester Villas, Winchester Street, Jersey with his wife Marianne (left), and perhaps his cousin, Winifred Le Sueur (right). (Blampied family)

Photograph of Blampied and Marianne c 1918

(Click to enlarge)

September: commissioned to illustrate Two Little Scamps and a Puppy by Angela Brazil for same fee (Nelson archive).

November 11th: Armistice signed; Great War ends.

November – December: Modern Masters of Etching, 4th year, Leicester Galleries, exhibition 264. EB showed: cat.215 'Gathering turnips'.

December: EB commissioned to illustrate John's Visit to the Farm by Evelyn Sharp. Request from Edwin Jack for children's drawings in flat colours (Nelson archive).

1919  27th January: EB honorably discharged from Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion with the rank of Lance Corporal (Army records).

February: commissioned by Edwin Jack to do illustrations for Baby's Annual (Nelson archive).

March: commissioned to illustrate At the Farm by Evelyn Hardy (Nelson archive) with 13 full page drawings in colour and 42 drawings in line.

June: commissioned to illustrate The Jolly ABC; on 15th July offered a fee of 60 guineas [equivalent in terms of RPI in 2020 to £2,900] (Nelson archive).

August: commissioned to design a farm ABC, The Breezy Farm ABC on the same terms.

September: EB and Marianne Blampied returned to London.

  ◀  Edmund Blampied, in his early 30s, prefering a belt rather than suspenders? (Blampied family)

Photograph of Edmund Blampied in the early 1920s

(Click to enlarge)

23rd September: first letter from Edwin Jack to Blampied addressed to 64 Freegrove Road, Holloway, the residence of Saloman, Hannah and Moses van Abbé (Nelson archive).

October. Modern Masters of Etching, 5th year, Leicester Galleries, exhibition 280. EB showed: cat.115 'Weary' [CD:16; AA:29; AH:E13.9] and 186 'An argument' [CD:40; AA:50; AH:E17.1].

It was only in 1919 that a small group of prints in an exhibition at the Leicester Galleries revealed to the discerning amateur that in Edmund Blampied the ranks of our living etchers had been joined by a recruit of distinctive personality and singularly promising importance (see Salaman (1926) Edmund Blampied Modern Masters of Etching No 10.)

October: EB designed the first of three covers illustrations for New Illustrated, the successor to The Illustrated War News.

14th October: EB and Edwin Jack met at the London offices of Thomas Nelson at 35 Paternoster Row, London (Nelson archive).

October: Nelson's received EB's design for the cover of The Fairy Book and commissioned designs for The Chummy Book (Nelson archive).

December: illustration by EB in the Christmas issues of The Bystander and The Tatler; first illustration (of three) to appear in Pan.

December: death of Marianne’s father, Moses Mauritz (Morris) van Abbe (b 1859) aged 60y (Register of deaths).

1920  EB started studying lithography (Salaman, PCQ Oct., 1932, p 302) under A.S. Hartrick at the Central School of Art, and etching with Malcolm Osborne (letter to HJB, 15/2/1939). Published an etching 'My cousin' [CD: 66; AA:72; AH:E21.3], probably of Winifred Le Sueur (see photograph, above), daughter of Mary Ann Le Sueur, his mother’s sister and his godmother.

February: EB commissioned to draw eight colour illustrations for Les Chouans in the Je Raconte series by Thomas Nelson Editeurs of Paris [but not published until the early 1930s?] (Nelson archive).

11th March: EB elected an Associate of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers (A.R.E.) (RE History).

26th June: Alfred Blampied, EB's nephew, born to Amy and Alfred Blampied in St. Martin, Jersey.

  ◀  Edmund and John Blampied, perhaps around 1920. (Blampied family)

Photograph of Blampied and John Blampied early 1920s

(Click to enlarge)

May: Edmund and Marianne Blampied moved into a rented house at 19 Glencairn Road, Streatham. (Nelson archive)

October: Exhibition of Etchings and drypoints by Edmund Blampied A.R.E held at Ernest Brown & Phillips, The Leicester Galleries. EB's first solo exhibition. Showed 28 etchings and drypoints and 2 lithographs. Reviewed in The Times on 19th October 1920, page 10 (early edition, not seen).

1921  EB and MB listed in Electoral Register living at 19 Glencairn Road, Streatham.

29th January: took Malcolm Salaman his first lithograph, 'Farm Labourers' [AA:L1; AH:L20.1], drawn at home. (Salaman, PCQ, 1932, p 304).

January-February: 39th Exhibition of prints by the Royal Society of Painter Etchers and Engravers. EB showed 'Soup' [CD:56; AA:65; AH:E20.5ii] (illustrated in The Studio, February 1921) (RE archive).

February: 11th exhibition of the Senefelder Club at the Leicester Galleries. EB showed "Splash!" [= 'Splash! Splash! AA:L4; AH:L21.3] (illustrated in The Studio, April 1921) but not listed in the catalogue. Listed: cat. 47 'Off to the fields' = 'Farm labourers' [AA:L1; AH:L20.1] and cat. 48 'Father’s dinner' = 'The labourer’s lunch' [AA:L3; AH:L21.2]?.

5th March: elected as a full Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Etcher and Engravers (R.E.) (RE History).

March: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell published by Jarrolds, illustrated by EB.

March: first illustrations by EB to appear in Hutchinson’s Magazine, to October 1926, 33 issues.

26th April: illustrations for article in the Illustrated London News.

June – July: Exhibition of early etchings by Blampied, Lumsden, Lee-Hankey, Kinney & Cain at the Greatorex Gallery, London.

  ◀  From left to right, John (Jack), Wilford and Edmund Blampied, perhaps in London in the early 1920s. Jack was acting as an artist's agent. (Blampied family)

Photograph of John Wilford and Blampied Blampied

(Click to enlarge)

2nd July: double page illustration in colours by EB of the Regatta at Henley in The Sphere.

December: illustration by EB in the Christmas issue of The Sphere.

1922  Address in Electoral register given as 19 Glencairn Road, Streatham.

Exhibition of etchings, drypoints and drawings at Kennedy and Co, 693 Fifth Avenue, New York. Items 1 – 41 etchings and drypoints; 42 – 69 drawings. [EB's first exhibition in the USA.]

February - March: 'The Sick Man' [CD: 65; AA:79; AH:E21.6] exhibited at the 40th exhibition of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers at the Pall Mall Gallery.

February – March: 12th exhibition of the Senefelder Club at the Leicester Galleries. EB showed: cat. 8 'The wreck' [AA:L13; AH:L22.2] and cat. 13 'Tired farm labourers' [AA:L1; AH:L20.1]. Reviewed in The Times, 10th April 1923, page 10.

June-July: exhibition of drawings old and new at the Leicester Galleries, exhibition no 337. Showed 4 drawings: cat. 93 'The vraic farmers', cat. 109 'Old lady reading', cat. 110 'Vraic harvesters' and cat. 113 'The dreamer'.

July: EB first exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition: cat. 837 'Workers resting', cat. 1085 'The stableman' (drawing), cat. 1110 'Work in the fields' (drawing) (RA catalogue).

August: article entitled 'The etchings of Edmund Blampied' by Malcolm Salaman in The Bookman's Journal and Print Collector, August, Vol 4, No 11, p 140-144.

15th August: date of letter to EB from E.S. Lumsden, the Scottish etcher, in which he writes:

Dear Blampied, Your drawing [The Sick Mother] just arrived for which I am really very indebted to you at so small a price. I think it is one of the finest pen drawings I have ever seen of any time. It has quite taken the wind out of me, Damn you! [Letter owned by Société Jersiaise]

23rd August: first illustration by EB in new series in The Bystander, which continued until the end of 1926.

