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The art of Edmund Blampied in periodicals: 1925 - 1929

This page lists periodicals that contain illustrations of prints, drawings or paintings by Edmund Blampied which were published between 1925 and 1929. In 1925 Blampied was living in a fine house that he had bought on Glennie Road in Norwood in south London, he was publishing drypoints and lithographs, and was producing illustrations for magazines such as Hutchinson's Magazine, Woman and The Bystander. He was a busy man and his reputation was growing.

But towards the end of 1926 he sold his house, which he had probably owned only for 3-4 years, sold its contents at auction, and left London for the south of France and then sailed to Tunisia. Forty nine of his drawings from his 4-month stay in Tunisia are held by the Boston Public Library and can be seen here.

Blampied and his wife, Marianne, returned to London in April 1927 where he focused on designing drypoint plates and painting for exhibitions in London at the galleries of Alex Reid & LeFèvre: a small show in December 1927 and a major exhibition in May 1929 of eight etchings, 25 paintings and 18 drawings. He stopped producing illustrations for magazines, probably because his reputation as an artist was sufficient to allow him to paint and etch full-time.

The Wall Street crash and the Great Depression in the early 1930s put paid to that idea and he had to return to illustration, but not before he was able to try sculpture in the form of two bronzes, and reach his peak as an artist in watercolours. His method was to paint onto damp paper placed on a sheet of glass, a process which allowed the paint to diffuse through the medium and create subtle background tones, then allow it to dry and paint the detail on top, also in watercolour, sometimes with a small patch of pastel colours to add bright 'notes', as he called them. Sadly the monochrome illustrations of the day don't show this skill well.

Prints are identified in catalogues raisonnné: CD = Campbell Dodgson (1926); AA = Arnold & Appleby (1996): AH = forthcoming.

Image of cover

Oil painting: 'La goutte' (The drop) in Colour magazine August, 1929

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— 1925 —

Periodical: Apollo.

Date: Feb-1925. Vol: 1. Issue: 2. Pages: 109-110. Price: 2s 6d. Title: A Gossip about Prints. Author: Malcolm C. Salaman. Type: DP1.

Content: Full page reproduction of dry-point 'San Sebastian Lunch Hour' [CD:85; AA:99; AH:E24.2.ii] between pp 120 & 121, published by Messrs. H.L. LeFèvre & Company and Messrs Ernest Brown and Phillips.

Periodical: The Sphere.

Date: 21-Feb-1925. Vol: 100. Issue: 1309. Pages: 218-219. Price: 1 shilling. Title: The etchers season in London: some examples of the charm of the copper plate at the present exhibitions. A beautiful dry-point by Edmund Blampied 'Lunch hour, San Sebastian' (printed over 2 pages) at the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers exhibition at Pall Mall East. Type: DP1.

Content: Drypoint 'Lunch hour - San Sebastian' [CD:85; AA:99; AH:E24.2.ii].

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 16-Mar-1925. Issue: unknown. Page: 19. Price: 1d. Title: Art Exhibitions. The Leicester Galleries. Author: None. Type: Text.

Content: Review of an exhibition at the Leicester Galleries.

...The other exhibitor at the Leicester Galleries is the Jersey artist, Mr. Edmund Blampied, well known as an etcher but not seen as a painter before 1923, when a collection of oils of his work was shown here. Since then he has developed in an interesting manner, coming out of the mist, as it were; and since, unlike Mr Lindsay, he has a strong formal instinct and considerable plastic ability, he bears the emergence very well. In his massive treatment of form he suggests an affinity with Daumier, though he lacks that master's command of depth, and his wash-like treatment of oil paint denies him the structural support of brushwork. The subjects of his paintings are divided between Jersey and the Basque Provinces, and th2 Jersey pictures are the better, partly because Mr. Blampied is happier with organic forms - of horses in particular - than with rectangular forms, as of houses. 'The Three Horses' on the sands, is an excellent composition, only lacking the effect of weight in the animals; and other good pictures are 'The Green Vraic Cart', 'Vraicking - a spring morning', 'Harvesting in Savoie', and 'Galloping home in the rain'. As a colorist Mr Blampied may be described as pleasantly mild being as yet inclined to see everything through a milky atmosphere; and to his sense of form he adds command of movement and a keen appreciation of light. What is lacking in his paintings is the confident handling of these resources shown in his etchings and drawings; such as 'Splashing through the surf', 'The joy ride' and 'A Jersey shore'.

