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Jarrolds (JAR)

Jarrold Publishers Limited, 10 and 11 Warwick Lane, E.C., London.

In 1921 Blampied was known as an artist who drew horses well, so he was invited to illustrate what was probably one of the first books re-issued to coincide with the release of a film, the silent version of Black Beauty produced by the Vitagraph Company. This book was published in several formats at different prices, and reprinted many times. It is now out of copyright.

Two pther dust jackets for books published by Jarrolds have been identified: one from Blampied's album of dust jackets, and one from an item in a contemporaneous magazine about books. There may be others.

Jarrold and Sons was founded in 1770 in Woodbridge in Suffolk and moved to Norwich in 1823. It still operates shops in Norwich but the publishing company was sold in 2004.

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— 1922 —

Small image of dust jacket  JAR-22.1Black Beauty by Anna Sewell (Dust jacket and internal line illustrations)

Small image of dust jacket  JAR-22.2A Woman's Ways and Wiles by Alfre Edye (Dust jacket)

Small image of dust jacket  JAR-22.3When the Sun Stood Still by Cyrus Townsend Brady (Dust jacket)