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The art of Edmund Blampied in periodicals: 1901 - 1919.

There are very few printed examples of Blampied's art from this period but his name was mentioned a few times in newspapers in Jersey, which are listed here. The articles in the French language newspapers were found during manual searches of bound volumes in the library of the Société Jersiase (so may contain transcription errors). A few others, published in the Jersey Weekly Press and Independent, were found by searching Newspapers.com. There is no searchable electronic archive of The Jersey Evening Post after 1909, or of The British Press and Jersey Times or The Morning News, two other local newspapers, so articles have been found by chance.

Blampied did not receive any lessons in drawing until 1901, when some of his sketches were shown at a local agricultural show and were spotted by a woman named Josephine Klintz, originally from Alsace, who ran a small private art school in St Helier with her friend Mathilde Adelus. Ms Klintz gave him some lessons in art that Blampied descibed as the most important that he ever had, and introduced him at the age of 14 years to watercolours. His drawings were shown in November 1901 at the annual exhibition of the art school and were reported in The Jersey Weekly Press and Independent. Blampied was then working in the office of the Town Surveyor in St. Helier. The drawings shown left were done a year later, in 1902.

In January 1903, at the age of 16 years and barely able to speak English, Blampied left Jersey for London to study art at the Lambeth School of Art. He was supported there for a year by his family and a local businessman, Saumerez James Nicole, until he won a London County Council Scholarship for 2 years to study art. The drawing to the left is an example of his work from 1903, probably done for the art school sketch club during his first year as a student, and is not known to have been published.

The first example of Blampied's work as an artist that appeared in a periodical was actually an illustration for a book, drawn in pen and ink for a competition in 1905, which was awarded a prize. It was reproduced in both The Art Worker's Quarterly and in one of the main monthly national art magazines, The Studio (see below).

Image of drawing

Drawings dated May 1902 from Jersey at Home '86 (no 78)

Some of Blampied's early drypoints and etchings were shown at the first five annual exhibitions called 'Modern Masters of Etching', held between 1915 and 1919 at the Leicester Galleries in London of his publisher, Ernest Brown & Philips. They were not officially published until 1919, so didn't appear in periodicals until the early 1920s, but they were noticed at exhibitions by correspondents for The Times. Recognition didn't really come until the 1920s, when he was in his early 30s.

Prints are identified in catalogues raisonnné: CD = Campbell Dodgson (1926); AA = Arnold & Appleby (1996): AH = forthcoming.

— 1901 —

Periodical: Jersey Evening Post.

Date: Thursday, 11 April 1901. Page: Unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Fine Art. Type: Text.

FINE ART. Mr E. Blampied of 4, Cheapside, has just completed a most artistic piece of work in the form of a hall table, the surface of which is composed of small pieces of porcelain embedded into putty. The effect of the porcelain is most effective and artistic, and reflects the highest credit on Mr Blampied.

Periodical: Jersey Weekly Press and Independent..

Date: Saturday, 23 November 1901. Page: 7. Price: 1d. Title: Jersey School of Art. Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings (from the 'Jersey Times' November 15th 1901) Type: Text.

Among the boys some striking copies of pictures from illustrated papers done by E. Blampied show remarkable abilities seeing that the pupil had never had a drawing lesson till two months ago.

Notes: The Jersey School of Arts was run by two women, Josephine Klintz, originally from Alsace, and Mathilde Adelus, whose parents were French. In 1905 the School operated from Waverley Terrace on St. Saviour's Hill. Mlle Klintz saw some of Blampied's drawings in 1901 and offered to give him lessons. He told the critic E.L. Allhusen in 1926 that I learnt more from her than from anyone else.

— 1903 —

Periodical: Nouvelle Chroniques de Jersey.

Date: Mercredi 7 Janvier 1903. Page: unknown. Price: 1d. Title: Un Artiste. Type: Text.

