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The Strand Magazine

George Newnes, Ltd., 3 - 13, Southampton Street and Exeter Street, London

The Wide World Magazine was an illustrated montly magazine of true narrative, adventure, travel, customs and sport with the sub-title Truth is stranger than fiction. The magazine was illustrated with a mixture of photographs and drawings. It was published between April 1898 and December 1965. All 84 issues between October 1911 (vol 28) and September 1918 (vol 41) have been searched for illustrations by Blampied.

Only one issue of the title containing original drawings by Blampied has been found - January 1912. The drawings are not signed but they are characteristically humorous and Blampied is given credit on the title page. At about the same time Blampied's drawings also appeared in two other titles published by Newnes: The Strand Magazine and in Woman at Home, both in December 1911. These were among his first commissions as an independent artist.

Numbering: Volumes of 6 issues, April to September then October to March, all issues sequentially numbered

Price: 6 pence, then 1 shilling in the 1930s.

Pages: 36 pages, then 100 pages in 1930s

Dimensions: 245 x 170 mm

Editor: unknown

Printer: not recorded

Blampied issues: 1

Image of cover

A typical binding of a volume of 6 issues of the magazine

Type: MO = monochrome drawing; CO = colour drawing; the number indicates the number of drawings or pages.

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— 1912 —

Issue: Jan-1912, vol. 28, no. 166, page 390-395. Price: 6 pence. Type: MO2. Title: A Shaker Romance. Author: Told by Frank R. Merchant and set down by T.J. Thomas. Illustrated by A. Blampied (sic).

Image of drawingImage of drawing