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George Newnes (NEW)

George Newnes Ltd., Southampton Street, Strand, W.C., London

Blampied illustrated a story for World Wide Magazine published by Newnes in January 1912, but did most of his work for The Ladies Field in 1913 and 1914. Only one book published by Newnes with a design by Blampied is known: an inexpensive paperback published in about 1914 although the copy in the British Library was received in 1916. There may be more as these fragile, inexpensive paperbacks do not survive. Blampied's only book, obscurely called Bottled Trout and Polo, was published by Newnes in 1936.

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— 1914 —

Small image of cover   NEW-14.1A Secret Sin by William Le Queux (Cover of paperback novel)

— 1936 —

Small image of cover   NEW-36.1Bottled Trout and Polo by [Edmund] Blampied (Dust jacket, cover and all internal illustrations)