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Robert Browning

This title containing the poems of Robert Browning is not listed in Carr's History of the QTP, so may have been issued after 1987. He gave it number 92 in the series, a number that was also applied to editions of poems by Blake, Flecker, Kipling and Khayyam. This title was issued after several editions of the poems of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, back-to-back.

Hetty Beauchamp, the 17 year-old heroine of What Hetty Did, liked the poetry of Robert Browning and was studying it for her A-level exams, as did Carr when he was 17 years old, but for his School Certificate.

(Last updated on 6/4/2022)

SBP-BRO1: First impression

Publisher: J.L. Carr Publisher, 27 Milldale Road, Kettering

Year: 199?

ISBN: None

Size: 129 x 93 mm

Pages: 16

Staples: two

Binding: blue matt printed card covers

Paper: pale blue

Illustrations: none within

Editor: (J.L. Carr)

Cover artist: unknown

Internal illustrations: none

Number in series: 92

Colophon: none used

Telephone number: (0536) 514995

Printing history: none stated

Number of other titles listed: none

Printed by: none stated

Content: Biography of Robert Browning; Details of books in series. Poems My Last Duchess; Love among the ruins; Evelyn Hope; A Toccata of Galuppi's; Two in the Campagna; Meeting at night; A Grammarian's funeral (which continues onto the rear cover).

Image of book

Rear and front covers (click to enlarge)

Image of book

Inside front cover (click to enlarge)

Notes: This volume is so full of poems there is no space for anything else; they spill over onto the rear cover. The scan makes the book look a brighter blue than it actually is.

Five other titles are also numbered 92: William Blake 9-10, James Elroy Flecker 3, Rudyard Kipling and Omar Khayyam 5.

Carr dedicated the book to Mr Rankin, his English teacher at Castleford Secondary School, who introduced him to Browning in 1928.