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Le Rire Rouge

1, rue de Choiseul, Paris, France

During the First World War the French humorous magazine Le Rire was renamed Le Rire Rouge, presumably to denote the state of warfare in northern France. The Editor was Felix Juven, who also founded Fantasio. It was published bi-weekly.

Only one illustration by Blampied is known from this title (see left), but there may be more as it has not been searched. The illustration used on the cover of the issue of 7th July 1917 was a drawing that is thought to have been bought by the magazine with several others shown at an exhibition called Le Guerre et les Humoristes held at Galerie La Boêtie in Paris, from 28th April to 30th June, 1917 in aid of injured cartoonists. The cover of the catalogue and the page showing the titles of Blampied's drawings and watercolours is shown below. Number 132 in the catalogue was printed in issue 251 of Fantasio. The cover illustration, left, may not have been listed in the catalogue, but it is also very unlike Blampied, so it may have been given the wrong attribution. The caption translates as Thank you, old God, for making the Russians so naive.

Blampied Issue: 138

Date: 7 Juillet 1917

Price: 20 centimes

Pages: 12, including covers

Dimensions: 308 x 231 mm

Credit: F. Juven Editeur

Printer: 12, rue du Bac-Asnières

Photo of cover

Cover design by Blampied (click to enlarge)

Photo of coverPhoto of cover

Cover of the exhibition catalogue and the page listing Blampied's

drawings (d) and watercolours (aq) (Click each to enlarge)