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In Duty Bound, A Story of Banking in the Channel Islands during the Occupation: 1940 - 1945

John [Edwin] Wadsworth

This 32-page booklet is Chapter 5 of the book Counter Defensive by John Wadsworth (Hodder & Stoughton, 1946). It was given to customers of the Midland Bank in the Channel Islands in May 1948 to celebrate the Liberation of the Islands from the Germans. Blampied designed one of the stamps issued at the same time.

John Wadsworth (1905-1993) joined the Midland Bank (now incorporated with HSBC) aged 15 y and eventaully became its Economic Advisor and was editor of the Midland Bank Review. He gave his name to the Wadsworth Prize for British business history, a prize that is still awarded by the Business Archives Council.

First edition

Bibliography code: MID-48.1

Publisher: Midland Bank Ltd

Series: none

Year: 1948

Format: Booklet

Pages: title page, preface, pp 22 of text plus 4 unumbered pages bound in

Binding: Stapled card covers

Size: 196 x 133 mm

Cover signed: Blampied, lower left

Internal illustrations: Monochrome reproductions of both sides of the 1/- note (between pages 4 and 5) and the 10/- note (between pages 18 and 19)

Price: Free to customers of Midland Bank in the Channel Islands

Printing history: None stated

Printed by: Commercial Art Co. Ltd, Jersey

Notes: The preface states that the cover has been designed by Edmund Blampied.

Image of cover

Cover of booklet (click to enlarge)