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Jersey Forum, Number 5

This is the fifth issue, the third to be named Jersey Forum. The cover is another lino cut, initialled by Edmund Blampied. The problems with publishing the magazine were increasing. The Editor wrote on the title page:

Jersey Forum appears again - despite many difficulties. Linotype machines depend on gas to melt their metal for casting into print. So all the type on the[se] outside pages has been set by hand. . . It was decided, therefore, to duplicate the inside pages. A fresh difficult immediately presented itself - that of finding good duplicating stencils which, after four years without supplies, was no easy task. . . Another difficulty was to find a suitable typewriter with small (élite type) and a long carriage. . . Materal for half-tone blocks was exhausted at the time of the last number. . .

Despite these difficulties the number of pages was increased from 28 to 40 and the magazine was made 25 mm wider, but the larger type meant that fewer words could be printed. A new printer was used. An advert was included within the issue for Duplicating Stencils - any quantity.

Each issue was individually numbered on the back cover which advertised:

Is this your lucky number? Look for it in the Evening Post. It may be worth Five Guineas!

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Issue: 5

Date: October, 1944

Price: 1 Reich Mark

Pages: 40, including covers

Dimensions: 214 x 160 mm

Credit: Edited and published by A. Michael Frowd.

Printer: J.T. Bigwood Ltd

Duplicated by: Mrs S.B. Le Brocq, 45, Roseville St.


P 2. Advertisements.

P 3. 'Dear Reader' by The Editor

P 4. 'Personality and...' (cartoon)

P 5. 'Jersey Forum Presents' (contents)

P 6. 'Jazz' by Orpheus (poem)

P 7-8. Forum 'Mr Coombs is rebuked'

P 9-11. Correspondence from Rchard T. Arscott, Les Huelin

P 12. 'Housemaster' reviewed by Marjorie Baker

P 13-21. 'The Early Theatre in Jersey' by G.R. Balleine

P 22-24. 'Seymour Hicks' by Joan Kennedy

P 25. 'Jersey Forum faces the 'Mike'

P 26-28. 'What I Demand of a Critic' by May Windsor, Walter D'Alcorn, Jack Coombs

P 29-30. 'The Late Christopher Bean'

P 31-34. 'Enterprise' by Winter Le Brocq

P 35. 'Startling Revelation' (cartoon)

P 36-37. Prize Crossword number 4 by Renatus

P 38. 'Hints from History' by Elizabeth

P 39-40. Advertisements

Photo of cover of magazine

Cover by Blampied (click to enlarge)