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Magazines containing drawings by Edmund Blampied

The magazines titles are listed in alphabetical order. All are published in London unless specified. The illustrations have been found by manually searching bound volumes of each title, either in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University or the British Library in London. I have searched bound volumes published between 1912 and 1926, which was the major period when Blampied worked for many publishers of both books and magazines while establishing himself as a etcher and artist in oils and watercolours. When the market for prints collapsed after the Wall Street Crash, Blampied returned to working for magazines in 1933, undertaking significant commissions for The Illustrated London News and then contributing cartoons to The Sketch. I suspect that there are more illustrations to find in other titles as I have seen illustrations but don't know where they were published. I have also looked in a number of titles and found no examples of Blampied's work. I will list these titles eventually.

Image of illustration

Illustration in The Bystander in 1926 (click to enlarge)

Magazines listed in alphabetical order: