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Ernest Dowson with Francis Thompson

Carr reported in his History of the QTP (1987) that he had published one impression of his title. Ernest Dowson (1867-1900) was an English novelist, translator and poet. His love for an 11-year old girl was rejected, his parents were consumptives and killed themselves, and he died aged 32S leaving us with memorable phrases such as Days of wine and roses and Gone with the wind.

(Last updated on 31/1/2021)

SBP-DOW-THO1: First and only edition

Title: Cynara. Ernest Dowson

Publisher: J.L. Carr Publisher, 27 Milldale Road, Kettering

Year: 19?

ISBN: None

Size: 129 x 96 mm

Pages: 16 in total; 4 pp Dowson

Staples: two

Binding: white printed matt card covers

Paper: pale brown

Editor: (J.L. Carr)

Cover artist: (Doré)

Internal illustrations: one in Dowson section

Number in series: none stated

Colophon: none

Telephone number: none given

Printing history: none stated

Number of other titles listed: none listed

Printed by: not stated

Content: Biography. Poems: Cynara; You would have understood me; Extreme unction; Vitae summa brevis spem nos vetat incohare longam.

Notes: They are not long, the days of wine and roses; Out of a misty dream, Our path emerges for a while, then closes, Within a dream.

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Rear and front covers (click to enlarge)

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