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The Bystander, 1937

Blampied didn't like doing portraits of people, but he had shown that he was able to do caricatures in his political cartoons for The Bystander in the mid-1920s, and he had captured the likeness of many famous people of the time in drawings for Nash's Pall Mall magazine in the early 1930s. He probably never met Stanley Baldwin or Neville Chamberlain, he just drew a likeness from photographs. Blampied is reported to have drawn Winston Churchill too, but that has not been seen.

The portrait of King George VI was done with his old friend John St Helier Lander (1868-1944), a noted portrait artist, also from Jersey, who had a house and studio in South Kensington near to Blampied's flat. Lander did several copies of this portrait, which differ slightly. The picture was widely reproduced and was published as a lithograph by Frost & Reed, signed by both artists for 3 guineas.

These were among Blampied's last drawings for magazines because he left London in December 1938, aged 52 y, to return to Jersey, where he lived for the rest of his life, including the German occupation of the Channel Islands from July 1940 to May 1945.

Type: MO = monochrome drawing; CO = colour drawing; PC = political cartoon; the number indicates the number of drawings or pages.

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— 1937 —

Issue: 21-Apr-1937, vol. 134, no. 1740, p 106. Price: 1/-. Type: MO1. Author: none. Title: Mr Neville Chamberlain.

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Issue: 5-May-1937, vol. 134, no. 1742, p 216. Price: 1/-. Type: MO1. Author: Collier, Basil. Title: Ariel.

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Issue: 19-May-1937, vol. 134, no. 1744, p 343-344. Coronation Number. Price: 2/-. Type: MO1. Author: none. Title: King George VI in his Coronation robes by John St Helier Lander and Edmund Blampied A.R.E. (sic).

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Issue: 19-May-1937, vol. 134, no. 1744, p 374. Coronation Number. Price: 2/-. Type: CO1. Author: none. Title: Mr Baldwin.

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