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William Heinemann (HEI)

William Heinemann, 21 Bedford Street, London

Three of the four novels with dust jackets are only known from Blampied's personal album of dust jackets. He cut the front panel from a number of dust jackets and pasted them on the pages of a sketchbook. Most of them are from the 1920s and they are not in any particular order, so it seems that it was retrospective rather than systematic. The other jacket was identified on site selling facsimile dust jackets and then found for sale on a rare book site. All these titles, except Albert Goes Through, are uncommon, even without the dust jacket. The only book I have is Albert Goes Through.

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— 1922 —

Small image of dust jacket  HEI-22.1The Great Quest by Charles Boardman Hawes (Dust jacket)

Small image of dust jacket  HEI-22.2Captivity by Leonora Eyles (Dust jacket)

Small image of dust jacket  HEI-22.3Hidden Lives by Leonora Eyles (Dust jacket)

— 1925 —

Small image of dust jacket  HEI-25.1The Notorious Sophie Lang by Frederick Irving Anderson (Dust jacket)

— 1933 —

Small image of dust jacketHEI-33.1Albert Goes Through by J.B. Priestley (Dust jacket and internal illustrations)