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Sally on the Rocks

[Mary] Winifred Boggs

I can find out very little about Mary Winifred Boggs (1874-1931). She also wrote under the name 'Edward Burke': see My Wife. Her novels were published in the USA, Spain and Argentina.

Sally on the Rocks seems to have been first published in 1915, but no details are given in Jisc of the publisher or number of pages. The edition published by Herbert Jenkins is not dated in Jisc, but the address of the publisher in my copy is Arundel Place, not York Street. The copy of Netherleigh dated 1916 also has the address of Arundel Place, so I suspect that this is an reprint of the novel published in 1915 rather than a later reprint issued in the early 1920s. The adverts on the back panel are also in the style of novels published around this date.

Later edition?

Bibliography code: JEN-15.1

Publisher: Herbert Jenkins

Series: none

Year: [1915]

Format: 16mo

Pages: 317

Binding: green cloth with title in black at top; by the Author of The Sale of Lady Dventry at base, with a black line round the egde; title, author and publisher at base on spine in black

Size: 182 x 115 mm

Dust jacket: signed Bl, lower left in papers the woman is sitting on

Internal illustrations: none

Price: 2 shillings over 1 shilling 6 pence

Printing history: Popular edition.

Printed by: Lve & Malcolmson, Ltd, London and Redhill

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Notes: This is a later impression, as novels published after the first edition, such as Netherleigh are advertised on the rear panel at a price of 1/6d.