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Some early poems and recent drawings by J.L. Carr, 1912 - 1994

This small book was published in 1994 by the Quince Tree Press, to commemorate the life of J.L. Carr.

(Last updated on 18/12/2020)

SBX-CAR1: First edition

Publisher: R.D. & J.M. Carr, The Quince Tree Press

Year: (1994)

ISBN 10: (1-904016-168)

Size: 128 x 94 mm

Pages: 16 pp

Staples: two

Binding: white glossy printed card covers

Paper: brown text on cream paper

Editor: (R.D. & J.M. Carr)

Cover artist: J.L. Carr

Internal illustrations: 17 internal illustrations and a photograph of Carr

Number in series: none given

Colophon: house (at front); sun face with name at top and address below (at rear)

Printing history: none stated

Number of other titles listed: none

Printed by: not stated

Image of covers

Rear and front covers

Inside rear cover

Inside rear cover

Content: Short biography; In the long meadow... (1939); My blue flower has fallen; Too soon, too soon they pass... (1940); Eastward the land is full of field... (1945); If the value of time truly depends...; Ah far off is that country; All day along the fells the rain... (1942); Across this weary northern plain... (1935); extract from A Day in Summer (1963); section of a Map of Northamptonshore showing Kettering; In winter when the woods are dim... (1942); When we had tea at Tintern... (1940); extract from The First Saturday in May; Already in our city streets...; extract from A Month in in the Country; O this I know...(c 1939); Outside this room the hollyhocks... (1940); extract from 'A Month in the Country'; Rhyme and rhythm... (1940).

Notes: This volume, which is assumed to be the first edition, has been reprinted. The ISBN is taken from a later reprint with a monochrome cover.