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The art of Edmund Blampied in magazines, 1930 - 1934

This page lists periodicals that contain illustrations of prints, drawings or paintings by Edmund Blampied which were published between 1930 and 1934.

Sadly, the art magazine Colour, which had reproduced Blampied's paintings in the 1920s, stopped publishing in May 1932, and many art publications did not reproduce many images in colour, so there are only two examples of his paintings in colour during this period (see left and below). In addition the market for prints collapsed abruptly in 1930, so Blampied published fewer drypoints in this period, while many designs were never released. This is particularly disappointing as Blampied was at the peak of his skill with a drypoint needle on copper, and he was designing plates with subtle depth and vitality. I wonder if this is a drypoint that never was?

After the success of his 'Nonsense Show' held in May 1931 at the galleries of Walter Bull & Sanders, his new publishers, and perhaps to try to compensate for his lower income from drypoints, Blampied started to design humorous lithographs, many of dogs or cats. However they were usually in smaller editions of 36 to 60 proofs, and were sold at a lower price of 2 or 3 guineas each rather than 9 guineas for a drypoint in an edition of 100. A portfolio of 12 humorous unsigned lithographs called 'Hot Dogs' did not sell well, even after a show in New York. So Blampied returned to work for the weekly news magazines, such as the series of drawings of British life for the Illustrated London News in 1933-34.

Image of painting

Oil painting: untitled, Colour, August 1930

Prints are identified in catalogues raisonnné: CD = Campbell Dodgson (1926); AA = Arnold & Appleby (1996): AH = forthcoming.

— 1930 —

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Jan-1930 .Vol: 2. Issue: 3. Pages: 8. Price: 2 shillings. Title: Reflections. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Reflections' [CD:91; AA:109; AH:E25.1] (Alex Reid LeFèvre)

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Jan-1930 .Vol: 2. Issue: 3. Pages: 15. Price: 2 shillings. Title: A holiday morning. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of drypoint 'A holiday morning' [AA:136; AH:E28.5]

Periodical: Creative Art.

Date: Mar-1930 .Vol: 6. Issue: . Pages: 191. Price: . Title: 'Holiday morning'. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of drypoint 'A holiday morning' [AA:136; AH:E28.5]. Cited in 'The Art Index', vol 1.

Periodical: The Sphere.

Date: 29-Mar-1930 .Vol: 120. Issue: 1575. Pages: 540. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Les Deux Petits Verres. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of drypoint 'Les Deux Petits Verres' [AA:135; AH:E28.6]

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: Mar-1930 .Vol: 99. Issue: 444. Pages: 190. Price: 2 shillings. Title: A Chat to the Print Lover. Author: Malcolm Salaman. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'A holiday morning' [AA:136; AH:E28.5].

Periodical: Outlook & Independent: an Illustrated Weekly of Inquiry, USA.

Date: 25-Jun-1930 .Vol: 155. Issue: 0. Pages: 289-. Price: unknown. Title: Ex-patriot. Author: Christine Stoyan. Type: ET.

Content: Reproduction of an unknown etching on page 290 (known from Google Books).

Periodical: Creative Art.

Date: Jul-1930 .Vol: 7. Issue: . Pages: 45. Price: . Title: En pension. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of drypoint 'En pension' [AA:142; AH:E29.5] cited in 'The Art Index' vol 1.

Periodical: Herald Tribune, USA.

Date: 6-Jul-1930 .Vol: 0. Issue: 0. Special: Magazine section. Pages: unknown. Price: unknown. Title: IN FARMING AND IN HOMEKEEPING WOMEN FIND WORK SUITED TO THEIR NATURES. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Madame Dupre' [AA:147; AH:E29.8] by Blampied

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: Jul-1930 .Vol: 100. Issue: 448. Pages: 75. Price: 2 shillings. Title: Lithograph 'Les Trois Verres' [AA:L19; AH:L25.2]. Type: LI1.

Content: Lithograph printed on a full page with nothing printed verso.

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: 30-Jul-1930 .Vol: 100. Issue: 448. Pages: 42-50. Price: 2 shillings. Title: A Chat to the print Lover. Author: Malcolm Salaman. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of drypoint 'En pension' [AA:142; AH:E29.5].

