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Jersey Forum, Number 4

This is the fourth issue, the second to be named Jersey Forum. The cover is not signed or initialled, but it is like later covers designed by Edmund Blampied and the previous issue had stated that the cover of the next issue would be designed by him based on the best limierick sent by a reader, which is printed below. It looks like a lino cut, perhaps because materials to prepare lithographic plates were no longer available. An advert inside the back page for 'Thick Brown Cork Lino suitable for Lino Cuts' was placed by Jersey Forum.

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Issue: 4

Date: September, 1944

Price: 1 Reich Mark

Pages: 28, including covers

Dimensions: 217 x 135 mm

Credit: Edited and published by A. Michael Frowd.

Printer: V.B. Collins & Co., Jersey


P 2. Advertisements.

P 3. 'Jersey Forum Introduces. . .' (Contents)

P 4-5. 'If Four Walls Told' by Majorie Baker (review of play)

P. 6. 'Church, Concert Hall & Studio' by Orpheus

P 7. Forum 'Jack Coombs says NO'

P 8-11. 'The Case of the Turned Worm', Written and Illustrated by E. W. Chandler (play)

P 11. 'Mood Melancholy' and 'Unda Mirabilis' by Emlyn Gower (poems)

P 12-13. 'The Corpse that Carried its Head' by G.R. Balleine

P 14-15. 'Jersey, Look Ahead' (article about local politics)

P 16-17. 'More Jottings of a Journalist' by Joan Kennedy

P 18-19. 'The Audience' by Patch; by E.F.P. Thompson

P 20-21. 'Sport is Not Dead in Jersey' by Arthur Kent

P 22. 'The Société Jersiaise and its President'

P 23. 'On Tour with the Ballet'

P 24-25. Prize Crossword number 3 by Renatus

P 26. 'August' by H.J. Baal

P 27-28. Advertisements

Photo of cover of magazine

Cover by Blampied (click to enlarge)