UN ARTISTE – C'est ce matin que doit sortir le jeune M. Blampied des Augrès, Trinité, dont ceux qui on été privilégiés de voir les cartons les ont admires, particulièrement, peut-être, la série célébrant la victoire de M. le Connétable dans son élection. M. Blampied se rend à une école d'art à Lambeth. Bon voyages et tout succès.

AN ARTIST - This morning the young M. Blampied is due to leave Augrès, Trinity, from which those who were privileged to see his cartoons have admired them, particularly, perhaps, the series celebrating the victory of the Constable in his election. Mr. Blampied goes to an art school in Lambeth. Bon voyage and every success.

Periodical: Jersey Weekly Press and Independent..

Date: Saturday, 10 January 1903. Page: 1. Price: 1d. Title: A Young Artist. Type: Text.

A YOUNG ARTIST. Visitors to the Town Hall may perhaps have been shown sketches and paintings executed by Master Edmund Blampied, of Trinity, clerk to Mr Le Masurier, Town Engineer. These paintings, considering that the artist is only 16 years of age, and has had few lessons, are acknowledged to be meritorious, and Master Blampied’s friends will doubtless be pleased to learn that he has decided to pursue art, and for that purpose is leaving in a day or two for the Lambeth School of Art, London.

— 1904 —

Periodical: Chroniques de Jersey.

Date: Mercredi 5 Octobre 1904. Page: Unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Unknown. Type: Text.

La jeune Ed. Blampied, dont les parents habitant Herald House, Trinity, a été présenté Jeudi dernier, par M. Lander, au Major-Général Abadie, qui l'a félicité sur ses travaux Jersiais suit le cours de dessin de Lambeth, Londres, et a montré des capacités spéciales pour cet art. Il a quitté l'île Samedi pour reprendre ses travaux.

The young Ed. Blampied, whose parents live at Herald House, Trinity, was introduced last Thursday by Mr. Lander to Major-General Abadie, who congratulated him on his Jersey work. He is following the drawing course at Lambeth, London, and has shown special abilities in this art. He left the island on Saturday to resume his work.

Periodical: Jersey Weekly Press and Independent..

Date: Saturday, 3 December 1904. Page: 4. Price: 1d. Title: Success. Type: Text.

SUCCESS. We are pleased to learn that in the competition between all the London schools for sketchings, Mr E. Blampied, a native of Trinity, carried off the 3rd prize. The judges were Messrs Seymour Lucas R.A. and H.A Pegram, R.A. A dozen schools were represented. Mr Blampied was for some time in Mr. Le Masurier’s office in the Town Hall.

Periodical: Nouvelle Chroniques de Jersey.

Date: Samedi 17 Décembre 1904. Page: Unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Appointment. Type: Text.

APPOINTEMENT – Nous sommes heureux d'apprendre que M. Edmund Blampied, le jeune dessinateur Jersiais, don le talent est bien connu, vient d'être appointé sur le personnel de dessin du grand journal libéral le "Daily Chronicle". Nos félicitations.

APPOINTMENT - We are pleased to learn that Mr. Edmund Blampied, the young and talented cartoonist from Jersey, has just been appointed to the drawing staff of the major liberal newspaper the 'Daily Chronicle'. Our congratulations.

— 1905 —

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: 15-Sep-1905. Vol: 35. Issue: 150. Pages: 331 Price: 1 shilling. Title: Book illustration by Edmund Blampied (Lambeth). Type: BW1. Content: Small reproduction of a pen and ink drawing signed to R in a scrolled box 'E. Blampied 05'

Text on p 326: 'The designs of Edmund Blampied (Lambeth) should also be commended . . .'

Image of drawing

Design for a book illustration (click to enlarge)

Periodical: The Art Workers Quarterly.

Date: Oct-1905. Vol: 4. Issue: 16. Pages: 148-155 Price: 10/- per annum. Title: The National Competition 1905. Type: BW1. Content: Reproduction of a design for book illustration by Edmund Blampied (Lambeth) on p 151. Illust signed "E.Blampied 05" in capitals in white box in lower right hand corner.

