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En France, Cours de Français III

E[mma] Saxelby

Emma Saxelby (1884-1946) taught French for nearly 30 years at Bolton School before dying, aged 62 y. Her husband Charles Saxelby wrote and privately published a memoir of her life: Madame Saxelby, Teacher of Boys. A Memoir. (1962).

This is the third of three books in the series Cours de Français written by Emma Saxelby and illustrated by Edmund Blampied.

Image of cover


First edition and at least 6 impressions

Bibliography code: GIN-39.1

Publisher: Ginn and Company

Series: Cours de Français

Year: 1939

Format: 8vo

Pages:x, pp 310

Binding: Blue cloth decorated in black with title and author in black in box at top; author, title and publisher in black in boxes on spine

Size: 189 x 132 mm

Dust jacket signed: No jacket seen

Internal illustrations: 102 lithographic drawings, some repeated, one signed Blampied

Price: Not known

Printing history: 6th impression seen, dated 1946; impression dated 1961 reported; probably more

Printed by: R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh

Image of cover

Illustration on page x, not signed

Notes: The abstract design on the cover is probably by Blampied - it is in his style. The drawings in this title are in a lithographic style compared with pen and ink drawings in the other two titles.