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Serial numbers given to small books

This is a table of small books ordered using the serial numbers that Carr gave to them. Most of the first numbers from 1 to 18 were allocated retrospectively; the higher numbers were allocated currently, as titles were published. If a serial number is not listed, then it was not specified in any small book that has been seen so far. There may have been more numbers allocated, as not all later impressions have been seen. It is not know why some numbers have been allocated to more than one title. For example nine titles have been seen which are numbered 71. Perhaps they were all published in 1971?

The first 10 titles of small books listed in Tennyson's Lincolnshire Verse and the first impression of poems by Edward Thomas, were, in alphabetical order (with the serial number in parentheses, if one was given): Barnes (7), Blake (92), Clare (1), Herrick (9), Marvell (3), Khayyam (92), Owen, Rossetti, Tennyson and Wordsworth. So why weren't the numbers 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 given to these other titles as they were the first that Carr published, and why was Blake, who was definitely among the first poets published by Carr, given number 92, the same number as Omar Khayyam?

Table of small books in serial number order.

Serial Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Title 4 Title 5 Title 6 Title 7 Title 8 Title 9
1 Clare
3 Marvell
7 Brooke/Owen Barnes
9 Herrick
18 Longfellow
41 Goldsmith
49 Hardy
50 Shakespeare
52 Christmas book
55 Morris 2 Reciter 2
61 van Niekerk Crawhall
63 Burns Smart
65 Pope
66 Skelton
69 Hood
71 Bacon Bewick Chaucer Donne Frank Hassall Johnson Lee Rossettis
73 Swinburne
75 Carroll Territory
76 Border Ballads
77 Gidner
78 Scott
79 Gibbon
84 Cowper Queens Poole
85 Bierce Bunyan Hopkins Lear Milton Parsons Vaughan
90 Housman Songs
92 Blake Browning Flecker Khayyam Kipling
93 Dalby
94 Forrest's places Stephens
95 Belloc Byron Cricketers 2 Instructor Stevenson Wells YWOT
99 Chesterton Lawrence
100 Cruikshank