Periodical: The Bystander.

Date: 25-Mar-1925. Vol: 85. Issue: 1112. Pages: 747. Price: 1 shilling. Title: A Bystander among the books. Author: Ralph Straus. Type: BW2.

Content: Two oils by Blampied illustrated 'The green vraic cart, Jersey' and 'Urrugne: a study from the Basque country' with small note in box in text:

We reproduce here two examples of Mr Edmund Blampied's work as an oil painter, now being shown in an interesting exibition at the Leicester Galleries. Mr. Blampied, whose etchings are well-known and are much sought after, is no stranger to Bystander readers. The present exhibition of oil paintings is his first since 1923, and will enhance Mr. Blampied's already considerable reputation.

Image of paintingImage of painting

Oil painting: 'The green vraic cart, Jersey'             Oil painting: 'Urrugne: a study from the Basque country'

Periodical: The Sphere.

Date: 21-Mar-1925. Vol: 100. Issue: 1313. Pages: 337. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Two fine examples of the art of Mr. Edmund Blampied in his exhibition at the Leicester Galleries. L 'The three horses'. R 'Loading a barge at the Seine'. Type: OP2.

Content: Two oils reproduced in monochrome. Left. Three large horses with bareback riders in the surf. Horse to L rears up, white horse in middle, another black horse to R. Headland beyond. Right. Cart on pier drops its load into barge moored below. Man on ladder and other men and carts on pier.

Image of paintingImage of painting

Oil painting: 'The Three horses'.           Oil painting: 'Loading a barge on the Seine'

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: 14-Mar-1925. Vol: 89. Issue: 384. Pages: 129-134. Price: 2 shillings. Title: Mr Edmund Blampied's new drawings. Author: Malcolm Salaman. Type: MO3, CO1.

Content: Three watercolours and a pen and ink drawing:

  ►  'St Jean de Luz'

  ►  'Market day, St Jean de Luz'

  ►  'A Paris Bridge'

  ►  'A Basque Farm'

Notes: The magazine was also sold in an Edition Spécial ave Traduction Française, price 12 francs.

Image of watercolour

Watercolour: 'A Paris bridge'

Image of watercolourImage of watercolourImage of drawing

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Periodical: Apollo.

Date: Apr-1925. Vol: 1. Issue: 4. Pages: 203-210. Price: 2s 6d. Title: Lithography and the Senefelder Club. Author: A. S. Hartrick. Type: L1.

Content: p 205 reproduction of a lithograph 'The old bottle' [AA:L7; AH:E23.1] by Edmund Blampied, R.P.E., member of the Senefelder Club.

Periodical: Comoedia.

Date: 27-Apr-1925. Vol: unknown. Issue: 4513. Pages: unknown. Price: unknown. Title: unknown. Type: unknown.

Content: Report of exhibition by Blampied in London. Reported in an item for sale on ABE books.

Periodical: The Smart Set.

Date: May-1925. Vol: 75. Issue: 6. Pages: 437. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Reproduction of two pictures by Blampied. Type: WC2.

Content: Reproductions in monochrome of two pictures by Blampied shown at the Leicester Galleries Top: 'The Three Horses' by Edmund Blampied. Bottom: 'Loading a barge on the Seine' by Edmund Blampied.

These drawings appeared in The Sphere in March 1925.

Periodical: Woman.

Date: May-1925. Vol: 3. Issue: 2. Pages: 116. Price: 1 shilling. Titles: 'Galloping home in the rain' & 'Hay-making, Jersey'. Type: OP2.

Content: Reproduction of two oil paintings shown at an exhibition at the Leicester Galleries of Ernest Brown & Philips in March and April 1925.

Image of paintingImage of painting

Oil painting: 'Galloping home in the rain'.                Oil painting: 'Haymaking, Jersey'

Periodical: Apollo.

