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En Route, Cours de Français I

E[mma] Saxelby

Emma Saxelby (1884-1946) taught French for nearly 30 years at Bolton School before dying, aged 62 y. Her husband Charles Saxelby wrote and privately published a memoir of her life: Madame Saxelby, Teacher of Boys. A Memoir. (1962).

This is the first of three books in the series Cours de Français written by Emma Saxelby and illustrated by Edmund Blampied.

Image of cover


First edition and at least 20 impressions

Bibliography code: GIN-37.1

Publisher: Ginn and Company

Series: Cours de Français

Year: 1937

Format: 8vo

Pages: pp 240

Binding: Blue cloth decorated in red with title and author in red in box at top; author, title and publisher in red in boxes on spine

Size: 189 x 132 mm

Dust jacket signed: No jacket seen

Internal illustrations: 139 line drawings, some repeated, only two signed 'Blam'

Price: Not known

Printing history: 20th impression seen, dated 1964

Printed by: R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh

Image of cover

Illustration on page 170, signed BLAM, lower right in accordion

Notes: The abstract design on the cover is probably by Blampied - it is in his style.