September, in Paris. A drawing of Blampied's friend, Philippe Lizon, dated Paris 21 Sept 22, has been seen. Philippe was a French telephone engineer married to Lucie, who appears in photographs with the Blampieds until the early 1950s (see below). The Lizons drove the Blampieds around northern France in July 1932.

November – December: Modern Masters of Etching, 7th year, Leicester Galleries, exhibition 343. EB showed: cat. 71 'Farm hands' [CD:69; AA:82b; AH:22.1.ii].

December: illustration by EB on the cover of the Christmas issue of The Graphic.

1923  Address given in the first volume of Fine Prints of the Year 1923 as 'The Homestead', Glennie Road, a house in South Norwood bought by the Blampieds (the only one he is known to have owned) and shared with John 'Jock' Nicolson and wife Dorothy and their daughter, Beatrice 'Betty' Irvin (b 1923, d 2018).

February: exhibition of 60 Paintings and drawings by Edmund Blampied at the Leicester Galleries of Ernest Brown & Phillips with etchings and drypoints of C.R.W. Nevinson. Exhibition reviewed in The Times, 3rd February 1923, p 8.

February: EB saw an exhibition of sculpture by Degas at the Leicester Galleries, which may have inspired him to try sculpting (Syvret, 1986).

February – March: 41st annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Painter Etchers and Engravers, 5a Pall Mall East, London. EB exhibited 'The white horse' [CD:64; AA:81; AH:E21.8].

7th April – 19th May: 13th annual exhibition of lithographs of the Senefelder Club, Twenty-One Gallery. EB showed: 'Under a Paris bridge' [AA:L10; AH:L23.3].

May: article entitled 'The Art of Blampied' by P.G. Konody in Drawing and Design, Vol 3 new Series XXXVII.

May: exhibition of rare original etchings at the Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street, London. L. Blampied (sic) 13 prints.

June: Exhibition of rare original etchings continued at the Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street, London. L. Blampied (sic) 15 prints.

December: Exhibition of original etchings by leading artists at the Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street, London. E. Blampied, 9 prints.

5th December: first caricatures of politicians by 'Blam' published in The Bystander which probably led to his political cartoons from December 1923 to November 1926.

December: illustration by EB in the Christmas issue of The Bystander.

1924  Living at 'The Homestead', 3 Glennie Road, South Norwood, London (telephone book).

EB elected a member of the Senefelder Club of lithographers (in: 'British Printmakers 1855 - 1953. A century of printmakers from the etching revival to St. Ives'. (1992). Garton & Co. in assoc with the Scolar Press).

Illustrated The Roadmender by Michael Fairless (Duckworth).

Issued bronze called 'Kicking Horse' (AH:B24.1) in an edition of 14 or 15 at a price of 21 guineas (letters from EB to HJB on 15th March 1930 and 23 Feb 1936).

April: visited St Jean de Luz, according to illustrations in The Bystander magazine on 18th June.

  ◀    Edmund Blampied with his bronze scupture, 'Kicking horse' (AH:B24.1).

Photograph of Blampied with 'Kicking horse'

(Click to enlarge)

April: first drawing in 23 issues of Woman a new magazine published by Hutchinson.

7th April – 10th May: 14th annual exhibition of lithographs of the Senefelder Club, Twenty-One Gallery. EB showed: cat. 7 'Digging potatoes' [AA:L9; AH:L23.2] and cat. 8 'The old bottle' = 'The black bottle' [AA:L7; AH:L23.1].

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issues of The Graphic and The Bystander.

31st December: EB designed cover for the programme of the Chelsea Arts Club Ball and Bystander Coming of Age Celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall on New Year's Eve.

1925  Living at 'The Homestead', 3 Glennie Road, South Norwood, London.

March – April: Exhibition of Paintings and etchings by Edmund Blampied (with etchings and water-colours by Norman Lindsay) held at Ernest Brown & Phillips, the Leicester Galleries, London. 8 etchings, 25 paintings and 18 drawings including one for 'The Roadmender' (item 90). Reviewed in The Times 16th March 1925.

20th April – 28th May: 14th annual exhibition of lithographs of the Senefelder Club, Twenty-One Gallery. EB showed: 8 'Cider' (?), 9 'The cooling stream' [AA:L16; AH:L24.3].

April – Oct. Lithographs ‘The Stream’ (= 'The cooling stream' AA:L16; AH:L24.3) and ‘A Jersey Vraic Cart’ [AA:L17; AH:L24.2) shown at the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs (International exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, British section) at the Galerie du Grand Palais in Paris. Awarded Gold Medal as a collaborateur. According to Marianne Blampied the medal was never collected (Syvret, 1986, p 175).

Summer exhibition of etchings, 2nd edition, at the Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street, London. E. Blampied, 4 prints.

  ◀   Edmund and Marianne Blampied (left) with an unknown woman and child, probably on a beach on the continent in the 1920s.

Photo of Edmund and Marianne on beach

(Click to enlarge)

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issues of The Bystander and The Sketch.

1926  Living until October? at 'The Homestead', 3 Glennie Road, South Norwood, London, then sold house and contents.

Blampied's prints the subject of two books: ''A Complete Catalogue of the Etchings and Dry-points of Edmund Blampied, the first catalogue raisonné and in 'Modern Masters of Etching No 10 Edmund Blampied' by Malcom Salaman, a popular series published by The Studio Ltd which reproduced 12 drypoints and etchings.

Stopped lithography (until 1930) after the death of his printer, H.P.Bray, who printed lithographs for Thomas Way & Sons.

February: article on 'The Etchings of Edmund Blampied' by E.L Allhusen in The Print Collector's Quarterly, 13 (1): 69 – 96. 'The farmer dentist' [CD:98; AA:106; AH:E25.9] reproduced in The Times 9th February 1926, page 18.

30th March: EB 40 years old.

March: two prints 'The Letter' [CD:94; AA:107; AH:E25.2] and 'Reflections' [CD:91; AA:109; AH:E25.1] exhibited at the Painter-Etchers Exhibition at the Suffolk Galleries, Pall Mall (See The Bystander, March 3rd, 1926, no 1161, p 477).

26th May – 21st June: 14th annual exhibition of lithographs of the Senefelder Club, Twenty-One Gallery. EB showed: cat. 12 'Sea harvesting', cat. 47 'L’Aperitif' (= 'Les Trois verres'? AA:L19; AH:L25.2).

May: invited by Alfred Wolmark to sit for a portrait (Letter in Tate Archive). It is not known if a portrait was completed.

10th June: EB tavelled to Jersey and then to Brittany on holiday (Letter to Alfred Wolmark in Tate Archive).

November?: left England to travel to Paris, the French Riviera and Tunisia for 5 months according to V&A notes on 'Camels at a well’. Address given in FPOY (1926): c/o R.C. Peter, 18 Lansdowne Road, London SW 9 (possibly now Lansdowne Gardens, SW8).

15th November: sold house and contents at Glennie Road at auction (see Norwood News, 6th November)

17th November: brother Alfred, a baker in St. Martin's, Jersey died of diphtheria aged 46 y. Buried at St Martin's church. EB did not visit Jersey for 6 years because he felt so sad (letter to HJB, 10th February 1932)

Illustrations by EB in the Christmas issue of The Bystander.

  ◀   Advertisement in the Norwood News of 6th November 1926 for the sale of the Blampied's house and its contents.

Scan of advert in newspaper

1927  In Tunisia, as drawings in V&A and Boston Public Library from Tunis, La Goulette, El Djem, Monastir, Kairouan, and Sousse, dated 1927. Drawing of Carthage, Tunisia, dated Jan 1927 seen in sale (Fairfield Auction, July 2020).

30th April: first letter to Harold James Baily addressed 18 Lansdowne Road, Clapham, London SW (the address of Robert Charles Peter).

June: rented a flat at 30 Roland Gardens, South Kensington, London SW7 (reported to HJB in letter dated June 30th).

