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The Last Englishman. The Life of J.L. Carr (2003)

This is a full, authorised biograpy of J.L. Carr. There is bibliography at the back which seems to have been taken from the History of the QTP because the same books and maps are missing that Carr left out e.g. Hardy, Cowper, Buckinghamshire and Beadle County.

By: Byron Rogers

Publisher: Aurum Press

Date: May 2003

ISBN: 1-85410-838-7

Printed by: MPG Books Ltd, Bodmin

Designed by: Peter Dyer

Photographs by: Denis Thorpe, courtesy of Guardian Newspapers

Pages: xii, pp 274

Binding: Dark blue cloth, with title, author and published in gold on the spine

Size: 204 x 134 mm

Price: £14.99

Reprinted: 16 May 2013, in paperback (ISBN 1781311528), pp 296, £9.99

Kindle edition: ISBN 1845138139, available from Amazon U.K.

Contents: 1-19 The Return; 20-56 The Making of a Methodist; 57-79 An Education; 80-93 Steeple Sinderby; 94-124 To the Wild West and Beyond; 25-146 A Season in Sinji; 147-174 The Harpole Report; 175-197 Mr Carr the Novelist; 234-253 J.L. Carr, the Publisher; 254-265 Endings; 267-268 Notes; 269-272 Bibliography of the Complete Works of J.L. Carr; 273-274 Index

Photo of cover

Dust jacket and spine