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Jersey Forum, Number 6

This is the sixth issue, the fourth to be named Jersey Forum. The issue was dated December 1944 on the title page, which means that there was no issue in November. The next issue, number 7, was dated Christmas 1944, so a second issue was published in December 1944. Perhaps this was the November issue, but was late.

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Issue: 6

Date: December, 1944

Price: 1 Reich Mark

Pages: 40, including covers

Dimensions: 214 x 160 mm

Credit: Edited and published by A. Michael Frowd.

Printer: J.T. Bigwood Ltd

Duplicated by: Mrs S.B. Le Brocq, 45, Roseville St.

Photo of cover of magazine

Cover by Blampied (click to enlarge)


P 2. '...All is Vanity...

P 3. 'Jersey Forum Presents' (contents)

P 4-5. 'Points Pool' (football pools)

P 6. 'Football Forecasts' by the Sports Editor

P 7-9. 'The Dover Road' reviewed by Patch

P 10-12, 28. 'The Jersey Brains Trust'

P 13-16. 'Your and the Law' by Lex

P 17. 'Johnson's Crime' by Arthur Kent

P 18. Letter from A.P. Laurent

P 19. Advertisements

P 20-21. 'Harold Becomes Shirt-conscious' by E.W. Chandler

P 22. Advertisement from 'Jersey Forum'

P 23-24. 'Rambling through St. Martin's' by R. Winter

P 25-26. 'I Saw Stars' by Marjorie Baker

P 27. 'The Editor's Page'

P 29. 'Black Magic in St Ouen' by H.J. Baal

P 30. 'Magpies are Clever Birds' by H.J. Baal

P 31-33. 'Where is Tormentor' by Renatus

P 34. 'La Calomnie' by Beaumarchais; 'Slander'

P 36-37. Prize Crossword number 5 by Renatus

P 38-40. Advertisements