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The Pleasing Instructor; Or, A Packet of Pictures for All Good Children

This small book is a reproduction of a book of illustrated moral stories, published in about 1830 by Hodgson & Co, of Newgate Street in London. So it is both an engravers book and a book of text, but I have included it among the engravers, even though the artists are not known. It was intended as a book of short tales to instruct young people about how best to live their lives with prose explanations and poetical applications. The cover is probably a facsimile of the title page.

(Last updated on 30/11/2020)

SBE-INS1: First edition

Publisher: J.L. Carr Publisher, 27 Milldale Road, Kettering

Year: 1989?

ISBN: None

Size: 127 x 91 mm

Pages: 16 pp

Staples: two

Binding: white glossy printed card covers

Paper: white

Editor: (J.L. Carr)

Cover artist: not stated

Internal illustrations: 19 wood engravings

Number in series: 95

Colophon: none

Telephone number: none stated

Printing history: none stated

Number of other titles listed: none listed

Printed by: not stated

Content: Engraved pictures with short stories or explanations beneath, followed by two lines of moralistic verse.

Notes: This is one of seven titles numbered 95. The other six are: he others are: Belloc, Byron, Stevenson, The Young Women's Old Testament, Margaret Wells, and the Dictionary of English Cricketers volume 2.

Image of item

Rear and front covers

Image of item

Inside rear cover