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Aug-1930 .Vol: 2. Issue: 10. Pages: 23. Price: 2 shillings. Title: None. Type: OP1.

Content: Colour reproduction of an oil painting (see above) of two horses on a hill next to a pollarded tree, probably shown at an exhibition of paintings at the galeries of Walter Bull & Sanders, possibly entitled 'Lame horse' as there were only 11 oil paintings and no other titles are suitable.

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Aug-1930 .Vol: 2. Issue: 10. Pages: 21. Price: 2 shillings. Title: The old complaint. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'The old complaint' [AA:139; AH:E29.2.iii]

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Oct-1930 .Vol: 11. Issue: 12. Pages: 12. Price: 2 shillings. Title: A market argument. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of etching 'A Market Argument' [AA:141; AH:E29.4]

— 1931 —

Periodical: The Print Collector's Quarterly.

Date: Apr-1931 .Vol: 18. Issue: 2. Pages: liv. Price: 5/-. Title: . Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'L'Aperitif' [AA:129; AH:E27.4] in an advert for Alex. Reid & LeFèvre

Blampied's 'Nonsense Show'

Periodical: The Bystander.

Date: 6-May-1931 .Vol: 110. Issue: 1429. Pages: 274. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Tea on the top floor. Type: MO1.

Content: Reproduction a drawing in the 'Nonsense Show'.

A delightful sketch by the well-known etcher, Mr. E. Blampied, who is holding a Nonsense Exhibition of humorous drawings next week.

Date: 6-May-1931 .Vol: 110. Issue: 1429. Pages: 287. Price: 1 shilling. Title: A little nonsense now and then --. Type: MO2.

Content: Reproduction of sketches from the 'Nonsense Show'. Upper: 'Merci, mon vieux'. Lower: 'Advice to a drowning man'. Neither signed.

Notes: The lower drawing was made into a lithograph called 'Giving advice to a drowning man' [AA:L25; AH:L34.2]. There is a proof in Detroit Institute of Arts.

Image of drawings  Image of drawings

Periodical: The Graphic.

Date: 30-May-1931 .Vol: 130. Issue: 3207. Pages: 369. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Nonsense show drawings. Type: DW4.

Content: Reproductions of four drawings: 'South Kensington 10 P.M.', 'With the Belvoir', 'I heard you whisper my name among the roses', and 'En pension, 35 francs: waiting for the next course'.

Notes: The drawing 'I heard you whisper my name among the roses' is at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Image of drawingsImage of drawingsImage of drawingsImage of drawings

Periodical: The Tatler.

Date: 20-May-1931 .Vol: 120. Issue: 1560. Pages: 335. Price: 1 shilling. Title: The Blampied Exhibition. Type: MO3.

Content: Three monochrome reproductions of drawings shown at the exhibition at Messrs Bull & Sanders Gallery, May 13 to June 20 1931. Top left: 'Still Life', 'The new moon' and 'The bad egg'.

Some specimens of the artist's work – in a lighter mood – are on view at Messrs Bull and Sanders’ Gallery, 23, Cork Street, Bond Street. Blampied, in these quaintly humorous imaginings, has broken out in a new direction, for his work generally is connected with delicate little pictures, many of which have been published at different times in this paper. The exhibition opened on May 13, and will remain open until June 20. Edmund Blampied is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Etchers, and is a Jerseyman by birth. His pictures have been exhibited in the Paris Salon and elsewhere, and have appeared in the English, French and American Journals.

Image of drawings

Periodical: The Bystander.

Date: 10-Jun-1931 .Vol: 110. Issue: 1434. Pages: 541. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Sir Kenneth and Lady Plithwick. They call them the 'Pneumatic Drills' today, for none can "bore" us half a much as they. Type: CO1.

Content: Full page drawing in colour, not signed. A portly man with tiny moustache and no eyes in dinner jacket and tails in profile, taller woman with round glasses to his R; only the top of her head can be seen and the train of her red dress below.

Image of drawing

Periodical: Christian Science Monitor.

Date: 13-Jun-1931. Page: unknown. Price: unknown Type: Text.

Title: An Artist's Holiday.

Author: Frank Rutter.

