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Duckworth (DUC)

Duckworth and Company, 3 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London.

This publishing company was founded in 1898 by Gerald de l'Etang Duckworth (1870-1937). Duckworth's published novels by Evelyn Waugh, Henry James, Elinor Glyn and Viginia Woolf, as well as many illustrated editions of The Roadmender. The novel with a dust jacket was found since the publication of my first bibliography in 2010.

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— 1924 —

Small image of dust jacket   DUC-24.1iThe Roadmender by Michael Fairless (Fine edition with dust jacket, frontispiece and 7 plates)

— 1925 —

Small image of dust jacket   DUC-25.1Tit for Tat by Frank Romer (Dust jacket)