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Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper

Fleet Street, London

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper was published from the same offices as The Daily Chronicle on Fleet Street, where Blampied worked after he had finished studying for the day at the LCC School of Photo-engraving and Lithography, better known as Bolt Court, which was just off Fleet Street. All weekly issues from January 1905 to the end of 1911 have been inspected but only one drawing signed by Blampied or initialled has been found in this title.

Marguerite Syvret in her biography of Blampied (Robin Garton, 1986) says that a drawing of sea weed collecting in Jersey published in Lloyd's Weekly on 1 October 1905 is probably by Blampied. The drawing is initialled JP, JB or JD. If it is JD, it could be by Jack Dodsworth, another artist employed by the newspapers at the same time as Blampied.

Published: Weekly from 1842 to 1924, when it was renamed The Sunday News

Price: not recorded

Numbering: Sequential

Pages: 10 or 12 pages

Dimensions: broadsheet

Editor: unknown

Printer: unknown

Blampied issues: 1

Type: MO = monochrome drawing; CO = colour drawing; the number indicates the number of drawings or pages.

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— 1905 —

Issue: 5-Nov-1905, no. 3285, page 10. Price: 1d. Type: MO1. Title: Mr. W. Vincent Thomas.

[This is a small pen and ink drawing, one column wide, of the head and shoulders of a man, signed Blampied.]