Content: Article on Blampied's 'Nonsense Show'

Edmund Blampied, the distinguished etcher whose fame is assured on both sides of the Atlantic is one of thise artists who occasionally indulge their sense of humor in making funny drawings for private consumption. Hitherto these drwaings have been seen only by his intimates, but at last he has been persuaded to allow them to be shown to the public. Hence his 'Nonsense Show' now on view at the new art galley which Messrs Walter Bull and Sanders have just opened at 22 Cork Street. These drawings reveal a new and delightful aspect of Blampied's art. While his etchings and his 'serious' drawings are noted for their vigorous, realistic qualities, these 'nonsense drawings' prove that the artist also has a very vivid and lively imagination.

While many of Blampied's drawings here may correctly be described as nonsensical. others are the quintesence of sense in their acute observation of character. Intensely amusing is that magnificent drawing of a bedraggled dog slinking along the road, entitled 'Country dog returning from Town'. This is a fine piece of drawing, and well as a fine piece of animal characterization. Funny, yes, very, but nonsense?

Periodical: Apollo.

Date: Jun-1931 .Vol: 14. Issue: 79. Pages: 72-73. Price: . Title: . Type: MO2.

Content: 2 drawings in Blampied's 'Nonsense Show' at Messrs Bull and Sander's Gallery: 'Bluebottle locates her butcher during service' (Fly circles above people sleeping in pews 17 & 19 in church) and 'Two cows and a gentleman' (Two cows look through doorway at man in top hat slumped against barrel)' [No images available].

Periodical: The Connoiseur.

Date: Jul-1931 .Vol: 88. Issue: 359. Pages: 60-61. Price: 2 shillings. Type: Not illustrated

Title: Blampied - Jester.

Content: A review of Blampied's 'Nonsense Show', not illustrated.

Having proved his powers as an etcher, tried his hand as a modeller, a painter and a lithographer, Mr Edmund Blampied has elected to show us what he can do as a (pictorial) jester. The sense of humour that now and again has made itself apparent in his well-known plates must necessarily find complete expression on its own accout, but in a 'Nonsense Show' at the pleasant galleries of Messrs. Walter Bull & Sanders Ltd. (23 Cork Street, London, W.1) Mr Blampied revealed that his lust for comicality is not indulged at the expense of all that goes to make a good drawing. His suburbanly intense lovers in 'I heard you whisper my name among the Roses' were not only funnily charcaterised, but provided the vehicle for a remarkably beautiful study in penwork; while the delicate colour of his café scene, Sans dire, was as charming in is way as the theme was amusing. With the Belvoir, a dashing caricature of a sporting scene showing horses and riders very much from behind; Tails I lose, a racing 'impression' conveying a fine suggestion of speed, stated with the maximum economy of detail; Sons of guns, two Guards officers with bearskins growing out of their shoulders; and a number of whimsical and cleverly characterised dog studies were other intriguing items. Occasionally, Mr. Blampied's humour tended to become a trifle brutal, but in almost every case his drawings showed that vitality and command of line which have so often arrested us in his more 'serious' work.

Periodical: My Magazine.

Date: Jun-1931 .Vol: 27. Issue: 256. Pages: 465-472. Price: 1 shilling. Title: . Type: DP2.

Content: Reproductions of Blampied drypoints: 'Vraic farmers' (= 'Vraic men') [CD:43; AA:53; AH:E19.3] and 'Driving home in the rain' [CD:32; AA:35; AH:E14.1]

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: Sep-1931 .Vol: 102. Issue: 462. Pages: 154-162. Price: . Title: A Chat to the print Lover. Author: Malcolm Salaman. Type: .

Content: Reproduction of drypoints 'The Centenarian' [AA:144; AH:E31.1] and 'The Speech of the Evening' [AA:150; AH:E31.4]

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Oct-1931 .Vol: 3. Issue: 12. Pages: 19-21. Price: 2 shillings. Type: Text, OP2, DP2.

Title: Edmund Blampied: painter and etcher.

Author: H. Granville Fell.

Content: Article on Blampied by a former Art Editor of a news magazine. In same issue reproductions of: oil painting 'Under a bridge' in monochrome (page 7); drypoint 'Speech of the evening' (page 8) [AA:150; AH:E31.4]; oil painting 'Night time traffic, Dieppe' in colour (page 9); and drypoint 'Tout de Suite' (page 17) [AA:151; AH:E30.1].

Notes: The blue cast at the top of the colour image is on the printed image, probably due to a change in pigments over time, magnified by the scanning process.

Image of paintingImage of painting

— 1932 —

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Jan-1932 .Vol: 4. Issue: 3. Pages: 18. Price: 2 shillings. Title: Centenarian. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Centenarian' [AA:144; AH:E31.1].

Periodical: The Graphic.

Date: 6-Feb-1932 .Vol: 135. Issue: 3243. Pages: 197. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Below stairs. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Below stairs' [AA:143; AH:E31.6]

Periodical: Brooklyn Eagle Monitor.

Date: 25-Sep-1932 .Vol: 0. Issue: 0. Pages: 10-11. Price: . Title: Ladies of the Purple Land go modern. Author: Helen Herbert Foster. Type: DP2.

Content: Reproduction of 'Driving home in the rain' [CD:32; AA:35; AH:E14.1] entitled 'La Lluvia' and 'Purring and snoring' [CD:62; AA:77; AH:E21.4] (Marrilleriasy Ronquitos"). Curious article about Uruguayan women that uses two Blampied etchings as illustrations, courtesy of a publication called 'La Pluma'.

Periodical: The Print Collector's Quarterly.

Date: Oct-1932 .Vol: 19. Issue: 4. Pages: 298-319. Price: 5/-. Type: L12.

Title: The Lithographs of Edmund Blampied.

Author: Malcolm C. Salaman.

Content: The first and only article about Blampied's lithographs written by one of the foremost art critics of the day. There is no list of prints, they are just named and described in the text.

Reproductions of 12 lithographs: 'Splash Splash!' [AA:L4; AH:L21.3]; 'The cowman' [AA:L2; AH:L21.1]; 'The lame horse' [AA:L5; AH:L22.3]; 'Under a Paris bridge' [AA:L10; AH:L23.3]; 'The black bottle' [AA:L7; AH:L23.1]; 'The stream' = 'The cooling stream' [AA:L16; AH:L24.3]; 'A Jersey vraic cart' [AA:L17; AH:L24.2]; 'On the banks of the Seine' [AA:L14; AH:L24.1]; 'Les trois verres' [AA:L19; AH:L25.2]; 'In Orange' [AA:L22; AH:L26.1]; 'Fetching the doctor' [AA:L24; AH:L30.2]

Image of cover

Periodical: The New York Times (USA).

Date: 25-Dec-1932. Issue: unknown. Page: unknown. Price: unknown. Title: News and views of literary London. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'En promenade' = [CD:62; AA:77; AH:E21.4].

— 1933 —

Periodical: Prints.

Date: Jan-1933 .Vol: 3. Issue: 2. Pages: 1-14. Price: 75c. Title: Fine Prints of the Year 1932. Author: Harold J. Baily, Type: ET1.

Content: Reproduction of 'En promenade' [AA:159; AH:E32.4] and drawing of Malcolm Salaman by Blampied dedicated to Baily.

Image of drawing

Drawing by Blampied of Malcolm Salaman.

Periodical: The Sketch.

Date: 22-Feb-1933 .Vol: 161. Issue: 2091. Page: 322. Price: 1 shilling. Title: The Etcher Exhibits. Type: DP2.

Content: Reproductions of 'A Jersey Kitchen' [AA:166; AH:E32.7] ; Vin rouge [AA:167b; AH:E32.6.ii]. The prints were shown at the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers. On the same page is a reproduction of Gerald Brockhurst's print of his teenage lover, Kathleen 'Dorette' Woodward, called 'Adolescence'. He eloped with her to America.

Periodical: The Illustrated London News.

Date: 11-Mar-1933 .Vol: 182. Issue: 4899. Pages: 356-357. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Dry-points by one of the greatest character artists of our day: Blampied in sardonic and sympathetic mood. Type: DP8.

Content: Reproductions of 8 drypoints: 'Poor people' [AA:127; AH:E26.9]; 'Births, deaths and marriages' [AA:140; AH:E29.3.ii]: 'The chef' [AA:145; AH:E31.2]; 'The old complaint' [AA:139; AH:E29.2.iii]; 'The speech of the evening' [AA:150; AH:E31.4]; 'Toute d'suite' [AA:151; AH:E30.1]; 'Un Precieux' [AA:174; AH:E32.3]; 'The day's news' [AA:160; AH:E32.8]. Reference to 'Nonsense Exhibition' held in 1931. Blampied's drawings appeared in the magazine soon after this feature on his prints.

