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Constable & Co. (CON)

Constable & Co., London W.C.2

The firm of Constable and Co. was established in 1795 in Edinburgh by Archibald Constable (1774-1827). His grandson, also called Archibald Constable, founded another publishing firm in 1890, this time in London called Constable and Company, which was probably the publisher of these books. In the 1920s, when Blampied worked for them, Constable & Co. published Bernard Shaw and Katherine Mansfield. Constable continued as an independent publisher until 1999, when it merged with a company founded in 1983 to become Constable & Robinson. It is reported that in 2013 they turned down a novel submitted anonymously by J.K. Rowling and suggested that she should attend a writing course. The company was bought the following year by an American publishing conglomerate.

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— 1921 —

Small image of dust jacketCON-21.1Simon Called Peter by Robert Keable (Dust jacket)

Small image of dust jacket  CON-21.2Nightfall by the Author of Jenny Essenden (Dust jacket)

— 1926 —

Small image of dust jacketCON-26.1A Son of the House by A R Weekes (Dust jacket)

— 1933 —

Small image of dust jacketCON-33.1Corruption by Richard Curle (Dust jacket)