Diary entries start in July, EB's first diary since 1905.

21st July: Martin Hardie and friend from Eton visited EB to see drawings of Tunisia (Diary entry).

26th July: photographs of EB and MB taken at Raphaels (photographer? Diary entry)

3rd August: Martin Hardie buys two drawings of Tunisia for the Victoria and Albert Museum and two for Eton College (Diary entry). The drawing at Eton can be seen here. The copyright to the drawings in the V&A has been sold, so they cannot be shown on-line.

10th – 31st August: on holiday in France in Paris and St George de Didonne near Royan.

August: exhibition of fine etchings by leading artists (No 725) at the Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street. E. Blampied, 3 prints.

  ◀    Portrait photograph of Edmund Blampied, probably taken by Raphaels.

Photograph of Blampied

(Click to enlarge)

21st September: met Mr Billy Wood (William Thomas Wood, 1877-1958) of Royal Watercolour Society who proposed to put Blampied up for membership next year (Diary entry). [Checked with RWS and never a member.]

27th September: Jack Blampied pays EB £8.8.0 for commercial work during the previous year, to his surprise (diary note).

2nd October: met (Jules) Chadel a French woodblock artist (1870 – 1941) and Japanese printmaker (Yoshijiro) Urushibara (1889 – 1953). (Diary entry)

14th November: sold watercolour 'That Man with the Fish' to Hon. John Dewar (later Lord Forteviot) for 50 guineas. (Diary entry)

26th November: report in The Times that the picture entitled 'Building a cathedral at Annecy' had been bought by the Leeds City Art Gallery for £90.

December: 'small show' at galleries of Alex. Reid & LeFèvre. Catalogue not seen.

1928  Living at 30 Roland Gardens, South Kensington, London SW7, mostly designing drypoints and painting in watercolours for a major exhibition in May 1929.

February: Modern Masters of Etching, 8th exhibition, Leicester Galleries. EB showed cat. 31 'Night-time in a stable', cat. 51 'Driving home in the rain', and cat. 57 'The bathing machine'.

30th May – 30th June: 18th annual exhibition of lithographs by modern artists, Senefelder Club, Twenty-One Gallery. EB showed: cat. 74 'In Orange' [AA:L22; AH:L26.1], and cat. 75 'Jean Francais' (= 'Jean Francois' or 'The Cowman' or 'Le Vacher' AA:L2; AH:L21.1).

1929  Living at 30 Roland Gardens, South Kensington, London SW7.

8th April – 27th April: 19th annual exhibition of lithographs of the Senefelder Club, Twenty-One Gallery. EB showed: 63 'In Tarascon' (a title not known, possibly 'En Orange'? AA:L22; AH:L26.1).

1st May - 25th May: Exhibition of paintings, water-colours and drypoints by Edmund Blampied, Alex. Reid and Lefevre, 1a King Street. EB showed 15 oils, 19 water colours including 'That man with the fish' lent by Hon John Dewar, two drawings in sepia, 43 drypoints and etchings, lithographs and two bronzes. Reviewed in The Times on 3rd May 1929. Reviewed in Apollo by Malcolm Salaman. [This was probably Blampied's best ever exhibition in terms of different media, prices and sales. The Great Depression led to a fall in prices and drop in sales. He was 43 years old and at the peak of his powers as an artist. Some of the watercolours are shown here.]

July: Exhibition of fine etchings by modern masters (No 774) at the Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street. E. Blampied, 5 prints.

3rd November: EB letter reports in a letter to HJB that he had all his teeth removed.

December: spent Christmas and New Year in Paris (letter to HJB, March 15th 1931)

1930  Living at 30 Roland Gardens, South Kensington, London SW7. Brother John listed as 'Artist's Agent' with an office at 60 Chandos Street, London WC2 and living at 10 Uffington Road, SE 27.

Visited les Sables d'Ollone in France during the year as his sketches done there were sold in 1932 to Albert Wiggin, an American banker.

15th March: letter to HJB from Hotel Ker Maria, Avenue General Galliéni, Villefranche sur mer, Alpes Maritimes. [The hotel was demolished in about 2008 to be replaced by flats.]

Photograph of hotel

Hotel Ker Maria, Villefranche-sur-mer, near Nice ▲

16th June – 15th July: 20th annual exhibition of lithographs by modern artists, Senefelder Club, Twenty-One Gallery. EB showed: cat. 37 'The accusation' [AA:L23; AH:L30.1] and 'In haste for the doctor' (= 'Fetching the doctor' AA:L24; AH:L30.1).

August – September: spent 5 weeks in St Pierre de Chartreuse (French Dauphine), north of Grenoble (Letter to HJB).

November: exhibition at the gallery of Alex. Reid & LeFèvre in Glasgow of 11 oil paintings and 22 watercolours at prices ranging from £60 to £120 [from £3,500 - £7,400 in 2020 prices].

December: Harold Baily sent EB a volume of the poems of Robert Frost as a Christmas gift (private collection).

December: EB gives notice to leave his publisher, Alex. Reid & LeFèvre to join Walter Bull and Sanders, because Walter Bull was 'the first man to bring my work on the market' (letter to HJB 30/12/1930).

1931  Living at 30 Roland Gardens, South Kensington, London SW7.

14 January: notice in Les Chroniques de Jersey of the death of Mlle Josephine Klintz of 5 Waverley Terrace, aged 74y, where she lived with Mathilde Adelus.

7th April: letter to HJB from Les Cigognès, Rue Maccarani, Nice, France.

13th May – 20th June: 'Blampied’s Nonsense Show', Walter Bull and Sanders, 23 Cork Street, London (56 items). Review in The Tatler of May 20th 1931 with some illustrations; review in The Graphic of May 30th 1931 with some illustrations.

  ◀  Photograph of a portrait in oils of Edmund Blampied by John St. Helier Lander which EB used as his Christmas card for 1931. (Blampied family)

July: EB’s first visit to Holland with Marianne, her first visit for 20 years. Stayed at the Hotel de l'Europe, Domburg, Zeeland (see below, left), which was here, now demolished. They then visited relations in Amsterdam.

October: Exhibition of water colour drawings and etchings, T & R Annan & Sons, Glasgow (66 items).

October: article entitled 'Edmund Blampied, Painter and Etcher' by Grenville Fell in Colour magazine.

November: a fine edition of Travels with a Donkey by R. L. Stevenson, illustrated by EB, published by John Lane, The Bodley Head.

Portrait of Blampied by John Lander 1931

(Click to enlarge)

  ◀  Hotel de l'Europe, Domburg, Netherlands.

Photograph of hotel

1932  Living at 30 Roland Gardens, South Kensington, London SW7.

18th January: EB noted in diary: Malcolm said on the phone Osborne and Sydney Jones praised my etchings very highly Jones saying 'he is the best man we have'. Am naturally delighted with these compliments.

24th January: to Jersey for 9 weeks, his first visit to the island since the death of his brother, Alfred. Stayed at the Palace Hotel, which was destroyed by fire and explosive in 1945 during the German Occupation of Jersey. EB took lessons in repoussé work on pewter from Mme Adelus, his old art teacher. Mme Josephine Klintz had died the previous year. Met his friend Pere Charles Rey, a Jesuit priest from Brittany. Started to write verses in Jèrriais. (Letter to HJB, 10th Feb. 1932)

11th March: burglary at London flat at 3 pm (Diary, 1932).

4th April: Diary note: 'He (Robert Charles Peter) and my Jersey friend Lander spend every Friday evening with me' (letter to HJB).

May: finishing etched portrait of Bertrand Falle, later Lord Portsea [AA:168; AH:E31.1] (letter to HJB).

