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Good Housekeeping

The National Magazine Co, Ltd., 153 Queen Victoria Street, London E.C.4

Good Housekeeping was an American magazine established in New York in 1885. It was taken over by the publisher William Randolph Hearst in 1911. A British version of the magazine was started in March 1922 and is still in print today. The magazine published illustrated short stories or serials which started in the first few pages of the magazine and were completed at the back, among the advertisements. It was a large magazine, typically with almost 200 pages. Two issues have been found with stories illustrated by Blampied, which are shown below. The following volumes, each of which contained six issues, have been searched in the British Library (shelfmark PP.1524.dac) for the work of Blampied: volume 1 (1922) to volume 8 (1926); volume 16 (1929) to volume 30 (1937); and volume 32 (1937-38).

Published: monthly

Price: 1 shilling

Pages: 198 pp, Christmas issue 236 pp

Dimensions: 295 x 217 mm

Credit: none [Editor Alice Maud Head]

Printer: Hazell, Watson & Viney, Ltd., London and Aylesbury

Blampied issues: 2

Photo of cover

Cover design by Vernon Thomas

See also:

Mike Ashley (2006) The Age of the Storytellers. British Popular Fiction Magazines 1880-1950. London & Delaware, USA: The British Library and Oak Knoll Press

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— 1934 —

Issue: March 1934, volume 25, number 1, pages 30-32, 106-109. Author:: Elizabeth Sprigge Title: Woof of the Sun (Part 1). Type: 3 drawings in pen, ink and orange wash signed Blam. Credit: Illustrations by Blam

Image of drawingImage of drawingImage of drawing

Issue: December 1934, volume 26, number 4, pages 30-31, 134-136. Author:: St. John Ervine. The Perfect Party. Type: 1 drawing in pen, ink and orange wash signed Blam. Credit: Illustration by Blam

Image of drawing

Click to enlarge

The guests round the table are, from the top left corner clockwise: Winifred Holtby (who died of Bright's disease within a year, aged 37), William Armstrong (a good friend of the author?), Diana Wynyard, Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence, Dr. Inge, Annie S.Swan, Lord Ponsonby, Professor Winifred Cullis, Owen Nares, Ellen Wilkinson, Bernard Shaw, and Mrs. Warwick Deeping [Maud Phyllis Merrill]. I assume the man on left is the author, St. John Ervine.