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Jersey Forum, Number 3

This is the third issue, but the first named Jersey Forum, with another cover drawing by Edmund Blampied and internal drawings to an anonymously authored story called July Morning about a Mr Le Vendeur, who buys and sells in these hard times (see below). I can't find out why the name of the magazine was changed, but it might have been as a result of a decision to broaden the remit of articles, make it less specialised, and attract more readers. There was very little opportunity for theatre during the German Occupation of the Island. Perhaps the editor had immitated the Guernsey magazine, just to get it started.

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Issue: 3

Date: August, 1944

Price: 1 Reich Mark

Pages: 28, including covers

Dimensions: 216 x 135 mm

Credit: Edited and published by A. Michael Frowd.

Printer: V.B. Collins & Co., Jersey


P 2. Advertisements.

P 3. 'Jersey Forum Introduces. . .' (Contents)

P 4. Advertisements

P. 5. 'Nature diary: July' by H.J. Baal

P 6-8. 'Variable Star' by K.J. Nowlan' (short story)

P 9. 'The Song of the Occupee', by Eva Elson (poem)

P 10-11. 'Jottings of a Journalist' by Joan Kennedy

P 12. 'Training for the Ballet' by Yvonne Le Sueur

P 13-15. 'July Morning' (illustrated by Edmund Blampied)

P 16-17. 'Some Early Jersey Newspapers' by G.R. Balleine

P 18. 'Work and Play With Marjorie Kaenel, Enid Le Feuvre

P 19. 'What a Choice' by Orpheus

P 2-21. 'Music for the Sick' selected by Walter Larbalestier and others

P 22. 'Beauty through the Ages' by Elizabeth

P 23. Advertisements

P 24-25. Prize Crossword number 2 by Renatus

P 26-28. Advertisements

Photo of cover of magazine

Cover by Blampied (click to enlarge)

Anonymous story, illustrated by Edmund Blampied. Click each page to enlarge and read.

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