June and early July: back in Jersey, staying at a country hotel (letter to HJB, 4 Aug. 1932)

July: visited France to drive around the country with Parisian friends, a telephone engineer and his wife, Philippe and Lucie Lizon, whom the Blampieds had known since around 1920. Visited Boulogne, Dunkirk, Malo Les Bains, Calais; then to Cambrai, Mons, Aras, Vimy Ridge, Namur, Ardennes and neighbourhood; Luxembourg; then to Paris by way of Verdun, Chalons-sur-Somme and St Cloud (letter to HJB 4 Aug 1932).

21st July: drawing in JHT collection dated and titled 'Hesdin', a small town in Pas de Calais.

30th July: drawing in JHT collection dated and titled 'Chalon sur Marne'.

2nd August: commissioned by the Société Jersiase through George Keiley to make 24 drawings (or less) of some old houses and farms on the island. The Commitee reported: These houses are no longer being repaired and are falling into ruin. It is to be feared that in a few years time the most interesting ones will have completely disappeared. (see Bulletin of the Société Jersiase, vol. 12, 1933)

16th August: the Executive Committee of the Société Jersiase accepted Blampied's offer to make 24 drawings (or less) for a fee of 60 guineas (£63). EB asked the Committee to inform him of its decision as soon as possible, as he would be very busy after September.

  ◀  Marianne (left) and Edmund Blampied with an unknown woman in the 1930s.

September: EB made at least 20 drawings of Jersey farm houses: Morel Farm, St. Lawrence; Les Montagnes Farm, St. Lawrence; L'Alva, St. Peter; La Fosse Farm; La Chesnée; Ponterrin; and Augrés Farm, Trinity. He also drew La Blanche Pierre, Trinity, the farm where his grandfather on his mother's side was born. He was actually paid a fee of 65 guineas (£68 8s) according to accounts book of the Barreau Art Gallery at Société Jersiaise.

Edmund and Marianne Blampied with unknown woman

(Click to enlarge)

October: article on 'The Lithographs of Edmund Blampied' by Malcolm Salaman in The Print Collector's Quarterly Vol 19, No 4.

14th October: dinner of the Jersey Society in London held at the Hyde Park Hotel for which EB designed the menu, but he was unable to attend. (Letter to HJB)

14th November: moved to Flat D, 4 Roland House, Old Brompton Road, South Kensington (letter to HJB).

1933  Living at Flat D, 4 Roland Houses, Old Brompton Road, South Kensington.

The Print Collector's Club of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers issued a drypoint by EB 'Vraicing - early morning' [AA:179; AH:E32.2], in an edition of 100 proofs plus 10 for the artist.

EB designed dust jackets for six novels published by Philip Allan.

11th March: reproduction of eight drypoints in The Illustrated London News.

17th June: started a series of weekly drawings of British types in 50 issues of The Illustrated London News, to October 1934.

July: sold to an American banker, Albert H. Wiggin, five sketch books containing 281 drawings and watercolours: 53 Tunisian drawings and sketches dated 1927; 89 drawings of Domburg, Holland and Paris in 1931; 80 drawings of Les Sables D'Olonne done in 1930; 31 drawings, mostly from imagination, including a design for 'The old complaint'; and 29 drawings from imagination including a design for 'The day's news' and 'The chef'. These drawings are all now in the collection of the Boston Public Library and can all be viewed in detail on line.

July and August: 7 weeks holiday at Hotel Beau Rivage, Wimereux, a small town just north of Boulogne-sur-mer in northern France. The Blampieds stayed at the same hotel again in August 1934 for a month and again in April and August 1937. The hotel is now called Hotel Saint Jean It's on the north bank of the River Wimereux on the D940.

Photograph of hotel

Hotel Beau Rivage, Wimereux, France ▲

Summer: drypoint 'The Day's News' [AA:160; AH:E32.8] shown at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (RA cat 1277). [Print never published].

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issues of The Sketch.

December: spent Christmas in London with brothers John and Wilford (letter to HJB).

1934  Living at Flat D, 4 Roland Houses, Old Brompton Road, South Kensington.

Brother, Wilford Blampied, recorded in a Trades Directory as having a clothiers at 365 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London SW 15.

1st - 27th January: exhibition of lithographs by the Senefelder Club in London at Fulham Library. The President of the Club was Frank Brangwyn and the Committee was A.S. Hartrick (Vice-President), F.H. Spear, A.M.B. Smith, E. Blampied, C.H. Shannon, J. Kerr-Lawson, F. Ernest Jackson and Ethel Gabain. EB showed: cat. 4 'Paris' [= 'On the banks of the Seine', AA:L17; AH:L24.2]; cat. 59 'The black bottle' [AA:L7; AH:L23.1]; cat. 60 'Two old women, Jersey' [= 'Country women, Jersey' AA:L30; AH:L33.1]; cat. 62 'The stream' [= 'The cooling stream', AA:L16; AH:L24.3]; cat. 63 'The lame horse' [AA:L5; AH:L22.3].

March: first illustrations found in two issues in 1934 of Good Housekeeping.

30th March: drew a head and shoulders portrait in lithograph of the Italian artist Piero Sansalvadore (1892-1955).

June to early July: a holiday at Hotel Edouard VII, Ave. Lippens, Knocke-sur-Mer, near Ostende, Belgium (see photographs below). Blampied reported to HJB that he had bought a little camera.

Photograph of Blampied in 1934Photograph of hotel

▲ Edmund Blampied in June 1934 by the window of this hotel in Knokke, Belgium ▲

August: another month at the Hotel Beau Rivage, Wimereux (see photograph above) (letter to HJB).

Summer: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. EB showed drypoint of Bertrand Falle, Lord Portsea (cat. 1129) [AA:168; AH:33.1] (RA catalogue).

October: returned from holiday to find that someone had attempted to break into their flat (letter to HJB).

November?: 'Hot Dogs' exhibition held at Ackermann Gallery, New York and publication of a folio of 12 lithographs with the same title published by Frost and Reed, London and Ackermann and Son Inc. New York. It was not a success (letter to HJB).

December: Christmas issue of The Queen reproduced a portrait in oils by EB of Queen Mary.

December: Christmas in London with brother John, who gave EB and MB a table tennis set (letter to HJB)

1935  Living at Flat D, 4 Roland Houses, Old Brompton Road, South Kensington.

9th January: EB starts to do almost weekly cartoons for The Sketch (31 weeks).

January: holiday at Harrison's Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton (letter to HJB).

6th February: working on a book of 60 - 80 humorous drawings: 'this is going to be highly respectable and not the low stuff that I was persuaded would be found acceptable in the USA' (letter to HJB).

April: visited Bristol and the west country, inclduing Exmoor and Ifracombe (letter to HJB).

27th June: Amy Blampied née Pallot, the wife of Alfred, EB's sister-in-law, died in Jersey.

July: holiday at Grand Hotel des Flandres, Knocke-Zoute, Belgium: We are back in Knocke and back to last year's haunts. A different hotel -- a little happier. (letter to HJB)

Two of Blampied's oil paintings on small panels, probably painted from the balcony of his room at the Grand Hotel Flandres (see below), were shown at an exhibition in Glasgow in 1936 and can be seen here.

Photograph of hotel

▲ Grand Hotel des Flandres in Knokke, Belgium.

August: visited friends at Selsey, Sussex (letter to HJB).

September: Bull & Sanders, EB's publishers, closed down and Blampied moved to Colnaghi. They published his drypoint 'Un précieux' [AA:174; AH:32.2] that Bull & Sanders did not like (designed in August 1932) in edition of 56 proofs at 8 guineas and a lithograph 'A bracing morning, Jersey' [AA:L34; AH:L35.1] (letters to HJB).

September - October: visited Mullion, Cornwall with 'journalist friend' [possibly Cecil and Kathleen Hunt] (letter to HJB).

December: water-colour drawings by Edmund Blampied at Ernest Brown and Phillips, the Leicester Galleries, London (39 items). Only sold 11 or 12 pictures.