Date: Jul-1925. Vol: 2. Issue: 7. Pages: 51-53. Price: 2s 6d. Title: A Gossip about Prints. Author: Salaman, Malcolm C.. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of dry-point 'Country Cider' [CD:93; AA:102; AH:E25.5.ii] dry-point by Edmund Blampied, R.E.

Periodical: Art in Australia: a quarterly magazine.

Date: Sep-1925. Vol: 3. Issue: 13. Special: Etching number. Pages: not paginated . Price: 7 shillings 6 pence. Titles: 'Leisure' and 'Farm hands'. Type: 2DP.

Content: Reproduction of two drypoints: 'Leisure' (plate 7) [CD:77; AA:90; AH:E23.4] and 'Farm Hands' (plate 8) [CD:69; AA:82b; AH:E22.1.ii]. 72 monochrome plates.

Notes: The two plates are printed on coated paper and tipped onto wove paper. There is a list at the back of prints published by Australian artists with their edition and price, inclduding Lionel Lindsay. An advertisement shows that Blampied's prints were sold in Australia by Alfred A. & H.B. Newman, Clarence Street, Sydney.

Periodical: Woman.

Date: Nov-1925. Vol: 4. Issue: 2. Pages: 129-130. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Four-footed friends. Author: Lady Annie Cory. Type: DP4.

Content: Article illustrated with four drypoints by Blampied. 1. 'Purring and snoring' [CD:62; AA:77; AH:E21.4]. 2. 'The joy ride' [CD:81; AA:89; AH:E23.3]. 3. 'The fisherman's pet' [CD:82; AA:87; AH:E23.1]. 4. 'Horses eating hay' [CD:80; AA:88; AH:E23.2]. All reproduced by permission of the Leicester Galleries and Messrs LeFèvre. On exhibition at Messrs Wishart Brown's Ltd, Glasgow.

— 1926 —

Periodical: Artwork.

Date: Jan-1926. Vol: 2. Issue: 6. Pages: 129. Price: 2s 6d. Title: none. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Reflections' [CD:91; AA:109; AH:E25.1], LeFèvre Galleries

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 9-Feb-1926. Issue: 44,191. Page: 18. Price: 1d. Title: The Painter-Etcher's Exhiition. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'The Farmer Dentist' [CD:98; AA:106; AH:E25.9].

Periodical: The New York Times (USA).

Date: 14-Feb-1926. Issue: unknown. Page: unknown. Price: unknown. Title: Man's uphill fight in the conquest of disease. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Country Cider' = 'Cider drinkers' [CD:93; AA:102; AH:E25.5.ii].

Periodical: The Print Collector's Quarterly.

Date: Feb-1926. Vol: 13. Issue: 1. Pages: 69-96. Price: 17s 6d a year for four issues.

Title: The Etchings of Edmund Blampied.

Author: E. L. Allhusen.

Content: Reproduction of 12 etchings and drypoints: 'Cider drinkers' [CD:93; AA:102; AH:E25.5.ii], 'Driving home in the rain' [CD:32; AA:35; AH:E14.1], 'Flies' [CD:17; AA:17; AH:E13.2], 'An argument' [CD:40; AA:50; AH:E17.1], 'Grazing horses' [CD:33; AA:37; AH:E14.7], 'Fording the stream' [CD:38; AA:36; AH:E14.4], 'Jersey milkmaid' [CD:52ii; AA:60; AH:E20.6.ii], 'Soup' [CD:56; AA:65; AH:E20.5.ii], 'The sick man' [CD:65; AA:79; AH:E21.6], 'Horses eating hay' [CD:80; AA:83; AH:E23.2], 'Splashing through the surf' [CD:84; AA:95; AH:E23.9], and 'The letter' [CD:94; AA:107; AH:E25.2]. There is also a list of 65 prints by date, with their dimensions.

Notes: This is the first article and list of Blampied's etchings and drypoints, which just preceded Campbell Dodgson's catalogue. The article is more about Allhusen's erudition than Blampied's prints.

For different reasons - among them the War - the etchings were not published until 1919, although a few had been exhibited in public before that date.

Image of cover

Periodical: The Bystander.

Date: 3-Mar-1926. Vol: 86. Issue: 1161. Page: 477. Price: 1 shilling. Title: Who, When & Where by the Bystander in Society. Type: Text.

