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The County of Dorset contains the birthplace of Thomas Hardy and William Barnes, both poets that Carr published. Only one map was reported in the History of the QTP and only one map is known.

(Last updated on 7/12/2020)

MAP-Dor1: First and only edition

Publisher: J.L. Carr, 27 Mill Dale Road, Kettering

Year: 1973; December 1974 according to Amazon

ISBN: 0900874832

Limitation: 773 sheets

Size: 453 x 483 mm

Paper: thin white card, printed in three colours with additional watercolours on sheild at top and DORSET

Signed: Yes

Proofs where: Kettering Public Library (map and proof); AH (map and proof)

Notes: Dedicated to Master John Tregonwell, aged 5, who many years ago, fell off MILTON ABBEY tower, parachuted safely in his nankeen petticoat and, with true DORSET sangfroid, began picking daisies.

The limitation suugests that this map was issued in 1973 but according to Amazon the ISB was registered in December 1974.

Image of map

Image of map (click to enlarge)

Photo of limitation

Detail of limitation (click to enlarge)