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A.E. Housman

Carr published one edition of poems by A.E. Housman (1859-1936), probably in 1986, when Housman's work came out of copyright 50 years after his death. Copyright was increased to 70 years in 1995. Carr cited a verse by Housman in the front of the first edition of A Month in the Country. Some of Carr's poems seem to be in the style of Housman.

(Last updated on 16/2/2021)

SBP-HOU1: First edition

Title: Alfred Edward Housman

Publisher: J.L. Carr, 27 Mill Dale Road, Kettering

Year: 1986

ISBN: None

Size: 129 x 94 mm

Pages: 16

Staples: two

Binding: white printed glossy card covers

Paper: cream

Editor: (J.L. Carr)

Cover artist: Christopher Fiddes

Internal illustrations: 10 by Christopher Fiddes

Number in series: 90

Colophon: none

Telephone number: (0536) 514995

Printing history: none

Number of other titles listed: none

Printed by: not stated

Image of book

Rear and front covers (click to enlarge)

Image of book

Inside rear cover (click to enlarge)

Content: Into my heart an air that kills...; Loveliest of trees, the cherry now...; With rue my heart is laden...; In summertime on Bredon...;Far in a western brookland...; Could man be drunk for ever...; The vane on Hughley steeple...; The lads in their hundreds to Ludlow come; Epitaph on an army of mercenaries; Along the field as we came by...; When I watch the living meet...; To an athlete dying young; On Wenlock Edge the wood's in trouble...; Is my team ploughing...; From far, from eve and morning...; The carpenter's son; The chestnut casts his flambeaux...

Notes: Many of the poems are taken from 'A Shropshire lad' (Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Co. Ltd, 1896). The Song of Songs is also number 90 in the series. Chris Fiddes' drawing is probably based on a photograph of Housman by E.O. Hoppé in 1910