Content:Two paragraphs in social column, on Blampied.

A brilliant artist. Few artists have the versatility of Mr Edmund Blampied, whose brilliant colour and black and white drawings and cartoons are so well known to BYSTANDER readers. I don’t suppose any of you knew that Mr Blampied was likewise one of the leading etchers of the day. Myself I should place him as the leader in the first flight. Well, if you don’t know, it is your duty to repair your ignorance immediately by going to the Painter Etchers Exhibition at the Suffolk Galleries in Pall Mall East. There you will see two of Mr Blampied’s etching 'The Letter' and 'Reflections'. They are masterly in restraint and expression.

But colour-work, black and white drawing, and etching do not exhaust Mr. Blampied’s versatility. Last year he was awarded one of the twelve gold medals given at an international exhibition in Paris for lithography. You don’t often find one man who excels in four different vehicles of the artist’s craft. Mr. Blampied is the exception.

Periodical: The Artists Monthly.

Date: Mar-1926. Vol: 1. Issue: 6. Pages: Facing page 279. Price: 2s 6d. Title: Pen drawing. Type: MO1.

Content: A woman stands left of centre with long dress and fur stole around her neck. Deep patches of shadow to right. Signed Blam, top left. Drawn in very short pen strokes, rather like an etching. Seen for sale in a St Helier Galleries catalogue. Probably an illustration for a magazine, but not found published.

Image of drawing

Periodical: The Artists Monthly.

Date: May-1926. Vol: 2. Issue: 1. Pages: Facing page 69. Price: 2s 6d. Title: Pen and ink drawing. Type: MO1.

Content: Drawing in pen and ink printed at top of a single page of glossy paper bound in facing page 69, but not numbered. Not signed. Credit: By 'BLAM'. Probably an illustration for a magazine, but not found published.

Image of drawing

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: Jun-1926. Vol: 91. Issue: 399. Pages: 425. Price: 2 shillings. Title: The stream. Type: LG1.

Content: Reproduction of 'The stream' [AA:L16; AH:E.24.3] dedicated to Malcolm Salaman.

Periodical: The New York Times (USA).

Date: 25-Jul-1926. Issue: unknown. Page: unknown. Price: unknown. Title: About books, More of Less: partly economic man. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Country Cider' = 'Cider drinkers' [CD:93; AA:102; AH:E25.5.ii].

Periodical: Apollo.

Date: Jul-1926. Vol: 4. Issue: . Pages: 79. Price: . Title: . Type: ET1.

Content: Reproduction of 'The Male Choir' [AH:E26.2.ii]

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 6-Dec-1926. Issue: 44,447. Page: 8. Price: 1d. Title: Art Exhibitions. Lefevre Galleries.Type: Text.

Content: Review of exhibition.

At the same galleries there is an exhibition of drawings and drypoints by Mr. Edmund Blampied, teh Jersey etcher, who has a remarkable capacity for suggesting movement and enclosing light without losing the effect of solidity. He may be said to be in the tradition of Daumier, but gives it a personal turn and adapts it to his own purposes. Many of his subjects are taken from the farm life of Jersey, particulalry in connexion with the seaweed harvest, thus giving him opportunities to draw horses, either in monumental rest, as in the new plate 'Loading vraic', or in rapid movement, as in 'Driving home in the rain' and 'Splashing through the surf'. The depth of sentiment to which Mr. Blampied can attain is well illustrated by 'Poor people.'

Periodical: The New York Times (USA).

Date: 19-Dec-1926. Issue: unknown. Page: unknown. Price: unknown. Title: Changing life of the farm. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'The farmer dentist' = [CD:98; AA:106; AH:E25.9].

— 1927 —

Periodical: Christian Science Monitor.

Date: 10-Jan-1927. Page: 6. Price: unknown Type: Text, DP1.

Title: The Art of Edmund Blampied.

Author: Frank Rutter.

Content: Article on Blampied and a reproduction of 'Fetch it' [CD:46; AA:57; AH:20.1.ii]

Periodical: Eve.

Date: 2-Feb-1927. Vol: 28. Issue: 360. Pages: 215. Price: 1 shilling. Title: The Art of a Farmer. Type: ET4.

