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Sheet music: Glamour Valse by Amherst Weber

Date: 1911

Publisher: Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd., 16 Mortimer Street, London, W.

Printer: C.G. Roder, Ltd, London

Size: 346 x 253 mm

Pages: 8 pp including covers

Price: 1s 6d

Signature: Blampied, lower right above author's name

Notes: This is one of the first illustrations by Blampied that has been found since his work for the newspaper The Daily Chronicle in 1905-06. No illustrations by Blampied have been found in any publication between 1907 and 1910. This is one of three pieces of sheet music for Ascherberg that Blampied illustrated, although the third was also co-published with George Newnes. Blampied's brother-in-law, Salomon van Abbé, also provided illustrations for Ascheberg's.

The signature is notable for its vertical angular style.

Amherst Weber (1867-1946) was a minor composer of romantic songs and dances, and a pianist. He was born in France and educated in Britain.

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