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The Path of the King

Foreword by Hector Bolitho

This large book was prepared by The News of the World to celebrate the life of King Edward VIII through pictures of public visits and dinners, and quotations from his speeches. It covers the period between 1923 and 1935. He became King on the death of his father on 20th January 1936 and abdicated on 11th December 1936, aged 42 y. This book was presumably never published. Copies are uncommon.

The frontispiece is printed separately from the main text, and has plate marks. A copy signed by Blampied has been seen, so it could be considered to be a print.

Henry Hector Bolitho (1897-1974) was a New Zealand author and biographer. He published a biography of the King in 1937 called Edward VIII: His Life and Reign (Eyre & Spottiswode).

First and only edition

Bibliography code: NOW-36.1

Publisher: News of the World

Series: none

Year: April 1936

Format: 4to

Pages: free end paper; frontispiece; title page; foreword; stub; pp 54 not numbered; endword; rear free end paper; endpapers

Binding: Pale brown textured paper with silvered label showing the title on front cover; plain spine and rear cover

Size: 355 x 255 mm

Internal illustrations: frontispiece signed 'Blampied 1936' printed with plate mark 273 x 205 mm, bound in

Price: not known

Printing history: none stated

Printed by: News of the World; A Wardle-Robinson fecit

Notes: The frontispiece has been printed separately and bound in onto a stub.

At the end of the book is a short piece of text, an Endword, on a separate page:

The News of the World is happy to be able to offer this tribute to the lead His Majesty King Edward VIII has always given to commerce and industry. The publishers also believe this book will impress business circles of his keen understanding of the need for the constant use of scientific salesmanship and advertising and enable them to appreciate His Majesty's influence on, and unfailing interest in, the commercial welfare of the British peoples.

Image of frontispiece

Frontispiece (click to enlarge)