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Jersey Forum, Number 7

This is the seventh and last issue, the fifth to be named Jersey Forum. The issue was dated Christmas 1944 on the cover, which means that there were two issues published in December 1944. No more issues are known, but more issues were planned as there is a notice by the crossword puzzle in this issue that two six months subscriptions to 'JERSEY FORUM' or fifteen shillings will be awarded for the first correct entry opened on the closing date Monday, January 8th. Perhaps the printer had run out of paper or it was prohibitively expensive to publish another issue?

The title looks as if it has been placed over the lino cut, perhaps to osbcure something that was wrong, while the whole design has proportions that look the same as the narrower magazine used for the first five issues.

Thanks to Geoff Morris of Grange Framing, Georgetown, Jersey for the image of the cover of this issue and for the details of its contents.

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Issue: 7

Date: Christmas, 1944

Price: not stated

Pages: 40 pp

Dimensions: 214 x 160 mm

Credit: Edited and published by A. Michael Frowd.

Printer: J.T. Bigwood Ltd

Duplicated by: Mrs S.B. Le Brocq, 45, Roseville St.

Photo of cover of magazine

Cover by Blampied (click to enlarge)


P 2. Cartoon of Reg Grandin

P 3. 'Jersey Forum Presents' A Special Christmas and New Year Number for 1944 (contents)

P 4-5. Greetings from Christmas 1944. A poem by Reg Grandin

P 6. Adverts

P 7. 'Minx in Mink', a story by Joan Kennedy

P 11. 'What shall we play?' Party Games

P 15. H.J. Baal

P 16. 'Bygone Christmases' by G.R. Balleine

P 18. 'Bats in the Belfry' reviewed by Patch

P 20. 'Harold Acquires a Personality' by E.W. Chandler

P 23. 'The Little Match Girl' by John Hubert

P 27. Miss Hoskings

P 28. 'Christmas Present' by Paul Williams, competition winner

P 33. Futuristic Fantasy of 2144

P 36. Football Pools

P 38. Crossword