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Some engravings by Stephen Gooden

This page shows my collection of Stephen Gooden's designs engraved on copper, which are shown below in chronological order. The bookplates and illustrations for books are show on separate pages.

The coding system I have used for his designs is shown on the catalogue page for his designs for bookplates, labels, coats-of-arms and devices.

(Upadated on 20/10/23)

Image of engraving

E5: The Rider on the Lion

Date: 1925

Plate size: 152 mm in diameter

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 5

States: three

Proofs: 100 impressions

Notes: This engraving was reproduced as the frontispiece to a patriotic poem entitled 'The Trumpeter of St George' by G. Rostrevor Hamilton which was published in 1941 by George G. Harrap for the Royal Society of St George.

Image of engraving

E7: The Magi

Date: 1926

Plate size: 59 x 135 mm

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 7

States: three states

Proofs: unknown

Notes: This engraving is signed and dated 'STEPHEN GOODEN 1928' in the lower right margin and was used by Sir Geoffrey Keynes (1887-1982) as his Christmas card in 1928 and again in 1947 (shown here). Keynes was an important patron of Gooden and as well as commissioning his own bookplate (B8), he commissioned Gooden to design two bookplates for the Royal College of Surgeons (B37, B38), the last that Gooden designed before his death.

E8: Robert Acres

Date: 1927

Plate size: 60 x 48 mm

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 8

States: only state

Proofs: 12

Notes: This is a portrait engraved in zinc of Mona Gooden, the artist's wife, in fancy dress. Robert or 'Bob' Acres is a Quack Doctor in Sheridan's play, 'The Rivals'.

Image of engraving

E12: MR W.H.

Date: 1931

Plate size: 95 x 64 mm

Campbell Dodgson (1944):128

States: two states

Proofs: 12

Notes: This is another engraved portrait of Mona Gooden, the artist's wife, in fancy dress. It was designed as a Frontispiece for an edition of Shakespeare's sonnets to be published in the USA, but has not been found in any book.

Image of engraving

Image of engraving

E13: Boy and snail

Date: 1932

Plate size: 51 x 114 mm

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 13

States: only state

Proofs: Unknown

Notes: This design was used on catalogues of Gooden's prints shown at the Ulysses Book Shop in London in 1932 and on the catalogue of an exhibition arranged by Bertram Rota, another book-dealer, in 1933. The number of proofs printed from the plate is not recorded in Dodgson (1944).

Thanks to MH, to whom I gave this proof.

Image of engraving

E18: Saint George

Date: 1935

Plate size: 151 mm in diameter

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 18

States: four

Proofs: 100 impressions

Notes: This plate was engraved in 17 days to be ready for an exhibition at the Royal Academy. The design was used as the basis for a new version of the George Medal for galantry.

Image of engraving

E19: Satyrs

Date: 1937

Plate size: 151 mm in diameter

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 19

States: five

Proofs: 100 impressions

Notes: This plate was engraved for the Print Collectors' Club, shown by the letters on the quiver of arrows.

E23: Old Whisk

Date: 1940

Plate size: 60 x 86 mm

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 23

Proofs: unknown

Notes: This was not published or issued in any known edition. The proof shown was given to friends. He has signed it 'Stephen Gooden A.R.A.', as an Associate of the Royal Academy. He was elected an Associate on 27th April 1937 and made a full Academician on 25th April 1946.

Image of engraving

E24: Triton

Date: 1941

Plate size: 175 x 125 mm

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 24

Proofs: unknown

Notes: This is a good example of both Stephen Gooden's skill as an engraver and his wonderful imagination.

This engraving is reproduced at 70% of the size of the other engravings here.

Image of bookplate

E25: Cupid

Date: 1941

Plate size: 95 x 62 mm

Campbell Dodgson (1944): 182

Proofs: 12

Notes: This engraving was used by Stephen Gooden as a Christmas card. I have a proof pasted onto blue paper which he gave to his mother at Christmas in 1941.

Image of engraving