December: cartoons in the first issue of Men Only and illustrations in the Christmas issues of The Sketch and The Tatler.

1936  Living at Flat D, 4 Roland Houses, Old Brompton Road, South Kensington.

January: date on proof of 'In stable' [AH:E36.6.ii] one of several drypoints not published by Colnaghi because they were ‘too small’ (letter to HJB).

February: invited by the American College Society of Print Collectors to provide an etching. [EB designed a print called 'Seaweed harvest, Jersey', which was issued in an edition of 125 proofs] (Letter to HJB and commissioning letter seen in private collection).

March: Exhibition of paintings and drawings, T & R Annan & Sons, Glasgow (49 items) including five oil paintings of Wimereux and seven of Knocke, probably done during visits in 1933 and 1934.

30th March: EB 50 years old.

June: spent a month in Jersey at St Brelade’s Bay Hotel (letter to HJB).

July: to Paris and then drove to the Austrian Tyrol, to stay at the Hotel Hohe Munde, Seefeld and at Insbruck, probably with Philippe and Lucie Lizon.

  ◀  Edmund Blampied with Lucie Lizon, a French friend whom the Blampied's visited in Paris and travelled with on holidays.

August: started to work with John St. Helier Lander on a portrait of the King. Lander lived and had his studio on The Boltons, a 5 minute walk from the Blampied's flat (letter to HJB).

Photograph of Blampied and Lucie Lizon c 1936

(Click to enlarge)

5th September: date on 1st proof after steel facing of 'A meadow road' published by Colnaghi in an edition of 30 proofs at 8 gn, illust in FPOY, 1936.

11th December: King Edward VIII abdicates, so EB's drawing of him in The Path of the King (News of the World) was not published.

December: Publication of Bottled Trout and Polo (Newnes).

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issues of The Illustrated London News and The Sketch, and on the cover of Men Only.

1937  Living at Flat D, 4 Roland Houses, Old Brompton Road, South Kensington.

16th February: Blampied visited by Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Vice-President of the publishers Doubleday-Doran (letter to HJB, 17th Feb 1937)

April: another holiday at Hotel Beau Rivage, Wimereux, near Boulogne (letter to HJB).

May: visited Brighton, stayed at Harrison’s Hotel, Kings Road (letter to HJB).

19th May: portrait drawing of Stanley Baldwin published in the Coronation Number of The Bystander.

1st - 27th May: Exhibition of watercolours and oils, Guy Mayer Gallery, New York (19 items)

July: first visit of Harold and Marguerite Baily to London. They arrived at Liverpool on 12th July on RMS Laconia from New York. At Blampied's studio Baily bought 11 oil panels (counted as 10) at 6 pounds each for £60; 'Farmhands' in white frame £18; 'The Valley Road', £18; 'The Auberge' £20; 'Maid with Jerseys', £25; 'A Jersey sunrise' (two horses with cart), £30, 'The slipway' £30. Total £201 [which is equivalent to about £13,000 in 2020] (letter to HJB).

  ◀  Photograph in London of Edmund Blampied with Harold James Baily, a lawyer from Brooklyn in New York, who had started corresponding with him in 1927 and was an avid collector of his prints and watercolours.

Harold and Marguerite had dinner at the Grill Room of the Strand Palace Hotel (menu in LISI, Hofstra University), probably with Edmund and Marianne Blampied. It was Blampied's favourite hotel in London.

Photograph of Blampied and Harold Baily in 1937

(Click to enlarge)

Summer: drypoint 'The Carousal' (cat. 1237) [AA:180; AH:E36.3] shown at Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (RA catalogue).

14th August: a second visit in 1937 to the Hotel Beau Rivage, Wimereux (see photo above) (letter to HJB).

6th September: Guy Mayer, the owner of an art gallery in New York, visited EB in his studio in London and bought a watercolour and four small oil panels for himself. [Guy Mayer (1904-1952) became EB's agent in the USA. He had a gallery at 41 East 57th Street, New York, in the Fuller Building.] (letter to HJB).

September: visited Jersey, staying at St Brelades’s Bay Hotel (letter to HJB).

October: worked at the Central School of Art to design lithographs, probably 'The vraic load' [AA:L41; AH:L38.1] and 'A Martello tower' [AA:L38; AH:L38.2], both published in 1938 (Syvret, 1986). [They were Blampied's last published lithographs] (letter to HJB).

28th October: publication of Hand-picked Howlers (Methuen) with Cecil Hunt.

November: commissioned by Hodder & Stoughton to illustrate a new edition of Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie (letter to HJB).

8th December: illustrates more of Cecil Hunt’s 'Howlers' in The Sketch, (27 weeks until June 1938).

14th December: moved to Flat 1, A to L, Wetherby Mansions, Earls Court Square, London SW5 due to problems with previous landlord, whom they were suing (letter to HJB).

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issues of The Illustrated London News and The Sketch.

1938  Living at Flat 1, A to L, Wetherby Mansions, Earls Court Square, London SW5

7th January: reported to HJB:

I have been asked by a publisher (literary not art) to write 'my life' in my own way and for my own pleasure. This I have started and have now written so far some 20 pages. But I am writing it for fun and amusement and am not treating it very seriously otherwise it would be a very dull 'still life' kind of a book. It will also be illustrated with semi-truthful drawings throughout. I find it rather exciting and something new. [No biography is known].

March: holiday at Babbacombe Cliff Hotel, Babbacombe, Devon (letter to HJB 14 Mar 1938).

April: re-elected to the Council of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers (letter to HJB April 20 1938).

19th May: The Times reported that EB had been elected to Royal Society of British Artists (R.B.A.) on the previous day; Lord Methuen was also elected at the same ceremony.

June: holiday at Hotel Bellevue, Dieppe, France (letter to HJB 17 June 1938)

◀ Hotel Bellevue, Dieppe, France.

15th August: completed work on illustrations for Peter and Wendy, which had been approved by a committee (letter to HJB).

August: reported to HJB that he was working with Lander on a portrait of the 'late Cornwallis' [Fiennes Stanley Wykeham Cornwallis, 1864-1935] for the Freemason’s Hall in Kingsway [not completed by EB].

Photograph of hotel

(Click to enlarge)

August and September: in Scotland with Cecil Hunt and family on holiday, sketching, staying at Danna Na Cloich, Tayvallich, Loch Gilphead, Argyllshire, Scotland (Source Peter Hunt, Jersey and his sketchbook, plus letter to HJB 30 Aug 1930).

30th August: saw the Queen Elizabeth being built on the Clyde.

1st October: visited Jersey to look for a house. Stayed at Castle Irwell Hotel, Millbrook, Jersey (letter to HJB, 1 Oct 1938).

November: invited by Henry Sayles Francis, curator of prints and drawings of the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, to provide a print [for the Print Club of Cleveand] (letter to HJB).

November: moved to Jersey. Remained there for the rest of his life after 34 years in London, except for 1916-1919.

1st December: EB writes to HJB that his new address from this date will be 'Baymont', St Aubin, Jersey.

Winter: exhibited at Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, Winter Exhibition, 190th. 238: 'In Argyll' (oil) £20; 262: 'Vraickers' (oil) £60; 287: 'Rencontre' (oil) £30.

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issue of The Illustrated London News.

1939  Living at 'Baymont', St. Aubin, Jersey.

March: painting 6 oil panels for HMS Jersey, a gift from the people of the Island of Jersey (letter to HJB).

  ◀     Edmund Blampied in his house in Jersey with the oil paintings for HMS Jersey. The dedication is to his brother John, who was in London, acting as his agent.

April-May: working on illustrating a French language text book for Ginn and Company and another 'Howler' book with Cecil Hunt for Methuen (letter to HJB).

