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The art and illustrations of Edmund Blampied

Edmund Blampied (1886-1966) was one of the most eminent artists born in Jersey. In the 1920s and 1930s he made a reputation in Britain and the USA as painter and print maker, but he was also a prolific illustrator of books and magazines.

He illustrated 25 books and designed the dust jacket of nearly 180 titles, mostly romantic novels. There are probably more dust jackets to find, but they are fragile and rarely survive on books which were published 100 years ago. Blampied published only one book under his own name, a book of humorous cartoons called Bottled Trout and Polo (1936), but three were published using the name Blam: two children's alphabet books, The Jolly ABC and The Breezy Farm ABC and Blam's Book of Fun.

Blampied also provided more than 1,000 illustrations for periodicals: for weekly social magazines such as The Bystander and The Sketch; for monthly story magazines such as Pearson's Magazine or Hutchinson's Magazine; and for women's magazines such as The Ladies Field and Woman. His work as an artist was also featured in books, newspapers and art periodicals. Only examples of his work published during his life time are included in these pages, except in books about him, in order to include recent catalogues and biographies.

Here you can find images and information about Blampied's original designs for:

Photo of Blampied at his easle in 1939

Photograph of Blampied at his easel in 1939, aged 53

The art of Edmund Blampied was shown at many exhibitions during his life time, examples of his art were reproduced in contemporary books and magazines, while there are many museums and galleries throughout the world that now hold examples of his art.

Here you can find:

NEW on 27/7/2022: A page on The Lady's Realm, a newly found magazine which published 11 early illustrations by Blampied.

Bibliography and Biography

This bibliography supercedes the companion bibliography to my biography, Edmund Blampied: an Illustrated Life, which was published by Jersey Heritage Trust in 2010 to coincide with an exhibition of Blampied's work as an illustrator held at the Jersey Museum. You can see my photographs of the exhibition here. Click on the first image to start a slide show.

I still have a few copies of the Biography of Edmund Blampied which I can offer, signed, for the cover price of £25, to include postage within the U.K. If you live somewhere else, please contact me.

Edmund Blampied, an illustrated Life

ISBN: 978-0-9562079-2-0

Published: 2010

Publisher: Jersey Heritage Trust

Pages: iii, 1-272 pp

Size: 260 x 190 mm

Binding: perfect, in printed card covers


1     Foreword by John Nettles

3     Preface

7     Introduction: a son of Jersey

14   On roots and being uprooted: 1903-1911

36   Independence and growing success: 1911-1916

73   Military service and children's books: 1916-1919

97   Return to London: 1919-1926

139 Fame as an etcher and travelling: 1926-1930

169 Blampied as humorist: 1930-1939

200 War, again, then peace: 1939-1966

225 Blampied the artist

253 Index.

Photo of book