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W[illiam] Riley

William Riley (1866-1961) was a Yorkshire novelist. He wrote his first novel Windyridge in instalments for his family and when it was published it became very popular. This was his second novel.

The jacket design is very characteristic of Blampied, but it is signed 'T Neville' (see below). The writing is like Blampied's. It is possible that when he designed this jacket he was under contract to Hodder & Stoughton, so had to use another name. His brother-in-law, Salomon van Abbé, used the pseudonym 'C. Morse' because a dispute with publishers meant that he could not sign his work 'Abbey', his usual signature. Blampied occasionally used a pseudonym for his drawings in magazines other than 'Blam'. Two have been seen: 'Rozel' and 'L'Arbalestier', used in Nash's Pall Mall Magazine in October 1931 and in Woman in January 1926 respectively.

First edition, second impression

Bibliography code: JEN-16.2?

Publisher: Herbert Jenkins

Series: none

Year: 1916

Format: 8vo

Pages: 320

Binding: green cloth with title in black at top; by the Author of Windyridge below and an imprinted decoration of some cottages below a hillside with trees; title, author and flowers on spine, with publisher at base

Size: 195 x 134 mm

Dust jacket: T. Neville

Internal illustrations: none

Price: no price

Printing history: Second impression, dated MCMXVI, indicating that it's a first edition

Printed by: Wyman & Sons, Ltd., Printers, London and Reading

Notes: Some paper has been lost on the jacket from the man's knee

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Image of cover   Image of cover

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)                  (Signature on dust jacket)