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Wishes Limited

W[illiam] A[ubrey] [Cecil] Darlington

William Darlington (1890-1979) was an author and journalist who was drama critic of The Daily Telegraph. His most famous novel was Alf's Button, about a soldier with a button that summoned a genie to grant him wishes. It was made into films and a play.

This is a description of the Popular edition of this title. The first edition has not been seen but is probably larger, but with the jacket design by Blampied.

Popular edition

Bibliography code: JEN-22.2

Publisher: Herbert Jenkins

Series: none

Year: [1922]

Format: 16mo in two gatherings of 4 and 12 leaves

Pages: 312

Binding: green cloth with title in black at top; by W.A. Darlington author of Alf's Button; and design in black of man losing top hat being chase by a large cockroach; title, same text and publisher at base on spine

Size: 178 x 134 mm

Dust jacket: signed Blam, lower right over the fold-in

Internal illustrations: none

Price: 7 shillings 6 pence

Printing history: Popular edition.

Printed by: Athenaeum Printing Works, Redhill, Surrey

Notes: The fact that the signature is over the fold-in suggests that it was present on the dust jacket of the larger first edition, for which it was designed. The jacket shown above is for a later, popular edition.

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Image of cover

Cover of Popular edition (click to enlarge)