Text on p 149: 'Some strong and thoughtful drawings were shown by Edmund Blampied (Lambeth) one of which is reproduced on page 151.''

Image of drawing

Design for a book illustration (click to enlarge)

Notes: This illustration was reprinted in The Art Workers Quarterly in the issue of August, 1908, in a special 'International Art Congress Number'. The magazine had stopped publishing in 1906 but returned in 1908 with two special issues on the Congress, in August and December 1908.

— 1906 —

Periodical: Chronique de Jersey .

Date: Samedi 4 Août 1906. Page: unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Un Artiste Jersiaise. Type: Text.

Un Artiste Jersiaise. Le 'Daily Chronicle' de Jeudi, contiens plusieurs croquis par M. E. Blampied de 'Herald House' Augrès, un jeune homme d’ont l’avenir artistique est des plus brillants. Le premier croquis représente l’intérieur d’une cuisine Jersiaise avec une vielle femme préparant le repas; le second est une voiture d’excursion suivie par deux gamins demandant qu’on leur donne quelques sous; le troisième représente une scène sur le plage; le quatrième l’entrée du Château Mont-Orgeuil; le cinquième des types de la population rurale française; le sixième, deux visiteurs armée de la fameuse tige de choux de dix pieds de haut, et enfin le septième, une promenade sentimentale entrée un visiteur et une élégante Jersiaise qu’il tient par le taille. De plus, ce journal contiens un article très élogieux au sujet de Jersey et des beautés dont la nature a doué notre île natale. M. Blampied, qui n’est âgé que d’une vingtaine d’années, avait fréquenté l’école paroissale de la Trinité, et pendant un certain temps il avait été employé dans le bureau de l’architecte de la ville. Qu’il nous soit permis de la féliciter chaleureusement de ses croquis et de un souhaiter tous succès.

A Jersey Artist. Thursday's 'Daily Chronicle' contains several sketches by M. E. Blampied of Herald House, Augrès, a young man witha bright artistic future. The first sketch depicts the interior of a Jersey kitchen with an old woman preparing the meal; the second is a touring car followed by two children asking for a few pennies; the third is a scene on the beach; the fourth is the entrance to the Mont Orgeuil castle; the fifth is a picture of the French rural population; the sixth is two visitors armed with the famous ten foot tall cabbage stalk, and the seventh is a sentimental walk of a visitor and an elegant Jersey girl he is holding by the waist. In addition, this newspaper contains a very complimentary article about Jersey and the beauties with which nature has endowed our native island. Mr. Blampied, who is only in his twenties, had attended the Trinity Parochial School, and for a time was employed in the office of the town architect. We would like to congratulate him warmly on his sketches and wish him every success.

— 1907 —

Periodical: Chroniques de Jersey .

Date: Mercredi 2 Janvier 1907. Page: unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Succès. Type: Text.

Nous apprenons que le jeune Edmund Blampied, actuellement employé aux Daily Chronicle, vient de remporter le 1er prix décerné par L’Ecole des Arts, Lambeth, pour caricatures et dessin.

We learn that the young Edmund Blampied, currently employed at the Daily Chronicle, has just won the 1st prize awarded by the School of Art, Lambeth, for cartoons and drawing.

— 1908—

Periodical: The Studio.

Date: 15-Feb-1908. Vol: 46. Issue: 191. Pages: 78-81 Price: 1 shilling. Title: Art School Notes. Type: Text.

Paragraph on page 81 on Bolt Court, Fleet Steet: . . . an exhibition of the students' work, held there lately, proved that art can flourish amid what appears to be the most unsuitable surroundings... It was composed almost entirely of original work executed either in the life class or outside the school by members of the sketch club, and some of it was extremely good... Mr Blampied's drawings of children... were (among) other good things in an attractive exhibition.'

Notes: This is the only evidence that Blampied was in London in 1908.

— 1909—

Periodical: The Queen.

