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A proposed new Catalogue Raisonné of the prints of Edmund Blampied.

There have been two previous catalogues:

Campbell Dodgson (1926). A complete catalogue of the etchings and drypoints of Edmund Blampied. London: Halton & Truscott Smith Ltd.

Jean Arnold and John Appleby (1996). A catalogue raisonné of etchings, drypoints & lithographs by Edmund Blampied. Jersey: John Appleby Publishing.

Dodgson (1926) listed 100 etchings and drypoints up to 1926, including the signed proof of an original drypoint which was included with the volume.

Appleby & Arnold (1996) included an additional 100 etchings and drypoints, making a total of 200, and listed 43 lithographs plus 12 silhouettes and two bronzes. An unsigned proof of an original drypoint was included in the limited edition, but it was not numbered or included in the main published volume.

A new Catalogue Raisonné of the etchings, drypoints, lithographs, silhouettes, bronzes and bookplates of Edmund Blampied (1886-1966) will contain:

The catalogue will also provide:

All of this depends on finding a publisher, funding, and getting permission to reproduce prints and drawings in public and private collections.