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The Territory versus Flaherty

This is listed in the History of the QTP as A Murder Trial, not by its title, so it might have been in preparation to be published on the 100th anniversary of the trial, perhaps. It describes a murder trial held in Huron, Beadle County, Dakota Territory in 1889. A footnote inside the front covers states:

James Carr, an Englishman, worked for one year in Huron, South Dakota, exactly fifty years after this trial and knew men who had witnessed it. He believes this account, dredged from the town's newspaper, to be an exceptionally fine specimen of the high-spirited Frontier reporting of that time.

The only copy I can find in a U.K. library is at Leeds University. There is a copy at the Université de Lille, France.

(Last updated on 23/11/2020)

SBH-FLA1: First edition, only impression

Publisher: J.L. Carr, 27 Mill Dale Road, Kettering, U.K.

Year: 1989

ISBN: none

Size: 127 x 90 mm

Pages: 16 pp

Staples: two

Binding: printed matt card covers

Paper: off white
Illustrations: black

Editor: J.L. Carr

Cover artist: J.L. Carr, presumed

Internal illustrations: J.L. Carr, presumed

Number in series: 75

Colophon: none

Printing history: none given

Number of other titles listed: none listed

Printed by: no printer stated

Notes: This is one of two small books numbered 75; the other is Lewis Carroll.

Image of covers

Rear and front covers

Image inside front cover

Inside front cover