Periodical: The Sketch.

Date: 26-Apr-1933 .Vol: 162. Issue: 2100. Pages: 158. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Blampied wit among the pets. Type: .

Content: Reproductions of two lithographs: 'The cuckoo in the nest' [AH:L33.10] and 'The cocktail' [AH:L33.4]. Neither of these prints, and many other of a similar nature, were included in the catalogue raisonné published in 1996 by Arnold and Appleby.

Periodical: La Revue d'Art et de Litterature.

Date: 1-May-1933 .Vol: 0. Issue: 0. Pages: . Price: . Title: . Author: Delatte. Type: .

Content: Reproduction of illustrations in 'Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes'. No more details.

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 27-Jun-1933. Issue: 46,481. Page: 12. Price: 1d. Type: Text.

Title: Jersey life and character.

Content: Review of exhibition.

Though he includes flower paintings in his exhibitions of water-colours, drawings and lithographs at the Gallery of Messrs Bull and Sanders, 23, Cork Street, Mr. Blampied is, as before, most welcome in his illustrations, humorous and otherwise, of Jersey life and character, particularly when the subjects include horses. 'Fetching the doctor', with the horse reduced to a brown ball as it hurtles “hell-for-leather” across the sands in the grey dawn, is typical of Mr Blampied’s sympathetic appreciation, human and artistic, of everyday events. You do not need to be told the occasion, for 'anxious husband' is written all over the drawing. 'Vin rouge' and 'Discussing the pound' are two other excellent illustrations in the same vein. The flower paintings, such as 'Peonies', have their appeal of colour, but, as often happens when an artist with a strong feeling for character aims at beauty alone, they are a little mawkish. Most of the lithographs deal with the humours of cat and dog life under such titles as 'The Cuckoo in the Nest' but there is a charming study of 'Elizabeth Lander as Serpina'. The medium suits very well Mr Blampied’s capacity to envelop his forms in light and his taste for tonal accents.

Periodical: The Strand Magazine.

Date: Sep-1933 .Vol: 86. Issue: 513. Pages: 291. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Reproduction of 'Fetch it'. Type: DW6.

Content: Small reproduction of 'Fetch it' [CD:46; AA:57; AH:E20.1.ii] and brief mention in the text.

Periodical: The New York Times (USA).

Date: 8-Oct-1933. Issue: unknown. Page: unknown. Price: unknown. Type: DP1.

Title: New glimpses of the colorful London Panorama. Blampied's sketches depict a city that contrasts sharply with New York.

Content: A double page article and reproductions of six drawings that appeared in the Illustrated London News.

— 1934 —

Periodical: The Sphere.

Date: 3-Mar-1934 .Vol: 136. Issue: 1780. Page: 304. Price: 1 shilling. Title: A L'Anglaise. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Speech of the Evening' [AA:150; AH:E31.4].

Periodical: The Strand Magazine.

Date: Mar-1934 .Vol: 87. Issue: 519. Pages: 288-292. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Studies of London Life. Author: Frank Rutter. Type: SP10.

Content: 10 half page sepia drawings by Blampied first published in the Illustrated London News and self-portrait drawing. The titles of the drawings are: 'At the cinema: silly symphonies'; 'Little responsibilities, an orphan home'; 'Bridge between, before and after meals'; 'A 'charity' concert'; 'The shrewd and the mellow'; 'The parting'; 'The Vicar loses his bishop'; 'Chelsea Veterans: Memories'; and 'Kensington'. These drawings can be seen here.

Periodical: The Strand Magazine.

Date: Sep-1934 .Vol: 88. Issue: 525. Pages: 318-324. Price: 1 shilling. Title: First nights. Author: Darlington, W.A.. Type: MO1.

Content: Small monochrome illustration on page 319 extracted from an illustration in the Illustrated London News, signed Blampied, entitled 'A First Night Crush of people in evening dress'. Woman to R talks to man with round dark glasses.