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My Wife

Edmund Burke [pseud Mary Winifred Boggs]

Although there is no signature visible on the jacket of this book it is so characteristic of Blampied in its imaginativeness and execution that I can't believe it's not by him. I recently obtained a reprint priced at 1/6 and so have the full jacket, but there is no sign of a signature. Maybe it was removed because it affected the composition?.

I can find out very little about Mary Winifred Boggs (1874-1931) who also wrote under her own name: see Sally on the Rocks.

(Last updated on 22/11/2023)

First edition

Bibliography code: JEN-17.1

Publisher: Herbert Jenkins

Series: none

Year: 1917

Format: 8vo

Pages: 315, 4 pp ads

Binding: Bright red cloth with title at top in caps and "By the author of 'Bachelors's Buttons'" below, both in black. Black line around edge. Title, author and publisher in black on spoine with horizontal black lines above and below. Pegasus logo impressed on rear.

Size: 190 x 136 mm

Dust jacket: no signature

Internal illustrations: none

Price: 5 shillings

Printing history: None given

Printed by: not known

Notes: A later edition priced at 1/6d (shown left), probably printed in the 1920s, has orange cloth and is slightly smaller: 181 x 116 mm. It has the same number of pages, but no adverts at the end.

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket of later reprint (click to enlarge)