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Beating the Nobblers

J[ohn] [Freeman] Fairfax-Blakeborough

John Fairfax-Blakeborough (1883-1976), known as 'Jack', was a writer and folklorist who wrote novels about horse racing, of which this is one. His collection of folklore is at the University of Sheffield.

First edition

Bibliography code: ALL-33.2

Publisher: Philip Allan

Year: 1933

Format: 8vo

Pages: vi, pp 175, viii adverts

Binding: Plain pale brown cloth with title, author and publisher in black on the spine

Size: 188 x 127 mm

Dust jacket signed: Blam in white, between horse and dog

Internal illustrations: None

Price: 2s 6d

Printed by: William Clowes and Son, Limited, London and Beccles

Image of dust jacket

Dust jacket (click to enlarge)

Notes: The lettering on the jacket is by Blampied. The other two titles listed on the back priced at 2/6 also have a jacket designed by Blampied. This is one of perhaps six novels that Fairfax-Blakeborough published in 1933. The front panel of this jacket is pasted in Blampied's personal album of dust jackets. Blampied's three jackets for the Cree series were also drawn mostly in shades of blue.