Photograph of Blampied in 1939

(Click to enlarge)

31st May: only known cartoon to appear in Punch.

4 June: to London for two weeks, staying with Cecil and Kathleen Hunt (letter to HJB).

July: visit of HMS Jersey. EB painted 6 small oils, designed a menu card and gave 10 humorous drawings for the officer’s mess. Lander gave a small portrait of the King. The ship was commissioned on 26th September 1938. It sank outside Valetta Harbour on 2nd May 1941 when it hit a mine.

Summer: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. 191st Exhibition: 'London and Londoners'. Cat. 205:'The vicar loses his bishop' (oil) £60 (see Syvret, 1986, p 84); cat. 371: 'The row' (oil) £60 [now owned by Glasgow Museum]; and cat. 405: 'Crowd' £60.

August-September: Cecil and Kathleen Hunt visited the Blampied's in Jersey (letter to HJB).

The England and Wales Record, a Census taken in September 1939 showed: Wilford Charles Blampied, a Men's Outfitter and French Interpreter, living with Edward and Ivy Tregunno at 86 Mount Road, Chatham, Kent, probably as a lodger; his son, Wilford Edmund Anthony Blampied, a Shop Assistant (Gent's Outfitting) living with his mother Olive Blampied at 5 Nimrod Road, Wandsworth; and John Blampied an Artist's Agent, living with John, Dorothy and Beatrice Nicolson at 43 Woodfield Avenue, Wandsworth.

2nd - 9th December: exhibition and sale of drawings on behalf of the St Johns Ambulance War Appeal held at Restaurant de Gruchy, St Helier, Jersey.

December: The Blampied edition of Peter and Wendy, better known as 'Peter Pan', published by Hodder & Stoughton at a price of 25 shillings. The orignal illustrations were exhibited at Harrods, London (letter to HJB 5th December 1939). The drawings were acquired by the Société Jersiase from the publisher in 1940 (Syvret, 1986).

Winter: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. Winter Exhibition, 192nd: cat. 214: 'Farmer' £25; cat. 217: 'On holiday at Dieppe, 1938' £25; cat. 229: Réunion d’Apres Saison' £40,

December: illustrations by EB in the Christmas issue of The Sketch.

25th December: Blampieds had two Christmas meals - lunch with the Bailiff, Alexander Coutanche and his wife, Barbara, and in the evening with Jurat de Gruchy of Noirmont Manor (letter to HJB).

31st December: MB wrote to Marguerite Baily: ‘Wish house was smaller but Edmund needed a decent sized studio’. Two dogs: a spaniel called Stacey and a corgi called Mr Lloyd. EB gave MB a car for Christmas, a Vauxhall 12.

1940  Living at 'Baymont', St. Aubin, Jersey.

22nd January: death of Malcolm Charles Salaman (b London 6 September 1855) the influential art critic and supporter of the work of EB. He had married Annie Sarah Isaac in 1914. They had no children.

26th June: last cartoon appears in The Tatler, credited to J. Blampied, who remained in London during the War.

  ◀   Edmund and Marianne Blampied in Jersey just before the German Occupation.

28th June: EB saw German 'planes attack Jersey lifeboat off Noirmont Point; one lifeboatman was killed.

1st July: German occupation of Jersey begins. Communication with England ceased.

Photograph of Edmund and Marianne Blampied in about 1939

(Click to enlarge)

Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. Summer Exhibition, 193rd: cat. 199: 'Rocks, Jersey' (oil) £60; cat. 204: 'Camelias' (oil) £50; cat. 331 (w/c) Listed at end but not in list; cat. 378: 'Farm entrance, Jersey' (black & white) £60.

October: Marianne Blampied registered as a Jew with the occupying forces.

1941  Living at 'Baymont', St. Aubin, Jersey. German Occupation of Jersey.

16th February – 6th April: exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art of 187 works, 40% from the collection of Harold James Baily. It was thought that the exhibition lacked only 9 of EB's prints. Guy Mayer visited from New York. The Print Club of Cleveland issued to its members Blampied's last etching before the War, 'A Jersey vraic cart', in an edition of 250 proofs plus 10 for the artist.

August: Red Cross letter sent by EB in November 1940 received by Harold Baily.

December: submitted designs for five new bank notes for the Island of Jersey with denominations of 6 pence, 1 shilling, 2 shillings, 10 shillings and 1 pound.

1942  Living at 'Baymont', St. Aubin, Jersey. German Occupation of Jersey.

20th April: States of Jersey issued five banknotes designed by EB as replacement currency.

November: exhibitions of paintings at the Vose Gallery, Boston, USA and of prints and drawings at the Boston Public Library.

4th November: moved from 'Baymont', St Aubin to Keechong (now called Westfield House), Route Orange, St Brelade [because there were too many German troops by the harbour, according to Syvret (1986)].

1943  Living at 'Keechong', Route Orange, St. Brelade, Jersey. German Occupation of Jersey.

June: release of postage stamps designed by EB for the Island of Jersey.

1st May: first printing of ½D stamp.

1st June: first issue of ½D stamp

7th May: first printing of 1D stamp.

1st June: first issue of 1D stamp

17th May: first printing of 1½D stamp.

8th June: first issue of 1½D stamp

20th May: first printing of 2D stamp.

8th June: first issue of 2D stamp

31st May: first printing of D stamp.

29th June: first issue of 2½D stamp

4th June: first printing of 3D stamp.

29th June: first issue of 3D stamp

Scan of first day cover inscribed by Blampied

(Click to enlarge)

Above: the full set of Occupation Pictorial stamps on an envelope sent to Blampied on 30th June 1943, the date that the last two stamps were issued. He was written on the envelope in ink which has faded:

July 29th 1943 is the "first day" of the 2½D and the 3D. On that morning came to my studio the German Commandant Knackfuss wishing to buy the original designs of the whole set of these stamps. Fortunately they were by then in the possession of Jersey's Post Office. E. Blampied.

Blampied confused the date on the frank of '29 JU' as July, not June. See also here.

1944  Living at 'Keechong', Route Orange, St Brelade, Jersey. German Occupation of Jersey.

12th February: death of John St Helier Lander (b Jersey, 19 October 1868) aged 75 y, at Malt House Cottage, Witley in Surrey, which is the location of his grave. Lillie Langtry gave him his first paint box. He married Annie Beatrice Hewart (1871-1966).

  ◀   Edmund Blampied (right) with his friend and mentor, John St. Helier Lander, in London in 1937. Blampied returned to Jersey in 1938 and apart from one visit to London, did not see Lander again.

June: Allied forces invade Normandy; Jersey is cut-off from mainland France, the only source of supplies other than food grown locally.

June: first issue of Jersey Theatre, a monthly magazine that lasted for seven issues, with covers and illustrations by EB, published by Michael Frowd.

June: poem by Winter Le Brocq, illustrated by EB, called Indictment, also published by Michael Frowd.

31st December: SS Vega, a Red Cross ship, arrives in Jersey with food and supplies for Channel Islanders.

Photograph of John St Helier Lander with Blampied in 1937

(Click to enlarge)

1945  Living at 'Keechong', Route Orange, St Brelade, Jersey. German Occupation of Jersey, then Liberation.

9th May: Jersey liberated from the Germans the day after the official end of World War II.

21st May: first letter from EB to Harold Baily describing some of what had happened to them during the Occupation.

6th June: EB and MB had seats in the centre of the gallery of the Royal Court to see the King and Queen during their visit to Jersey (link to a video on YouTube. You can't say I don't keep you informed).

20th June: EB invited to dine at Government House; finds it 'a bit of an ordeal' (letter MB to Elfrida Tharle-Hughes).

