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Text written by other authors published by J.L. Carr

The first number given next to the title below is the number indicated in the History of the QTP (1987); the second number is the number of editions or impressions seen or suspected.

Each small book is identified by an alphanumeric code: SBX for Small Book, teXt, followed by the first three letter of the author's surname or the title and a number to identify the impression. If two authors have the same first three letters then more letters are given until they differ. If two authors are printed together then the first three letters of both names are applied and a number to identify the impression. Any variants are identified with lower case letters, a, b, etc.

(Last updated 11/11/2021)

Carr selected short extracts of text from writers of the 17th to 19th century.

Carr also published extracts from the Bible and popular Victorian texts.

Image of cover

The cover of an edition of extracts of The Pilgrim's Progress