Content: Reproduction of 4 etchings: 'Driving home in the rain' [CD:32; AA:35; AH:E14.1]; 'Purring and snoring' [CD:62; AA:77; AH:E21.4]; 'Reflections' [CD:91; AA:109; AH:E25.1] and 'Fetch it!' [CD:46; AA:57; AH:E20.1.ii].

Notes: Mr Blampied is a farmer's son of Jersey... This was not imagined - this was lived.

Periodical: The New York Times (USA).

Date: 6-Feb-1926. Issue: unknown. Page: unknown. Price: unknown. Title: Legislating men into heaven. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Purring and snoring' = [CD:62; AA:77; AH:E21.4].

Periodical: Artwork.

Date: Mar-1927. Vol: 3. Issue: 9. Pages: 26-31. Price: 2s 6d. Title: Recent etching and engraving. Author: James Laver (J.L.). Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction on page 29 of 'The farmer dentist' [CD:98; AA:106; AH:E25.9], at the Lefèvre Galleries.

At the same gallery was exhibited during November a collection of work by Mr Edmund Blampied. The time has gone when it was necessary to praise Mr Blampied for his obvious qualities - the vitality of his design, his power of rendering movement, his sense of form, and his quick human sympathy. It only remains to say that this conscientious artist has progressed from his earlier plates to a Daumier-like stolidity and stability of design. He knows the animals of the farm and the men who tend them, as familiarly as the palm of his hand, and it is for that reason that he is able to render the little incidents of agricultural life with such convincing sincerity.

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 26-Nov-1926. Issue: unknwon. Page: 11. Price: 1d. Title: News in Brief.Type: Text.

Content: Short report in a national newspaper.

The Director of Leeds City Art Gallery has informed British Artists' Exhibitions that his committee has decided to buy the picture 'Building a cathedral at Annecy' by Mr. Edmund Blampied which was recently exhibited at Bradford for the catalogued price of £90.

This is what Blampied wrote to Harold Baily in 1935:

I wish my native island could read your letters - they might buy. The island possesses a gallery of its own - its members are many and rich and profess to value anything or anybody Jersey who attains any success whatsoever. But I believe it is their sweet kindly intention to praise me when alive and collect my work after the flowers have been sent me - to collect not to buy - from those sympathetic enough towards a gallery to give them in some cases what I have given them. I know of already of one or two instances. What a difference! Here is the City Liverpool sending its own committee my studio to choose a representative work of mine for their gallery. Leeds did the same thing some years ago.

— 1928 —

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: Jul-1928. Vol: 96. Issue: 424. Pages: 86. Price: . Title: Recent prints. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproductions of 'Aperitif' [AA:129; AH:E27.4].

Periodical: Creative Art.

Date: Aug-1928. Vol: 3. Issue: 2. Pages: . Price: 75 c. Title: Recent Prints. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Aperitif' [AA:129; AH:E27.4].

Notes: Seen on internet.

Periodical: Survey.

Date: Sep-1928. Vol: 60. Issue: 11. Pages: 541-543. Price: $1. Title: How pay sickness bills. Author: Michael M. Davis. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'The Sick man' [CD:65; AA:79; AH:E21.6] taken from 'Modern Masters of Etching 10'

— 1929 —

Periodical: Apollo.

Date: Jan-1929. Vol: 9. Issue: 49. Pages: 64-67. Price: 2 shillings. Title: Etchings of the Day. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Morning Gossips' [AA:132; AH:E28.3]. Edition limited to 100 signed proofs at £9.9.0 each. Published by Alex. Reid & LeFèvre, Ltd.

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 3-May-1929. Issue: unknown. Page: unknown. Price: unknown. Title: Man's uphill fight in the conquest of disease. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Country Cider' = 'Cider drinkers' [CD:93; AA:102; AH:E25.5.ii].

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 3-May-1928. Issue: 45,913. Page: 14. Price: 1d. Title: Art Exhibitions. Mr. Edmund Blampied. Type: Text.

Content: Review of exhibition at the LeFèvre Galleries, Kings Street, London.

