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The Lady's Realm

Amalgamated Magazine Company, 1, 2, & 3, Crown Court, Chancery Lane, W.C.

The Lady's Realm was a relatively short-lived magazine that lasted for 235 monthly issues from November 1896 to May 1916. It was first published by Hutchinson until October 1909, when it was taken over for about a year by Stanley Paul who then licenced it to the Amalgamated Magazine Company until its demise in 1916. It was aimed at the upper and aspiring middle classes and many articles were written by titled ladies. It was very conventional.

Four issues have been found containing drawings by Edmund Blampied: a single drawing, almost as a frontispiece to the issue of January 1912, then illustrations for stories in issues published in February, April and July 1912. These were among Blampied's first illustrations for magazines and still show a heavy, Edwardian style. He soon found regular work for Pearson's Magazine from April 1912 and work in colour for The Ladies Field.

Thanks to Richard Beaton, a book dealer, for checking most later volumes of the magazine for illustrations by Blampied. I think all have been found.

Published: Monthly, 6 issues to a volume from November to April and May to October

Price: 6d in 1912

Numbering: Sequential

Pages: 98 pp in 1912

Dimensions: about 245 x 165 mm (bound volumes are trimmed)

Editor: not known

Printer: not known

Blampied issues: 4

Type: MO = monochrome drawing; CO = colour drawing; the number indicates the number of drawings or pages.

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— 1912 —

Issue: January 1912, vol. 3, no. 183, page 242. Price: 6d. Type: MO1. Title: The Dancers Author: None

Image of drawing

Issue: February 1912, vol. 31, no. 184, page 423-428. Price: 6d. Type: MO4. Title: The Oxford Girl. Author: D.W. Newcomer

Image of drawingImage of drawingImage of drawingImage of drawing

Issue: April 1912, vol. 31, no. 186, page 648-652. Price: 6d. Type: MO4. Title: A "Feast pig" in Holland Author: Rowland Gray

Image of drawingImage of drawingImage of drawingImage of drawing

Issue: July 1912, vol. 32, no. 189, page 236-241. Price: 6d. Type: MO2. Title: "Why not?" Author: Mrs George Miln

Image of drawingImage of drawing