31st August: EB in letter to HJB: 'I have gone quite good and am doing pictures which particularly appeal to the religious minded ... watercolours of women at prayer, another is parents - which tells you my present-day frame of mind. I am, as I believe you know, an unfortunate unbeliever, but I am most touchingly impressed by the faith in others. To me it is often most beautiful and worthy of the deepest respect and almost awe.' [Blampied was baptised in the Church of England and attended a Methodist chapel as a child in Trinity. There is no record of him attending a church as an adult. His wife was Jewish.]

19th December: new address 4 Balmoral Terrace, Trinity Hill (letter to HJB).

December: publication by Ernest Huelin of Jersey in Jail, 1940-45 written by Horace Wyatt, illustrated by EB.

1946  Living at 4 Balmoral Terrace, Trinity Hill, Jersey.

25th February: visted London, stayed with Cecil and Kathleen Hunt, 18 Bigwood Ct, London NW 11 (letter to HJB).

30th March: EB 60 years old.

April: taken ill with phlebitis during second visit to London after war, at Strand Palace Hotel. Spent 3 weeks with the Hunts. Interviewed by BBC on Jersey occupation (letter to HJB).

July: EB's brother John visited Jersey (Syvret, 1986).

Summer: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. Summer Exhibition. cat. 20: 'Jersey slipway' (w/c) £50; cat. 116: 'Horses in surf' (oil) £80; cat. 223: 'Woman praying' (w/c) £50.

October-November: Exhibition of works by Edmund Blampied at the Barreau Gallery, Société Jersiase, Jersey.

Winter: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. Winter Exhibition: cat. 216: 'Friends of the chef' (oil) £50; cat. 270: 'Sunny morning – vraicking (oil) £50; cat. 273: 'The distant vraic cart' (oil) £35.

1947  Living at 4 Balmoral Terrace, Trinity Hill, Jersey.

January: article 'The etchings of Edmund Blampied' in American Artist.

March-April: Paintings by E. Blampied at T & R Annan & Sons, 518 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

May: visited London to stay with Annie Salaman, Colville Gdns, London W 11 and to see Lindo Leverin and wife, who lived in the flat above the Blampieds in Roland Gardens (letter to HJB).

June: 11 day holiday at Rozel Bay, 3-4 houses from where EB's mother was born.

Commissioned to design a humorous Jersey cow for a new firm. Cow wearing a hat and a ribbon bow on tail; each to be signed Blampied, Jersey (letters to HJB). [This cow is not known to have been produced and no models of a cow by Blampied have been seen.]

2nd June - 1st July: exhibition of water colours, oil paintings, etchings and drawings by EB at Brooklyn Public Library (50 items) arranged by Harold Baily.

18th July: EB and MB attended a party at Government House (letter to HJB).

Summer: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. Summer Exhibition. cat. 140: 'Morning, Jersey' (oil) £60; cat. 371: 'Threshing in Jersey during the German occupation' (oil) £50.

20th November: States of Jersey sent a message of congratulation and goodwill designed by EB to Princess Elizabeth on her marriage.

Winter: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. Winter Exhibition. cat. 332: 'Jersey farm hand' (oil) £25; cat. 335: 'Surf riding' (oil) £30; cat. 336: 'Trees, Rozel, Jersey' (oil) £30.

7th December: saw concert in Jersey by pianist Karl Schnabel.

1948  Living at 4 Balmoral Terrace, Trinity Hill, Jersey. Information below from EB's diary for 1948.

January: designed Royal address for Treasury.

19th January: portrait of E.P. Marrett, £30

14th February: received 125 guineas for Liberation stamp. Received £22.10 from Annans for 'Paris bridge' (Diary 1948).

26th February: sold 'largest watercolour' to Violet Arne £70.

28th February: received £18.11.4 from Guy Mayer, New York for 'A Jersey Harbour' sent to the USA in 1937.

3rd March: doing drawing for Midland Bank [Cover of booklet In duty bound].

10th March: royalties from Tony Huelin for 'Jersey in Jail' of £47.10s.0d.

16th March: cheque for £68.5s.0d from Mrs Ewart, Belmont, Mont au Pretre for Camelias and Vraic Cart.

18th March: cheque for £61.19s.2d from Guy Mayer (New York) for 'Four Opinions'.

10th April: Mrs Inverness Bathe bought 'Rain' and 'Roses' for £50 each.

13th April: Violet Arne bought 'Anemones', £45.

22nd April: to Guernsey for an exhibition of pictures by EB for the Sarnia Arts and Crafts Club.

May: in Guernsey as drawing seen annotated ‘In Guernsey, May 1948’.

10th May: First day of issue of Channel Island Liberation Stamps. Lunch at Demi des Pas Hotel with the Lt-Governor and the Bailiff.

12th May: to London by boat.

24th June: loyal address designed by Blampied for the visit of Princess Marina, the Duchess of Kent, when she laid the foundation stone of the Nurses’ Home at the General Hospital.

14th July: death in London of Campbell Dodgson (b Crayford, Kent 13th August 1867), formerly Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum and the author of the first catalogue raisonné of the etchings of EB, published by Halton and Trustcott Smith in 1926.

30th July: commissioned by Lady Grassett (wife of Lt-Governor) to paint her corgis.

July: cheque for £15 for address for Duchess of Kent.

Summer: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. Summer Exhibition, 3 oil paintings.

November: 13 drawings shown at Guy Mayer Gallery, New York. Harold Baily bought three.


25th November. Did not attend the funeral of Betrand Falle, Lord Portsea, a distant relative.

28th November: new puppy ‘Look you’ (a Corgi).

Winter: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall. Winter exhibition, 3 oil paintings.

1949  Living at 4 Balmoral Terrace, Trinity Hill, Jersey. Information below from EB's diary for 1949.

21st January: went to Government House to sketch Mr Corgi.

23rd January: Mrs Obard of Samares Manor collected portrait of Vincent Obard for which she paid £78.15s.

31st January: £20 from Annans for small panel 'Morning gallop'.

26th February: EB reports 'I am told that I am President of Jersey Arts group'.

29th March: painting portrait of Bertrand Falle [later Lord Portsea] for Falle’s sister (Syvret, 1986).

31st March: £50 from Lady Grassett for corgis and cows.

  ◀  Edmund and Marianne Blampied with their Corgi 'Look you'.

Edmund and Marianne with their corgi

(Click to enlarge)

26th May: exhibition of about 30 paintings at the Barreau Art Galley, Jersey, opened by Lady Coutanche (letter to HJB).

4th June: designing an address of welcome for the States of Jersey for Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh.

June: attended King’s birthday service with Governor. Working on posthumous portrait of clergyman departed and sent to ‘horror’ camp [probably Canon Clifford John Cohu, 1883-1944, who died in a German prison] (letter to HJB).

22nd June: loyal address designed by EB presented to Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh on their visit to Jersey.

26 July: to France for 14 days with Senator Frank Le Quesne in car to Annecy and back. Saw Mont Blanc. Returned through St Malo. (letters to HJB, 15 Jul and 21 Aug 1949).

17th August: moved to 21 Netherby Court [La Ruelle es Raux, St. Peter's, near Beaumont]: 'delighted, no stairs, very private, close to St Aubin' (letter to HJB, 21 Aug 1949).

1st September: received from Annan £20 for watercolour 'The morning gallop'.

26th September: received from Cuckoo Le Gallais £17 for portrait sketch of Virginia, her grand daughter.

1950  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

Visited during year by ‘American friends’ mentioned in letter to Craigie Annan in December, perhaps Harold and Marguerite Baily (letter seen at auction)

1st February: death of Archibald Standish Hartrick (b Banglalore, India, 7th August 1864), aged 85 y, who taught EB the art of lithography and was a founder member of the Senefelder Club of lithographers, which EB joined and exhibited his prints at their annual exhibitions. He married the artist Lily Blatherwick, who had died in 1934.

March: 12 signed silhouettes by EB published in a folder in an edition of 100. [The price is unknown, but perhaps around £150-200. It is interesting to note that the Société Jersiaise did not buy a set until 1990, almost 40 years later, when they paid (presumably a dealer) £2,250 for a set (Bulletin Société Jersiaise (1991), vol. 25, page 442).]

Summer: Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, Summer exhibition. EB showed 4 oils.

October 25th: EB's brother John died aged 73 y at 43 Woodfield Avenue, SW16, London, the house of Jock and Dorothy Nicolson. He had also with them in the house at Glennie Road that they had bought from the Blampieds in 1927. He was an Artit's Agent. He never married. His brother, Wilford, was his executor. Death notice in The Times, Friday Oct 27, 1950.

  ◀  John Blampied's business card, drawn by Edmund Blampied.

John Blampied's business card

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1951  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

1st to 25th April: Exhibition of Paintings at De Gruchy, King Street, Jersey.

3rd September: death of John Nicolson, known as Jock, of 43 Woodfield Avenue, SW 16, aged 60 y, a result of an accident at Trafalgar Square, where he was struck by a car.

1952  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

Rachel van Abbé née Rose, Marianne’s mother (b 1859, in France), died in the first quarter of 1952 in Hendon aged 94 y. [She had been committed to an institution in 1897, where she had presumably lived for 55 years.]

Guy E. Mayer, Blampied's agent in the USA, died in New York, aged 48 y.

1953  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

May: Paintings by E. Blampied at T & R Annan & Sons, 518 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

1954  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

13th July: death of Horace Cecil Hunt, b 13th September 1902, aged 51 y. [EB had collaborated with Hunt on three books of 'Howlers' and a book of proverbs published by Methuen. Hunt's wife Kathleen (b 1904, d 2011), who drove ambulances during the war, lived to be 106 years old and outlived her two sons. One of her sons, Peter, lived in Jersey after World War II and died there in 2009. He knew the Blampieds well.]

July: exhibition at John Nelson Bergstrom Art Center and Museum, néenah, Wisconsin (Reviewed in Appleton Post-Crescent, Sunday July 22).

July: holiday in Spain [Blampied family have a drawing of Laredo dated 7/54. Painting of Oruna Bridge dated 1954. May also have visited Saint Jean de Luz, as watercolour drawing dated 1955 bought by Harold Baily, now in a Good Home.]

  ◀  Edmund and Marianne Blampied with Lucie Lizon in France.

Photograph of Edmund and Marianne Blampied with Lucie Lizon

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11th August: Marianne’s brother Joseph van Abbé, of 26 Conyers Road, Streatham, died, apparently after choking on a fish bone, aged 65 y. [He was born in Amsterdam on 8th December 1888. There is no record that he was married. He was also an artist and illustrator and had worked as the Art Editor of the boy's newspaper Chums in the 1930s. He usually signed his work 'J Abbey'.]

29th November - 11th December: Exhibition of Paintings at Barreau Art Gallery, Museum, Jersey.

1955  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

28th February: Marianne's other surviving brother, Saloman van Abbé A.R.E., R.B.A., known as 'Jack', died suddenly at his home at 42 Colebrook Close, West Hill, Putney, aged 68 y. Reported in Evening News, 2nd March 1955. [Born Amsterdam, 31st July 1883. Married Hannah Wolff (1891-1973) in 1914. Two sons: Derek Maurice (1916-1982) and Norman Jonas (1921-2003). He is known to have designed dust jackets for over 550 books.]

1956  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

30th March: EB 70 years old.

May: Exhibition of Paintings, etchings and drawings by Edmund Blampied at Brooklyn Public Library, New York, all from the collection of Harold James Baily.

  ◀  Edmund Blampied sketching on a rocks by a beach in Jersey in the mid-1950s.

Photograph of Blampied in 1960

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1957  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

Blampied asked to design a print for the Print Collector's Club of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers. He submitted a print entitled 'Farm horse' [AA:184; AH:E57.1] in an edition of 100 proofs. [This started a small burst of etching in which EB designed 12 plates.]

17th July: Harold and Marguerite Baily arrived in Southampton on the 'United States', staying at White's Hotel, London, for a visit of two weeks.

July: visited in Jersey by Harold and Marguerite Baily. Self-portrait of Blampied on cover of ‘Impressions of Jersey’ catalogue from Selective Eye Gallery is inscribed ‘To my friend Harold Baily, Edmund B. on his visit to Jersey July 1957'.

Summer: EB showed drypoint ‘Horse in stable’ [not in AA; AH:E57.4] at 190th exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts, item 1175 (RA catalogue).

Prince Philip bought an oil painting entitled 'Horses' at the Royal Scottish Academy. [Painting now in royal apartments.]

1958  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

7th October: in Guernsey for 5 days, staying at the Royal Hotel (from PC sent to a neighbour in Jersey).

1959  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

12th September: EB's nephew, Wilford Edmund Anthony Blampied, who may have been known as 'Willow Blampied', who was living at the Alms Houses, Eton Square, Eton, Buckinghamshire, died aged 47 y. He may have been poor as his effects were valued for probate at only £71. His mother was his executor. He married Kathleen M. Yates in Stroud in 1943. They are not known to have had children.

No information.

1960  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

March: Exhibition of paintings at the Barreau Art Gallery of the Museum in Jersey.

May: Painting by EB from the exhibition entitled 'The Distant Martello' given by the Island of Jersey to HRH Princess Margaret on her wedding on 6th May 1960.

  ◀  Edmund Blampied at an exhibition of his work at the Barreau Art Gallery in Jersey in 1960.

Photograph of Blampied in 1960

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1961  Living at 21 Netherby Court, Beaumont, Jersey.

Blampieds moved to a ground floor flat at La Haule Court at La Haule, overlooking St Aubin's Bay.

1962  Living at 1 La Haule Court, St. Aubin, Jersey.

July: Exhibition at the John Nelson Bergstrom Art Center, Neenah, Wisconsin.

1963  Living at 1 La Haule Court, La Haule, St. Aubin, Jersey.

24th January: EB's last brother, Wilford Charles Blampied, of 19 Park House Gardens, Twickenham, Middlsex, aged 77 y. The administrator of his will was Alice Jeannetta Beagley. He was separated from his wife Olive, who died aged 80 in Windsor in the same year.

1964  Living at 1 La Haule Court, St. Aubin, Jersey.

July: Exhibition 'The Art of Edmund Blampied' at the Barreau Art Gallery, Museum, Jersey, the first and only exhibition in the UK or Jersey in Blampied's life time of his work at which nothing was on sale.

5th August: 50th wedding anniversary of Edmund and Marianne Blampied.

16th November: Harold James Baily (b Brooklyn, 23rd September 1887), a lawyer in New York, Secretary and Trustee of the Brooklyn Public Library, and a notable collector of the work of EB, died in Brooklyn aged 76 y. He married Marguerite Halsted, a schoolteacher, in 1923 and had one son, Harold Junior, who died in February 1930 of an ear infection. They lived at 3437 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, which contained what was probably the biggest private collection in the world of the work of Edmund Blampied. Marguerite gave some of Blampied's pictures in 1981 to the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College, her husband's former university, and sold the rest before entering a retirement home. She died in 1985, aged 97 y.

1965  Living at 1 La Haule Court, St. Aubin, Jersey.

No information.

1966  Living at 1 La Haule Court, St. Aubin, Jersey.

26th August: Edmund Blampied died in Jersey, aged 80 years. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered in St Aubin’s Bay.

11th May 1986: death, aged 98 y, of Marianne Blampied, born van Abbe in Amsterdam on 27th August 1887, at Beauport Nursing Home, Jersey, nearly 20 years after the death of her husband and 31 years after the death of her last brother. She and Edmund had no children.

  ◀  Marianne Blampied in about 1976.

Edmund and Marianne with their corgi

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