Mr. Edmund Blampied, who shows paintings, water-colours, and dry-points at the Lefèvre Galleries, 1A, King-street, St James’s, is best known as an etcher, and it is as an etcher that he continues to make the most satisfying impression. His ambition to design on a larger scale than the copperplate allows is quite understandable, , and in some respects – on the management of a dramatic silhouette, for instance – he rises to the occasion, but his brushwork lacks organization and his colour is generally displeasing. Most of his paintings would look better in monochrome, and the best of his oil paintings, 'Night effect, Tarascon', with a horse entering an archway in a side-lit building, approaches the monochrome condition. 'A Tunisian gateway', with camels and a glimpse of landscape in tender light, has its charm, and “Rain” at sea, is a good study of weather, but the paintings generally fail to give substantial pleasure.

Among the water-colours attention goes at once to 'Country air', which is in sepia, though two or three of the others have the advantage of Mr Blampied’s fantastic humour. “A drink song” with three worthies – á la Bill Brewer, Jan Stene, &c – following the lead of a winged carthorse, and 'That man with the fish', the parent of all fish stories, are examples. Full enjoyment, however, is reserved for the drypoints, etchings, and lithographs, in which Mr Blampied’s mastery of light and movement, feeling for the monumental in form, and genuine understanding of Jersey life and character – not to speak of his technical accomplishment – are seen to advantage. 'The Farm Fire', 'Loading Vraic', 'The Argument', 'Farmer Dentist' and 'Les Deux Petits Verres' may be specially mentioned. Two bronzes – 'The Kicking Horse' in particular – suggest that Mr Blampied’s relief from etching would find happier expression in sculpture than in painting.

Periodical: Apollo.

Date: May-1929. Vol: 9. Issue: 53. Pages: 281-284. Price: 2 shillings. Title: Blampied's paintings in oil and watercolour. Author: Malcolm Salaman. Type: MO6.

Content: Article by Malcolm Salaman on Blampied's exhibition at the LeFèvre Galleries 1 - 25 May 1929 and monochrome reproduction of six oils and watercolours. Many titles were described but are not illustrated. The titles illustrated are:

  ► 'The Three Horses'

  ► 'Chez La Veuve L'Arbalestier.

  ► 'An old bridge, Paris'

  ► 'The water-cart' (sold at Wooley & Wallace in 2018)

  ► 'The country road'

  ► 'That man with the fish' (sold at Bonhams, London in July 1997)

Image of watercolour

Image of watercolourImage of watercolourImage of watercolourImage of watercolourImage of watercolour

Periodical: The Illustrated London News.

Date: 18-May-1929. Vol: 174. Issue: 4700. Pages: 866. Price: 1 shilling. Title: . Type: ET1OP1.

Content: Within article entitled "The old china and the new" reproductions of drypoint 'Morning Gossips' [AA:132; AH:E28.3] and oil painting 'Under a bridge, Paris' (see left). Courtesy of Alex. Reid & LeFèvre, Ltd.

Notes: Mr Edmund Blampied, the well-known artist, whose sympathetic treatment of peasant and animal subjects recalls in some ways the work of George Morland is holding an interesting exhibition of paintings, water-colours and dry-points at the LeFèvre Galleries...

Image of painting

Oil painting: 'Under a bridge, Paris' in the ILN in May 1929.

Periodical: The Connoiseur.

Date: Jun-1929 .Vol: 83. Issue: 334. Page: 272. Price: 2 shillings. Title: Blampied the Artist. Type: Not illustrated.

