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The art of Edmund Blampied in periodicals: 1901 - 1966

These pages list periodicals that contain illustrations of prints, drawings or paintings by Edmund Blampied that were published until the year of his death. A few early articles that mention his work are also listed because they show how his talent was recognised in Jersey at at early age and I have given short extracts of some reviews and articles about Blampied's work that were published in the art press and national newspapers even if there were no illustrations.

Edmund Blampied is perhaps best known as an etcher even though he mostly preferred the technique of drypoint, which is a simpler, more immediate intaglio process (see The Art of Etching, 1925). But he was also a painter in oils and watercolours, which were usually based on rough sketches that he used to see if he could capture an idea and then develop it in preliminary drawings, many of which he then sold. For his early oil paintings such as Building a Cathedral at Annecy and 'Driving home inthe rain' he also did a preliminary oil sketch, usually on a smaller canvas. Later in life he preferred to work on the rough surface of canvas board.

Blampied made his reputation as an artist in London between 1920 and 1938, the year he returned to live in Jersey. He held several exhibitions of his work at the Leicester Galleries of his agent Alex Reid & LeFèvre, and later at Walter Bull and Sanders, including a show of humorous drawings in 1931 that Blampied called his 'Nonsense Show'. But the best exhibitions were of oil paintings in 1925 and then mostly watercolours in 1929, 1930, 1933 and 1935 in London and Glasgow. These paintings are uncommon, but turn up at auctions now and again. The unsold paintings in the 1930s were sent to the USA and were shown first at the Schwartz Galleries, and then by Guy Mayer Galleries, so there are examples in American collections and they come up for auction in the USA. After the war Blampied mostly showed his work at the galleries of T.R. Annan in Glasgow and at the Société Jersiaise, so paintings from this period can be found in many houses in Jersey and in the collection of Jersey Heritage.

Image of cover

Title page of the art magazine Drawing and Design, May 1923.

Portrait of Blampied by Saloman van Abbé.

The inter-war exhibitions of Blampied's work in London were reported in the art press as well as in weekly news magazines, and his pictures were featured in the growing number of magazines that printed in colours, including the art magazine actually called Colour, as well as in The Studio, a long-established monthly magazine about the arts and 'Draing and Design'. All issues of these titles have been searched for examples of Blampied's art. Click on the images or the links below to see the periodicals in six sections:

Image of drawingPeriodicals 1901-1919Image of drawingPeriodicals 1920-1924Image of drawingPeriodicals 1925-1929

Image of paintingPeriodicals 1930-1934Image of coverPeriodicals 1935-1939Image of pastelPeriodicals 1940-1966