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Ward, Lock (WAR)

Warwick House, Salisbury Square, London, EC4

Ward, Lock were a prolific publisher of novels, many by famous novelists of the time, such as Edgar Wallace and E. Philips Oppenheim. Blampied's brother-in-law, Salomon van Abbé designed at least 250 dust jackets or wrappers for this company. I have found three jackets designed by Blampied, two of them for novels written by William Le Queux, all first published in 1922 according to the British Library catalogue. Two are signed indistinctly, but have a characteristic style. There may well be more titles.

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— 1922 —

Small image of jacket   WAR-22.1Three Knots by William Le Queux (Dust jacket of a novel)

Small image of cover   WAR-22.2The Young Archduchess by William Le Queux (Dust jacket of a novel and cover of paperback)

Small image of jacket   WAR-22.3Dunslow by E.R. Punshon (Dust jacket of a novel)