Date: 17-Jul-1909. Vol: 46. Issue: 191. Page: 111 Price: 1 shilling. Title: Art School Notes. Round the Galleries. Type: Text.

ROUND THE GALLERIES. ...In the lower galleries are the school sections exhibiting the studies made from nature by the student of the Craft and L.C.C. schools... while among others whose work calls for notice are E. Blampied and Otto Jacobs...

— 1911 —

Periodical: Chroniques de Jersey .

Date: Mercredi 6 Décembre 1911. Page: unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Un artiste Jersiase. Type: Text.

UN ARTISTE JERSIASE. La grand review anglais, The Strand, publie dans son numéro spécial de Noël, an article illustré par le jeune E. Blampied, un de nos compatriotes qui grâce à son talent remarquable, s’est déjà acquis une certain renommée. Les dessins de notre compatriote son des croquis humoristiques très curieux. Pour se parfaire dans son art, Mons. Blampied est allé suivre de cours à Paris. Il avait été attaché à un quotidien anglais, mais récemment il as ouvert un atelier particulier. Nos meilleurs voeux de succès à notre compatriote.

A JERSEY ARTIST. The great English review, The Strand, publishes in its special Christmas issue an article illustrated by the young E. Blampied, one of our compatriots who, thanks to his remarkable talent, has already acquired a certain renown. The drawings of our compatriot are very curious humorous sketches. To perfect his art, Mons. Blampied went to take courses in Paris. He had been attached to an English daily newspaper, but recently he opened a private studio. Our best wishes of success to our compatriot.

Notes: This is the only mention I have ever found that Blampied studied in Paris. If so, it was probably in the years 1907-08, when nothing is known of what he was doing or where he was living. The most likely institution is the Académie Julian, which is where John Lander studied, and had an excellent reputation as a private art school.

Periodical: Nouvelle Chroniques de Jersey.

Date: Mercredi 6 Décembre 1911. Page: unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Un artiste Jersiase. Type: Text.

UN ARTISTE JERSIAIS. M. E. Blampied, le talentueux jeune artiste Jersiais, a faire les illustrations d'une historiette publiée dans le numéro de Noël due "Grand Magazine". Notre compatriote, après avoir travaillé quelque temps au "Daily Chronicle" a maintenant son propre cabinet et il fait les illustrations d'un assez grand nombre d'articles publiés en Amérique.

A JERSEY ARTIST. Mr. E. Blampied, the talented young artist from Jersey, made the illustrations for a story published in the Christmas issue of "Grand Magazine". Our fellow countryman, after having worked for some time at the "Daily Chronicle" now has his own practice and he does illustrations for quite a number of articles published in America.

Periodical: Nouvelle Chroniques de Jersey .

Date: Samedi 30 Décembre 1911. Page: unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Un artiste Jersiase. Type: Text.

M. Edmund Blampied, le jeune dessinateur Jersiais, a fait les illustrations d'une "nouvelle" intitulée "A Skater Romance" dans le numéro de Janvier de Wide World Magazine.

Mr. Edmund Blampied, the young cartoonist from Jersey, illustrated a 'short story' entitled 'A Skater Romance' in the January issue of Wide World Magazine.

[Note: the article is called 'A Shaker Romance' in 'Wide World Magazine'.]

— 1914—

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 17-Mar-1914. Page: 5. Price: unknown. Title: Engravings by London County Council Students. Type: Text.

ENGRAVINGS BY LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL STUDENTS. An exhibition of prints by the students of the London County Council School of Photo-engraving and Lithography has been opened at the school buildings, Bolt Court, E.C. About 100 prints are shown, including etchings, mezzotints, aquatints, and drypoints. The standard of work in design and feeling is high. Three exhibitors - Mr. R.C. Peter, Mr. J.W. Nicolson and Mr Edmond (sic) Blampied - show work of outstanding merit. Mr. Peter's dainty etching, 'Afternoon Sunlight,' and his mezzotint, 'A Darjeeling Cloth Merchant's Shop,' have already been seen at the Royal Academy. Mr. Blampied in 'The Ox Cart' may be taken to show that a clever craftsman can make a zinc plate produce line as expressive of filmy (sic? form) as anything that has been printed from copper'.

