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Books with a cover, dust jacket or internal illustrations by Edmund Blampied

The publishers are listed in alphabetical order. All are in England unless specified. If a title was reprinted by a different publisher, it is listed under the name of the original publisher. For example, the Blampied edition of Peter and Wendy was first published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1939 and then reprinted in the USA by Charles Scribner's Sons in 1940, while the Blampied edition of Travels with a Donkey was first published by John Lane in 1931 and reprinted in the USA by Dodd, Mead & Co. in the same year. These books are only listed once, under the name of the original publisher.

The number of titles includes books which reproduced illustrations that had been published in earlier titles. For example the fine children's story book At the Farm (1919) published by Thomas Nelson contained illustrations that were used in other titles, such as board books of coloured pictures, while parts of story books for children were used in Nelson's children's annuals such as The Chummy Book, The Jolly Book and The Nursery Book, which were for children of different ages.

Some dust jackets were identified from Blampied's personal album of dust jackets. I would like to thank the Blampied family for allowing me to see this album and for their support for this bibliography. I would also like to thank the Bodleian Library at Oxford University for allowing me access to the stacks when I was working at the University. I found many jackets this way. Until about 1920 the Library pasted the dust jacket inside the front cover of each novel; thereafter they were discarded, sadly. The British Library discarded them too.

Photo of book

Cover of Blampied's only book, 92 pages of cartoons

259 titles by publisher, listed in alphabetical order: