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Advertising materials by Edmund Blampied or using his designs

Very little advertising material has been found. That's probably because only a few titles of magazines and no newspapers have been searched specifically for adverts, they have mostly been searched for Blampied's illustrations. A few advertisements have been found coincidentally, for Ciro Pearls and Pears soap, and they are listed here. There may be others.

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Advertisement for Wood-Milne shoeshine

Date: 1912?

Signed: E. Blampied

Publisher: Wood-Milne Company, 2 and 3 Central Buildings, Westminster, London, SW1

Notes: This advertising poster was sold at an auction in South Africa. I only have an image of it. The fact that it is signed 'E. Blampied' rather than just with his surname suggests that it is early.

Wood-Milne was primarily a rubber company, making rubber heels for shoes and then rubber tyres for bicycles and cars.

Image of poster

(Click to enlarge)

Advertisements for Ciro Pearls

Dates: March and April 1921

Publication: Hutchinson's Magazine

Issues: vol 4, no 21, p xvi; and vol 4, no 22, p xii

Signed: Blampied

Publisher: Hutchinson & Co., 34 Paternoster Row, London E.C.4

Notes: These line drawings for Ciro Pearls appeared in successive issues of Hutchinson's Magazine, which also published Blampied's illustrations for stories. The advert on the left below has been seen in an issue of The Passing Show of 12th February 1921 (vol 12, issue 309, page 512). The adverts may well have been printed in other magazines at the same time that have not been found.

The drawings illustrated here are scans of poor quality photocopies.

Image of pageImage of page

Hutchinson's Magazine in March 1921 (left) and April 1921 (right).

Advertising flier for book

Date: 1922

Card size: 265 x 190 mm

Signed: not signed, credit E. Blampied, R.E., below

Publisher: The Studio

Notes: This drawing was owned by the Scottish etcher E.S. Lumsden. The Société Jersiase own a letter sent to Blampied by Lumsden in 1922:

42 York Place, Edinburgh, 15 viii 22

Dear Blampied,

Your drawing just arrived for which I am really very indebted to you at such a small price. I am not flattering you when I say I think it is one of the finest pen drawings I have ever seen of any time. It has quite taken the wind out of me Damn you! However it will be an incentive to carry on & do better myself. I don't know how you can get a pen to do such clean delicate lines in the profiles. My wife is tremendously impressed by it & very pleased that I have got it. I hope to get more some day. It is a great work and I am very proud to possess it.

Most sincerely profound salaams,

Yours ever, E S Lumsden

Image of drawing

Advertising flier for a book (click to enlarge)

Advertisement for Pears Soap

Date: 21st May 1924

Issue: 1195, page xi

Publisher: The Tatler

Signed: Blam

Publisher: The Sphere and The Tatler

Notes: A book on art in advertising reported that Blampied had drawn and advertisement for Pears soap and this is presumably it. Rather underwhelming given Blampied's ability to draw pretty young women in colour.

Image of page

Drawing in a copy of The Tatler (click to enlarge)

Advertising? The Scent of Fair Fragrance

Date: 193?

Dimensions: 390 x 280 mm

Signed: Blam, lower right

Publisher: unpublished?

Notes: This original drawing in pen, ink and watercolours looks as if it was commissioned to advertise a perfume. The aspect ratio indicates that it was designed to be printed on the page of a magazine and the space at the bottom may have been left for text to be added. It is meticulously drawn in very fine detail, so it was a significant commission. No advertising material using this image has been found, so perhaps it wasn't ever used. I think it is from the 1930s, but it could be as early as 1925.

I bought it in mixed lot of four pictures in a sale in 2011 in which it was described as a 'poster'. I think it was from the estate of a descendant of Frank Cowling, as other items by Blampied in the same sale were inscribed to him, and I have a Christmas card that John Blampied sent to Cowling. If you know anything about Mr Cowling, I would like to hear from you.

Image of drawing

Original drawing (click to enlarge)