— 1915—

Periodical: The Times.

Date: 20-Mar-1915. Page: 13. Price: unknown. Title: Etchings and dry-points. Type: Text.

... the simple and spirited 'Restless Horse' by Mr. E. Blampied (58)...'

The title 'Restless horse' is not known but could be 'Stable language' [CD:11; AA:25; AH:E13.12], perhaps also entitled 'Restive horse'. This title is listed in the catalogue of the exhibition of prints of students at Bolt Court in 1914, which is reproduced in the catalogue raisonné of Arnold & Appleby (1996).

— 1917 —

Periodical: Chroniques de Jersey .

Date: Mercredi, 11 Avril 1917. Page: unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Un artiste Jersiase. Type: Text.

UN ARTISTE JERSIAS Note compatriote, M. Edmund Blampied, le dessinateur bien connu, vient exposer sept de ses dessins au “Salon des Humoristes” à Paris, es à obtenu un succès bien mérité. Le journal satirique illustré “Le Rire” a acheté plusieurs de les dessins, qui caricaturent l’allemand avec beaucoup de vivacité, et les publiera bientôt. M. Blampied dont le nom est bien connu aux lecteurs des illustré anglais, ne manquera pas de faire également apprécier son talent par nos amis Français.

A JERSEY ARTIST. Our countryman, Mr. Edmund Blampied, the well known draughtsman, has exhibited seven of his drawings at the "Salon des Humoristes" in Paris, and has obtained a well deserved success. The illustrated satirical newspaper 'Le Rire' bought several of the drawings, which caricatured Germany with great liveliness, and will soon publish them. M. Blampied, whose name is well known to the readers of English illustrated magazines, will not fail to make our French friends appreciate his talent as well.

— 1918 —

Periodical: Chroniques de Jersey .

Date: Mercredi, 3 Juillet 1918. Page: unknown. Price: Unknown. Title: Accident a un dessinateur. Type: Text.

ACCIDENT A UN DESSINATEUR. Les nombreux amis de M. Edmund Blampied, le dessinateur bien connu, actuellement Sous Caporal dans le garnison Jersiaise, apprendront avec regret que, Dimanche dernier, il a eu le bout de doigt du milieu de la main droit écrasé par l'écroulement subit d'une chaise pliante dur laquelle il était assis. Il a été soigné à l'Hôpital Militaire. Il est encore assez heureux pour notre compatriote que cet accident n'ait pas atteint l'index, ce qui aurait pu être un coup fatal pour les belle carrière ou il s'est déjà fait un nom.

ACCIDENT TO A DRAFTSMAN. The many friends of Mr. Edmund Blampied, the well known draftsman, currently a Lance-Corporal in the Jersiaise garrison, will learn with regret that last Sunday he had the fingertip of his middle right hand crushed by the sudden collapse of a hard folding chair he was sitting in. He was treated at the Military Hospital. It is quite fortunate for our compatriot that this accident did not reach his index finger, which could have been a fatal blow to the fine career in which he has already made a name for himself.

Periodical: Colour.

Date: Oct-1918. Vol: 9 Issue: 5. Pages: 68 Price: 2 shillings. Title: 'Driving home in the rain'. Type: DP1. Content: Reproduction of 'Driving home in the rain' (drypoint) [CD:32; AA:35; AH:E14.1] from Leicester Galleries

Notes: This is the first known reproduction of a print by Blampied. Although 'Driving home in the rain' had been designed in 1914 and proofs had been printed, Campbell Dodgson stated that Blampied's designs were not published until after the War, which had not yet ended. When it was published, probably in 1920, and the plate was destroyed (see CD, page 19) only 40 proofs were taken. This was probably because the plate was worn from the number of proofs that had been printed from it before the published edition.