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Leonard Parsons (PAR)

Portugal Street, Kingsway, London

I found these two books after I had published my bibliography of Blampied. The first I found by chance while looking through books that had been newly uploaded to a book web site; I found the second by searching for novels published by Parsons in the early 1920s that had a dust jacket. Parsons didn't publish many novels, but issued books with serious titles such as The March Towards Socialism and Public Ownership of the Liquor Trade. The jackets for these two novels were designed just after Blampied had returned to London after serving in the Jersey Militia during Word War One and was casting around for work. They are both colourful, dramatic designs so there may be others, probably also published in 1920. But dust jackets from this period rarely survive . . . Sadly, libraries and book buyers used to throw them away.

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— 1920 —

Small image of cover   PAR-20.1Miriam and the Philistines by Alice Clayton Greene (Dust jacket)

Small image of cover   PAR-20.2The Buried Torch by Coralie Stanton and Heath Hosken (Dust jacket)