Blampied the Artist

Among the most brilliant one-man shows held in London lately was certainly that of work by Mr. Edmund Blampied, at the Lefevre Galleries. This revealed Mr. Blampied not only as an etcher, in which métier, of course, he is well known, but also as a painter of oils and water-colours, and to a minor extent as a modeller. Considering the fact that the artist has experimented in the last-named medium, it was not surprising to find a distinctly plastic quality in the handling of his oil paintings, with their French inspiration. Almost without exception, these were remarkably effective pieces of work, being for the most part dramatic in conception, forcibly handled, and striking in colour. Rain, a misty vision of boats off a coast, was a harmony in greys only slightly relieved by notes of colour partly obscured by the torrential deluge. To the pearly subtlety of this simple impresson might be contrasted the powerfully orchestrated Farm fire and the cleverly characterised La Goutte, in which the spirit of the incident portrayed was clevely enhanced by a wilful clumsiness of draughtsmanship. Other paintings which should be mentioned include A Tunisian Gateway; The Lame Horse, Under a Bridge, Paris; and The Three Friends. A quieter mood, so far as technique is concerned, characterised for the most part in water-colours, though not a few of those evinced a Goyaesque bizarrerie. Specially noteworthy were Chez La Veuve L'Arbalestier and the quaintly humorous That Man with a Fish, both of which showed excellent tonal quality; while the first-named, for dramatic conception, arrangement and lighting, and for its general competency of expression, was one of the best water-colours that has been seen this year. So much has already been written about Mr. Blampied's etchings, drypoints and lithographs, that descriptions of the section devoted to them might be considered superfluous. Suffice to say that it demonstrated the various facets of the artist's style: his suggestive economy of line, his fluent statement, his sense of vitality and movement, and his quiet appreciation of the humorous side of ordinary things. With so many interesting features to grace it, it was perhaps ungrateful to feel that the exhibition's weakest pooint lay in Mr Blampied's bronzes, though it must be confessed that many worse things appear in London exhibitions. - F.G.R.

Other reviews of exhibition:

Periodical: Morning Post Date: 1-5-1929. Title: Art exhibitions. By our critic.

Periodical: Daily Telegraph Date: 13-5-1929. Title: Edmund Blampied.

Periodical: Birmingham Post Date: 14-5-1929. Title: London Art exhibitions. Work by an accomplished painter.

Periodical: Art News Date: 25-5-1929. Title: None.

Periodical: The Studio Date: Jul-1929. Title: Edmund Blampied.

Periodical: Christian Science Monitor Date: 8-7-1929. Title: None.

Periodical: La Pluma Revista Mensual de Ciencias - Artes y Letras, Montevideo, Uraguay.

Date: Jun-1929. Vol: 12. Issue: none stated. Pages: 51-64. Price: 0.30. Title: Moderno artistas inglés. Edmund Blampied. Maestro en el arte del ǵrabado al aǵuafuerte.

Content: One page of text and reproductions of all 12 prints in Modern Masters of Etching 10.

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Jul-1929. Vol: 1. Issue: 9. Pages: 13. Price: 2 shillings. Title: None. Type: COP.

Content: Colour reproduction of an untitled oil painting, by permission of Alex. Reid & Le Fèvre. Probably called 'La Tante' (no. 15), based on titles in the catalogue of oil paintings shown in May 1929.

Image of painting

Oil painting: 'La Tante' in Colour magazine July, 1929

Periodical: American Modern Art.

Date: Aug-1929. Vol: 20. Issue: . Pages: 444. Price: . Title: ''Driving home in the rain'. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of 'Driving home in the rain' [CD:32; AA:35; AH:E14.1].

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Aug-1929. Vol: 1. Issue: 10. Pages: 5. Price: 2 shillings. Title: La Gouette (OP). Type: COP.

Content: Colour reproduction of an oil painting 'La goutte' exhibited by Colnaghi (see top of page). It had been shown at the exhbition at Alex Reid & LeFèvre in May 1929 (no 11).

Periodical: Harper's Monthly Magazine.

Date: Oct-1929. Vol: 54. Issue: 953. Pages: 529. Price: . Title: Male choir. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of drypoint 'Male Choir' [AH:E26.2.ii]

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Nov-1929. Vol: 2. Issue: 1. Pages: 16. Price: 2 shillings. Title: 'Country cider'. Type: DP1.

Content: Reproduction of drypoint 'The country cider' [CD:93; AA:102; AH:E25.5.ii]

Periodical: Apollo.

Date: Dec-1929. Vol: 10. Issue: 59. Pages: 298-301. Price: 2 shillings. Title: Etchings of the day. Type: DP1. Content: Reproduction of 'The cider barrel' [AA:134; AH:E28.8.ii]. Edition limited to 100 artist's proofs at £9.9.0 each (equivalent in terms of purchasing power to £580 in 2020). Published by Alex Reid & LeFèvre, Ltd.