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Carr published his first dictionary, of English Queens, in March 1977, to coincide with the Queen's Silver Jubilee. It was followed quickly by his Dictionary of extra-ordinary English Cricketers in July 1977 which was based on short notes he had written on cricket and cricketers between 1948 and 1951 for the yearbooks of the Midlands Club Cricket Conference. The Dictionary of Cricketers was very well received and, according to Carr, was reviewed in more column inches than any other of his publications. It led to several other dictionaries and a few dictionaries by other compilers, which Carr published.

Each small book is identified by an alphanumeric code: SBD for Small Book, Dictionary; followed by two letters and a number (if there were two or more editions of the same title) or three letters to identify the title, followed by a serial number to identify the impression. Any variants are identified with lower case letters, a, b, etc.

The first number given in the second parentheses next to the title below is the number indicated in the History of the QTP (1987); the second number is the number of editions or impressions seen or suspected. If the first number is 0 then it was not listed in the History of the QTP either because it was published after 1987 or because Carr omitted it.

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Dictionaries compiled by J.L. Carr:

Dictionaries by other compilers, published by J.L. Carr:

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